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"Green" is part short film, part community-building exercise. Thea Brooks and Matt Celia, both originally from the upper Connecticut River valley between NH and VT, are looking to return home as filmmakers and activists, to create a piece about the love and loss of Nature in rural New England.

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The Story

Green is a short film about an eight-year-old girl named Ella, who fights a logging company that is destroying the forest behind her family's home. Ella is an imaginative, introverted bookworm of an anti-hero. At school she has trouble connecting to her teachers and peers, and at home she feels misunderstood as well.  When her parents announce they are selling the house and moving into town because their land is being devalued, Ella finally decides that it is time to stand up and fight the machine herself. Her creativity and the beloved characters from her books help her protect her kingdom - because the trees can't defend themselves! In a life-threatening climax, Ella confronts the logger himself...and discovers the issue is more complex than she realized. 


This story is very personal for the filmmakers. They have a hunch that it is also personal for a lot of other people, and will touch a lot of lives in both the making, and the final product. A lot of the team is from the VT/NH area, and share a similar background of having grown up in wooded areas with a lot of playspace. It is our hope that this film sparks a conversation about deforestation, and solutions for a sustainable future; including environmentally ethical forestry, and information about the organizations that seek to promote those practices. We also want to encourage a dialogue about loss and change - and how communities adapt. 


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Advertising Materials

Costs $500

Posters, flyers, festival promotion.


Costs $1,000

$1000 for 10 days of shooting.

Flights for Creative Team

Costs $700

We'd like to fly our Director and DP from LA - Boston, for the shoot.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $1,200

Local restaurants will be covering half the catering, but we still need the other half for breakfasts, lunches, and craftie!

Art Direction

Costs $200

Materials to build a tree-house, and to furnish and decorate and provide props for ella's school and home locations.

Badass Crewbies

Costs $1,400

Hiring an AC, and Grip/Gaffer at $700 each for the week.


Costs $800

$700 weekly rate, plus $100 for supplies

Costume Design

Costs $1,000

$700/week, +$300 for the costume budget and fittings

Original Soundtrack

Costs $750

For original music and soundscapes to accompany the film :)

Stills Photographer

Costs $200

A local VT photographer to take stills for marketing and memories!

Accessories - Storage / Media

Costs $250

External Harddrives and batteries


Costs $1,000

$1000 for the 10 day shoot

Director of Photography

Costs $1,000

$1000 for a 10 day shoot

Travel for cast

Costs $250

Amazingly, most of our cast has chosen to travel themselves!!! But a few will need bus tickets back to NYC.

Rental Vehicles

Costs $1,000

A rental cars for 10 days, to transport the cast to set, and to get our LA/NYC crew to and from the Boston airport.

Talent Payment

Costs $2,250

We'd like to pay each member of our cast $100/day, in addition to covering their room and board - they deserve it!


Costs $2,000

Housing for the cast/crew in VT.


Costs $1,000

$700/week, plus $300 for the sound kit.

Lighting Kit

Costs $1,500

Lighting rental for 10 days.

About This Team

Thea Brooks - co-writer and executive producer

Thea is a first time filmmaker, and very excited to produce "Green". She lives in NY, and has worked as an actress all over the country in films, commercials, and theater. She is also a singer/songwriter, in her spare time. She asked Matt (a high school friend) to direct this film last year, and re-wrote the script with his wife, Katie. 


Matt Celia - director

Matt is a filmmaker in Los Angeles. He is half of the production team "Butter&Sugar", with his wife Katie. They are expecting their first born in August. Matt also founded "Light Sail VR", a virtual reality film company. Matt and Katie's last film, "Off The Floor", is currently screening at festivals around the country.


Katie Celia - co-writer

Katie Celia is a California native, and graduate of both Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts and UCLA’s School of Theater Film Television Professional Program in Screenwriting. Her latest feature has been a finalist in Screencraft’s Action & Thriller Contest and Artemis Women in Action Film Festival Contest. Katie’s also currently developing a virtual reality series for Light Sail VR.



Keith Lancaster - Director of Photography

Keith Lancaster is an Director of Photography, Producer, and Director from Los Angeles, now based in Portland, OR. From Directing, Producing and Shooting a feature film in Paris, France to creating adventure and documentary content in seven different countries over the past three years, Keith has created quite a diverse body of work. His biggest passion lies in music, where he has created a handful of nationally-released music videos for NPR's "favorite new band," The Family Crest, among others. Keith spends nearly 1/3 of his life hiking, backpacking, or adventuring through remote areas, so the premise of preservation and resistance to urban development in "Green" hits very close to home.


Amy McClure - costume designer

Amy met Thea through their mutual friends in the theater community several years ago, and they hit it off. Amy just finished the first season of "Daredevil" on Netflix, after working on the last two seasons of "Boardwalk Empire". On her off seasons, Amy works at the Metropolitan Opera.


Amanda Montenegro- Line Producer

Amanda Montenegro is a Vermont Filmmaker who has helped produce, assistant direct and cast several films in the local area.  In 2015.  she was the Line producer for the short film “To Build A Fire” by Director Ben Silberfarb and was Foley Artist on the feature film “ Transient” by Director Alex Stockton.  Recently in 2016,  she has helped cast the feature  film “The Brimstone Guild” by Director Alex Hurt and helped cast a pilot for television  called "Ivy" by Director Emory Orr.  She works with WRIF(White River Indie Films) and helps to produce the White Indie Film Festival. Her production company is Sap Bucket Films.






 Eliana Brenden, "ELLA"

 Rusty DeWees, "ALF"

Jake Vedova, "SEAMUS"

Steve Blanchard, "KEN"

Tricia Paoluccio, "MAGGIE"

 Michael Breese Barbour, "Merlin"

Kirsten Scott, "Ms. Jordan"






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