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Drama, Comedy

Kylan Tyng

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Our story - centralized around a female, Latina protagonist and channeling a message about the rewards of hard work - focuses on the benefits of idealism in a time when today’s media is saturated with negativity. We see this as an opportunity to build a creative community through San Antonio.

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Mission Statement

Greater Fools, co-showrunned by a Latino-American writer and a female writer, explores multiple demographics, (i.e. our protagonist - a Latino-American female) that are often overlooked in the film industry by bringing them to the forefront of the spotlight.

The Story

The Story

After her mother unexpectedly passes away, Jessica Reeve, a zealous, aspiring filmmaker, must leave her prestigious college life in New York City - along with all the opportunities that come with it - in order to return home to her humble beginnings in the budding artistic community of San Antonio, Texas to take care of her 17 year old brother, Oliver. With her friends, Ramsey Guevara and Loren Bailey, they all continue their personal and professional growth in San Antonio and try to succeed artistically with the odds stacked against them.


Why Greater Fools? 

The core message of this series is idealism - a concept that we feel has been truly lost in translation in such a terrifying world. The pilot itself is where our protagonist hits their lowest point - one where everything is lost from the internal (in how she views herself) and the external (in losing her family and career). The story of Greater Fools follows Jess as she attempts to earn it all back. The show is about taking your circumstances and making something beautiful out of it; a key reason as to why our characters are artists. With this series we want to face real world problems head on, give healthy solutions on how to deal with life, and show how to make it as an artist in a difficult world. As writer Aaron Sorkin stated once, “The greater fool is someone with the perfect blend of self-delusion and ego that they think that they can succeed where others have failed. This whole country was built by greater fools.” This show is not just about greater fools, but is made by them too. That’s why we believe in this project, and why the world will too.


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Costs $2,500

This location-driven story requires us shoot in two separate states - first in Texas then New York.


Costs $1,500

We're hoping on shooting on a professional-grade camera - an Arri Alexa Mini.

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About This Team

Geoff Glenn - Creator | Showrunner 

Geoffrey is a student in the Film/Television program at NYU, and is a alum from San Antonio, TX's North East School of the Arts. His films have been apart of the official selection in the likes of LA Film Fest and SXSW.  Valuing himself in being a storyteller, Geoffrey chose his occupation through a love for the world, and believes it's his job to produce work that reflects life and its many nuances.


Olivia Hanewald - Showrunner | Executive Producer 

Olivia is a freshman majoring in English Language and Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing at Pace University. Her work has been featured in the Garden State Film Festival, the NJ Film Festival, and the All American High School Film Fest. With a strong passion for storytelling, Hanewald strives to bring forth new experiences to audiences through visual, literary, true art.   


Emma DeMuth - Director

Emma DeMuth is an 19 year old originally from Charleston, South Carolina. In the 6th grade she picked up photography and cinematography and continues to pursue it to this day. As of August 2016, Emma attends New York University's Tisch School of the Arts for Film and Television Production. Her work has been featured on, The Post & Courier, The Charleston Mercury, Teen Ink's Editor's Pick, Charleston Grit,, and Taco Bell's Doritos Locos taco wrapper (releasing Spring 2017)


Jeff Lei - Executive Producer

A writer, producer, and director with the rare eye of a professional graphic designer and photographer, Jeffrey is driven to tell stories that document and represent the surrealism that exists in everyday life. Having lived in New Orleans, San Francisco, and now New York City, his view of the world has been greatly influenced by individuals across all cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. As a producer, he has had the short film, Catch a Monster, premiere at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, and he has assisted in developing A Taste of Sky; a feature documentary regarding GUSTU, the groundbreaking restaurant and cooking school based in Bolivia created by the founder of NOMA (film is currently in postproduction). He is currently writing a feature, developing multiple short films, and in pre-production for two television series.


Kylan Tyng - Producer 

Kylan is a sophomore majoring in Film & TV Production and minoring in Entertainment Business at New York University. Since being admitted, he has worked on professional and student-run sets ranging from California to Maine to Oklahoma, and was named 2016’s Best Student Director at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. 


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