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Patty Rodwell, Jo Smith, and Bitsy Pike are a scrappy band of elderly felons livin' life up in their old age! That is... until Bisty is taken to a nursing home. Patty and Jo create a plan to rescue their friend, but after an accidental kidnapping, they must avoid two officers hot on their trail!

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Mission Statement

As feminist filmmakers on the board of our college's Women in Motion, film club, the mission of our project is to employ as many badass filmmaking women as possible in our crew! Furthermore, this film casts elderly women as our three main, strong leads!

The Story


The Story


Patty Rodwell, Jo Smith, and Bitsy Pike are a scrappy band of elderly felons livin' life up in their old age! That is... until Bisty is taken to a nursing home. Patty and Jo create a plan to rescue their friend, but after an accidental kidnapping, they must avoid two officers hot on their trail!


The Beginnings

         The story’s beginnings were sparked by an event completely unrelated, and with reason. Anna got the idea for this story right after the 2016 election when everyone in Boston seemed to be in a down-state. People were writing lots of dark media, but Anna sought instead to bring humor and fun to such a controversial time–something separate from politics that could be enjoyed by everyone. A relief.
Anna’s grandmothers were a huge inspiration for the story. The character “Patty,” is a combination of Anna’s Grandma (Dad’s side) and Nana (Mom’s side). Towards the end of Anna’s Grandma’s life, her grandmother lived in a nursing home. The silver lining to this side time was the comedic events that took place once her grandmother, a once firm and strict woman, became quite senile. Anna’s Nana is one of the most important people to her in her life. Her Nana never ceases to spread love and support to all her children and grandchildren. What Anna drew from her Nana that inspired Patty’s character is her Nana’s contradicting mannerisms to her grandma-like demeanor. Her Nana grew up on the South Shore of Massachusetts (and yes! She has the accent) and she’s a heavy smoker. Both the accent and the smoking habit have been exaggerated through Patty’s actions to really make her a memorable character.


Women Take the Lead

         It was important to Anna that this story gives agency to elderly women, women who are often used as the laughing stock of a film or put in a small, simple role of “grandmother.” In Anna’s film, the senior women are the masterminds and focus of the plot, making their own decisions and of course not being the crutches for any male leads!
Not only are all the lead roles, and most of the cast women, but Anna is giving priority positions to women on set so that up and coming filmmaking women can practice and prove themselves in their craft in a male-dominated industry.


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Help us get the locations we need to tell this story.


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I haul, U-Haul, we all haul! Help us get our equipment from location to location.

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Help make sure we have safety money in case of an emergency.

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For Heaven's Sake! Make sure our grannies are clothed!

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This isn't theater, we don't break legs! Donate to help us purchase a safety mat for our stunts.

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A Donation of $300 will provide the Props we need to make this story as realistic as possible.

Craft Services

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You're too skinny! You should eat more! Donate to help us feed the hardworking cast and crew!

Cast Compensation

Costs $2,000

We ain't workin' for free sunny! A donation of $2000 will compensate our cast for their hard work.

About This Team

      Susana “Susy” Obando is excited to Produce Anna Abbanat's wild, over-the-top, comedy Granny Panties. Susy has worked produced for Kelpie, The Moon Stone, Get Out of the Car and her upcoming BFA Belonging. When she isn’t producing or directing, she can most likely be found at Soul Cycle, blasting 80s rock or having teatime. Heading into this next project, she’s looking forward to working on her first comedy with a great and predominantly female crew. Anna was her roommate freshman year and ever since has been a wonderful creative collaborative partner. Stay tuned!








       Anna Abbanat is the Writer and Director of GRANNY PANTIES.

This film is Anna's passion project at Emerson College, where she is going into her senior year. This film has been in the works since Anna's sophomore year at Emerson.

Anna has produced and co-produced four films at Emerson College including: Belonging (Susana Obando), When the Wolf Comes Home (Nicole Rinaldi), Claude Claire and the Dream Machine (Yale Fried & Christopher Salerno), & Fragile Objects (Victoria Bane). 

Anna is excited to work with her close friends, Nicole and Susana as strong female leaders in a film about powerful women!







      Nicole Rinaldi is an Emerson Alumna (‘19) and a Director-of-Photography at Emerson Productions where she primarily shoots documentary pieces. Her favorite pieces in her filmography are Gear Shift, a dance film on 16mm and Episode 7: Empathy of You’re Going to Love Yourself, which was her advanced cinematography final. Nicole was the youngest student to create a BFA thesis film (When the Wolf Comes Home) at the age of 19. She is also a volunteer at Film Fatales, an organization dedicated to supporting female directors. This is the first big production Nicole will lead as DP and she’s happy to work with the director and friend Anna Abbanat, who continues to provide more opportunities for women filmmakers.

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