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Balancing drama and ominousness, Guest takes place over two nights. When a mysterious guest, Allie, rents a room in a couple's home, Jess questions her current broken relationship. With themes of lust, connection, discovery and intimacy, the guest came for a reason — one Jess struggles with.

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Mission Statement

Psychological horror is the best version of the genre, and including identifiable themes and moments the audience can take with them is a must. With Guest, that's exactly what our inclusive storytelling team of creative and talented people is passionate about and will strive to display on screen.

The Story


A short film by Lane Fortenberry

A woman contending with her broken relationship struggles with succumbing to a mysterious guest during an overnight stay.

Balancing between drama and ominousness, Guest takes place over two nights in one house. Jess, late 20s or early 30s, wants something more fulfilling her life, is in a relations-less relationship with John, same age, who is comfortable where his life is.

To combat this, Jess registers their house for RoomShare (i.e. Airbnb) as a new venture in her life. A mysterious guest, Allie Baren, charismatic and confident, books the room and arrives, and Jess begins questioning her relationship. Through various displays of symbolism and character actions, Allie came for a reason — a reason Jess struggles with succumbing to, but ultimately knows deep down how the night will end.

Some relationships don't feel quite right. Something might be off. Maybe certain aspects have changed and two people outgrow each other, or one outpaces the other. The connection that was once a bright flame gets smothered, leaving dense smoke that suffocates. Perhaps a person discovers something within them or who they truly are, and their current situation doesn't align with that self-discovery. People change, or maybe they finally take a closer look at the person who was always there.

There's an anxiety attached to the many reasons why a relationship doesn't work and falls apart, only intensifying when you reach the moment of deciding to move on. I wrote the short film Guest to examine a circumstance when another person expedites that intense process under the umbrella of psychological horror with a touch of magic realism in the hopes of turning the project into a feature film in the future. I wanted to assemble an inclusive team of talented and creative people to help tell this story the way it should be told — and that's exactly what we've done.

Head over to the Team tab to meet the wonderful cast and crew we assembled!

If Guest could be described using three films, it would include the feel and tone of The Blackcoats Daughter, the character dynamics of Thoroughbreds and the intimacy of Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

Below is a mood/tone board to display the types of shots Guest will use. We aim to show a lack of space for intimate/intense scenes and an abundance of space from different directions for unsure moments and when our characters feel alone and far apart.

Seed & Spark requires that at least 80% of the project be funded in order to make our film. We need to reach our goal in 45 days or we don't receive the funding.

Help us by contributing to our crowdfunding goal of $2,000 to help pay for the following production costs:

  • Cast and Crew compensation

If we hit our goal of $2,000, we will add stretch goals that will further help our production with items like craft services, props, location rental, equipment rentals and production supplies.

Great news, we hit our goal! Here are our stretch goals:

Stretch Goal 1:

  • $2,750: Secure ideal location and props

Stretch Goal 2:

  • $3,500: Secure additional crew and equipment


  • Development: April-September 2021
    • Develop Script
    • Hire Director of Photography
    • Create Budget
  • Pre-Production: May-October 2022
    • Finalize Script
    • Casting
    • Hire Crew
    • Crowdfunding
    • Shot List
    • Secure Location, Props and Equipment Rentals
    • Rehearsals
  • Production: October 2022
    • 1 Day Shoot in Central Texas
  • Post-Production: November 2022-March 2023
    • Assembly Cut
    • Rough Cut
    • Sound Mix and Design
    • Titles and Subtitles
    • Color
  • Distribution: April 2023-March 2024
    • Film Festival Submissions
    • Film Festival Run

Through the help of our community and contributions from individuals, we hope to make this production possible! Here's how to support Guest:


  • 100% of the funds we raise will go toward getting this short film made and paying the people who made this production possible!

Social Media

  • Follow our campaign for updates! Also follow @guestmov on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated and connected to the production! We will be posting updates to our Seed&Spark page as well.

