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The pain that transpires when you walk away from someone you love will push you to feel alone in a world full of people. Life pulls us in separate directions and the show must go on. Every person on this planet knows heartbreak and that is why I am passionate about telling this story.

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Mission Statement

This story is important because of my own experiences with heartbreak, failure, desire, love, fear, and passion. These aspects of life drive and move me, and they raise so many questions in my daily life that might take a lifetime to find the answers to. Love and purpose come hand-in-hand.

The Story

The Story: Georgia is about a young couple who decide to go their separate ways after three years of dating, but they want to spend one last day together. Georgia loves Jesse, but she's afraid that they are missing out on their formative years of youth and singlehood. She convinces Jesse that it will be good for the two of them and they can reunite after summer, but she knows damn well no one can promise a happy ever after. 

The team: Our goal is to have a 100% women-led crew

The Plan: We have 45 days to reach our target of $13,300 USD to raise the funds we need to get into production. The money will go towards cast and crew wages, housing, transportation, food, lighting, sound, locations, and insurance. You can see the full breakdown of the money spent under ‘Wishlist.’ 

Your contributions will go directly towards the production and will help bring this vision into reality. Production will occur in the summer, and we will begin post-production in August. Once we have the completed film, we’d love the opportunity to bring this film to the 2023 film festival circuit.


CONTRIBUTE: First and foremost, we’d love for you to contribute. Every dollar truly counts and will allow us to take the next step. All financial contributions will go towards production costs, plus you will get some fun rewards out of it. 

FOLLOW: Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@Georgiathefilm), and be sure to follow us on Seed&Spark to keep up with all the updates. The more followers we get here on Seed & Spark, the more rewards and discounts we will receive. 

SPREAD THE WORD: Please consider sharing our Seed&Spark page, share our social accounts, and help us build an audience and community. 

Thanks for all your support and for taking the time to learn more about our film!


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $300

Help us dress the cast to further create the world of Georgia and Mark.

Flights and Hotels

Costs $600

Help us fly out our producer and cast plus provide their lodging.

Actor's fees

Costs $1,500

Help us provide payment for our experienced cast.


Costs $500

Feeding people can be expensive! Help us keep our team full and healthy.


Costs $3,000

Help us pay our crew! The hard labor put into making a film deserves fair pay.


Costs $400

Help us provide safe transportation for our team.

Camera Rental

Costs $3,000

Help us rent a professional camera to get professional results.


Costs $1,000

Help us provide the set to further the story.

Post Production Sound

Costs $1,000

Help us provide professional sound design and get song licensing.

Post Production Picture

Costs $1,500

Help us provide pay for our editor and colorist!

Union Fees

Costs $500

Help us pay our union fees.

About This Team

We are currently filling the crew positions and hope to have a 100%, women-led crew. Our team is passionate about telling this story and worked with the smallest of budgets to create high-quality work and knows what it takes to make a successful piece of work. We are passionate about seeing the project through to completion despite any challenges that we might face! 

Current Team