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"Gentle Boy" is the story of a young African American trying to navigate his painful upbringing through his photography. Isaiah is about to experience the first real professional success of his young career. But sometimes generational trauma has other plans.

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Mission Statement

"Gentle Boy" is the story of a young African American trying to navigate his painful upbringing through his photography. A short film for any young person of color trying to make art, without the support of their family. This one is for all the gentle boys out there.

The Story


A coming-of-age film about a young photographer... the story of an artist on the cusp of something big... a story of family and the people who love us... and the love/fear that hold us back.

If you're on Seed & Spark there's a chance you're an artist, a filmmaker. A friend of a filmmaker. Or maybe you're the supportive family member. 

As artists, we all have that moment. The curtain comes up. The lights go down. We wait. We wait for the approval of strangers, of friends. But more than that - we wait to prove something to the people we love. I can do this. I can make you proud. 

When we have support, we give ourselves permission to keep creating art. 

If you're an artist this short film is your story. If you're the family member of an artist this is your story. If you're a person of color this is your story.

It's a little meta. Support this story, about supporting the arts ;)  

But more than anything we wanted to make a film for all the brilliant young artists of color who never got the support their art deserved. This is a film for you. For all the "Gentle Boys." 


Gentle Boy is the story of Isaiah, a young African American photographer. We meet Isaiah on the most important night of his young artistic life - his first gallery showing. His fiancée and friends are there, showing love. His mentor has arranged for important people to attend - the type of people who could change the trajectory of his artistic career. But there is one guest Isaiah didn't plan for... His mother. 


WHY US? The Gentle Boy team is a collective of young artists getting their start and older artists who remember how it all started. For some, this will be their first time on a professional set. For others, it will be a welcome return to the world of indie film - the excitement of making something together in a small setting.  

WHY THIS? This script/story is the work of Jacob Matthews with a story that mirrors his own. The script was developed during Opening Act's mentorship program. And like all great stories that need to be told, it continued to evolve until the team felt ready to bring it to the next stage! Gentle Boy is the story of a young artist who needs a shot... so we're giving this project a shot too!

WHY NOW? It's never a bad time to support POC artists. Why NOT now? 

So what do you say? Let's go get it!


Our team is looking to raise $20k with a stretch goal of $25k! That money will be going to our incredible SAG cast, our crew, locations, production, crafty, covid-safety precautions, and a festival run in post. 

We are especially focused on creating a covid-safe environment on set - masks, testing requirements, and more!


New York's best and brightest screen and stage actors are coming together to bring Gentle Boy to life! The IMDB Star Rating is shaking!!!


Want to tell people about our short? Use the below social media post to raise dough! 

I just gave a few dollars to the short film "Gentle Boy" the story of a young black photographer wrestling with his past. Check out "Gentle Boy" and drop a $ or two! LINK:

You can follow our journey on Insta!


The doors open. The work begins. The photos are yet to be taken but the film is loaded. We cannot wait to bring Gentle Boy to life. And with your help, we will.

Check out our incentives, follow along on social media, and email us if you'd like to get involved at [email protected]. See you at the movies.



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Costs $10,000

Paying our actors, cast, crew, feeding everyone, and shoot day costs!

Post Production

Costs $7,000

Editing, coloring, sound mixing, and $ for our festival run!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $3,000

Locking locations, filing paperwork - all the pre-pro goodies that make a film shoot run smoothly!

About This Team


JACOB MATTHEWS (Writer / Producer / Actor)

Jacob is the writer, producer, and star of Gentle Boy. A budding actor, writer, and photographer in NYC Jacob began his career with the performing arts organization Opening Act

JACK MULCAHY (Producer / Actor)

Jack Mulcahy is a 15-time Award-Winning American actor, born and raised in New York City. Jack started in the entertainment business as a lead vocalist and guitarist for various popular rock 'n' roll bands; and experienced major successes with his first two films, Porky's (1981) and Porky's II: The Next Day (1983), Jack continued to appear in films and on television including Law & Order (1990); NYPD Blue (1993); Awakenings (1990); and Cadillac Man (1990). Jack starred as the lead in The Brothers McMullen (1995) Ed Burns' indie sensation. He has continued to act, produce, and serves as the Vice-Chairman of the National Low Budget Film Committee for SAG.AFTRA.


Evan Kaufman is a writer, director, and producer of indie films and commercials. A veteran of the NYC comedy scene, he met Jacob through his work at Opening Act. That mentorship has lead him here, producing Jacobs first short. 


Caleb Grandoit is a writer, actor, and director. As an actor, he starred as Ronald Toussiant in a Netflix original Grand Army written by Katie Cappiello. As a writer, Caleb’s poem MisUnderstood is featured in “Now That We’re Men: A Play and True Life Accounts of Boys, Sex, & Power”, published by Dottir Press. His writing credits also included editing original student plays Intersections and Security Strike (dir. By Kamilah Forbes) at Opening Act’s Annual Play Reading (New World Stages). He released his first short film Only Seen As Three, in January 2020. The film was written, directed, edited, and produced by him. 

CELINE MILIEN (Social Media Director/P.A.)

Celine is a Haitian-American actor, model and content creator. She’s very passionate about inspiring others through creating and expressing herself. Celine began her content creator journey in 2018 where she showed the behind the scenes of her daily life simultaneously creating a strong sense of self confidence in her online personality. As a newly dedicated member of the Opening Act Alumni community, she met Jacob Matthews and joined the Gentle Boy Film team.

Current Team