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"Grey" is an animated short about the duality of man. Following an orphan wolf pup and a villager in medieval Germany, this film gives an introspective and remedial take on the classic human canine relationship, one that I believe many viewers can draw new meaning from.

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Mission Statement

Like most children, though perhaps with greater fervor, I was an avid cartoon fan. "Grey" is the first film that I get to direct. With this project I not only want to show my potential as an animator but also inspire creativity in the next generation of storytellers. The world needs them!

The Story


In a snowy forest, in medieval Germany, a villager, Born, and his horse, Gunnar, come across the dead wolf, bleeding from a shot arrow, and her pup, Grey. The man adopts the pup and raises him as a companion. A few years later, Born, Grey and Gunnar enjoy a summer day together in the forest when a wild wolf pack blindsides the trio, threatening them all. As Born prepares his bow and arrows to defend himself, Grey recalls the death of his mother and must make a decision whether to stand by a man or leave into the wild.


The World of "Grey’ has been scaled to feel big and dangerous. The Black Forest looks like endless valleys of trees, easy to get lost in. Bone-chilling temperatures, strong winds and blizzard create a dangerous environment for both animals and humans.


GREY: А Eurasian wolf pup. Playful, friendly, naive. 2 weeks old. After his Mother Wolf's death, Grey gets adopted bу а German peasant, Воrn. Не is raised like а dog and becomes very attached to his owner.

BORN: А typical German villager. Wise, hard-working. Forty. Although Воrn looks really tough оn the outside, he is extremely caring оn the inside. Не loves his horse, Gunnar, and his newly adopted wolf puppy, Grey. 

GUNNAR: А male Belgian Draft Horse. 10 years old. Strong, gloomy, loyal. Given their 10-year gap, Gunnar gets easily annoyed bу Grey. 

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Why “Grey”? 

I started developing an idea for my short animated film about 5 months ago. While I was exploring different themes, one really stuck out to me, Nature vs. Nurture. I realized that my philosophy on that issue is different from others. Therefore, I believe this film will open a door to new conversations.  

Thank You!


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Costs $1,500

Our project needs animators who can help coloring the frames.

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Music Compositor

Costs $1,000

Our project needs a compositor who can write music that will create certain mood in the film.

Sound Designer

Costs $500

Our project needs a sound designer who will provide any required sounds to accompany screen action.


Costs $700

We plan to submit our film to various festivals after its release.

About This Team

Vasilina Mikhaylova

Director, Head Animator, Background Artist

Like most children, though perhaps with greater fervor, I was an avid cartoon fan. I remember growing up in Russia, my homeland, and being excited to watch Disney Channel every day after school. Still to this day, my favorite animated series is Alex Hirsch's "Gravity Falls", a masterpiece due to its mysterious atmosphere, genius plot, lovable characters and unique style. It was this show that inspired me to pursue my career in animation, learn English and move to the US. So, now I’m in LA, studying animation at LMU, working on numerous film projects, and hoping to use art as a tool to share my vast cultural experiences and to encourage creativity in people.

Sarah Casey

Co-Writer, Script Editor

I’ve always been a creator. My piano instructor was never satisfied with my progress because when I practiced at home, I would go off page and improvise instead of humoring Bach.

In my time at two credible film schools, I’ve worked on multiple student thesis films, one professional short film, and a commercial shoot led by Covalent Creative in Pittsburgh. I have multiple screenplays under my belt and feel confidently that the only direction to go is forward. What it means to be a successful creator, in my eyes, is to garner as much knowledge and experience as possible and to put every part of myself into each project I commit to.

Royal Dean



Sound Designer

Current Team