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  • Sharing, posting, commenting on and liking the content we share on our Instagram and Facebook (@guestmov) pages will help spread the word about our short film to reach more people and build a wider community! Want to make a post about the short film and our crowdfunding campaign but need some help with the copy? Use the blurb below for your post:
    • I just contributed to the upcoming short film "Guest," and you should check out the project! Lend your support for the @guestmov fundraiser and help it get made at I can't wait to see the final product, and you get special incentives!

Thank you SO MUCH for checking out our Seed&Spark crowdfunding campaign and contributing to our project. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to check out all the details and sharing the campaign with your friends and family. We can't wait to get this short film out in the world for everyone to enjoy, and we can't do it without your help.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch, send us an email at [email protected].


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Cast & Crew

Costs $2,000

Help us pay all the talent in front of and behind the camera!

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About This Team

Lane (he/him), executive producer, graduated with a degree in journalism and is a writer and editor in government communications. What he's really passionate about, though, is creating characters and telling stories across a variety of genres. He writes screenplays, directs short films and also creates and produces audio dramas for Riffage Media. You can usually find him writing while listening to a film score or watching movies/tv shows.

Angela (they/them), executive producer, is a cinematographer and colorist based in Austin, TX with more than 10 years of experience in the film industry. They specialize in films, commercials, documentaries and music videos. Their indepth knowledge of camera, lighting, color and production design contribute to their expertise and efficiency as a cinematographer. Their understanding of what can be accomplished in post-production enables them to make quick, informed decisions on set.

Ernesto (he/him) is a film composer and music producer based in Austin, TX. A self-taught engineer, his creative approach tends to favor the unconventional and experimental side of music making. When he's not working on music, he likes to see whatever new movie is playing in the theater and going out to see local live music.

Cameron (he/him) has been working as a lighting technician and set builder in the Austin market for a few years. He has worked on anything and everything he can from music videos to indie shorts, to big budget features and television. He will also probably talk your ear off about movies, music and all things pop culture.

Alicia Topolnycky (she/her)(@intimacycoordinatoratx) is an Intimacy Coordinator based in Austin, TX. Alicia's goal is to empower artists to safely and efficiently craft intimate scenes which will deepen their storytelling. She does this by bringing choreography, consent-centered practices and dedicated support to each phase of film, TV or stage production. Alicia is also a certified Community Health Worker through Texas DSHS, a certified mental-health first-aider, and a SAFD, ATME, and WIFT member.

Rita (she/her) is an Austin based filmmaker. Raised in Corpus Christi, she has been a production assistant in the industry for over two years. Her dream is to become a documentary filmmaker. When not working, she enjoys hiking, swimming and cycling.

Additional Crew:

Sav Gowling: Assistant Camera

Myke Willbanks: Gaffer

Colleen Zickler: Sound Mixer/Boom

Farron Whitefield: Hair/Makeup

LA born, Austin/LA based Bianca (she/her/them/they) is a passionate and driven film director, actor and producer with a mission to create inspiring film content that centers the power of relationship. She has 12 years of multidisciplinary experience in the film industry in multiple roles. She has worked at top production firms, like Anonymous Content and Radical Media. As an emerging director, she has directed and assistant directed diverse set of content, including queer short cinema, music videos, fashion brands, live concerts and local events. On the other side of the camera, she has trained in acting and improv at top tier programs, a skill that enables her to bring out the best work in her film subjects in any context. Bianca deeply cares about the transformative and healing power of relationship and connection. She brings her capacity to empathize, connect and transcend to bring out the best in those around her in her creative work. She has a penchant for creating safety with her subjects, which results in moving and authentic storytelling.

Lee (they/she) is an actor, singer, dancer and artist currently based in Austin, TX. They have been in the industry for over 12 years and grew up in New York. Lee recently graduated in 2021 with a BFA in Musical Theatre from LIU Post and has continued working in both theatre and film since. When Lee is not acting, she enjoys meditating, journaling, working out, thrifting and exploring new coffee shops.

Cody (he/him) is an Austin, TX based actor. He has been acting in film and theatre for over 13 years. Since moving to Austin in 2020, Cody has enjoyed getting involved in the local film scene. For his work on the indie feature Three Headed Beast (2022), he was nominated for Best Performance in a U.S. Narrative Feature at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.

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