Hello Henry

Denton, Texas | Film Short

Comedy, Drama

Rigid Motion Films

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Mission Statement

We have a very culturally diverse cast and crew. The crew is made up of mostly college students furthering their careers. While the cast is made up of established actors. This film is the first film for most of the crew to have a chance to work with adult actors.

The Story


The creation of Hello Henry has been the most extensive project we, at Rigid Motion Films, have ever undertaken. From months of writing the script, then throwing it ALL away, and rewriting it in two days. To filming eleven of the thirteen scenes in two 12 hour day periods, and finally to post production in all of its issue solving glory! It has been an awesome journey of creation and discovery for our group of University of North Texas filmmakers. 








With the story of Hello Henry, I really wanted to create something unlike anything that I've created before; both as a challenge, and to continue dicovering my voice in the world of film.  I've always loved comedies with dark aspects and I love creating worlds that are different than the one in which we live.  I believe we achieved this with Hello Henry with moments that make us feel immersed in the world right beside the characters on screen. 

My ultimate goal with this film is to make an audience say "Damn"! I hope to allow people to step out of their everyday lives to experience something new. 

If you are interested in helping us with recuperation costs of this film, we would never be able to thank you enough. We are excited to give other people the opportunity to put their signature on such a film as this.

Thank you for your time, and we hope you are just as excited as we are to share Hello Henry with the world!



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Lens Rentals

Costs $115

In order to get certain looks the Director of Photography is looking for.

Craft Services

Costs $270

In order to keep cast and crew well nourished in the course of 4 days of production.


Costs $160

In order to have a bar scene, we need to pay the bartender for being there while the bar is closed.


Costs $35

In order to have the necessary props needed for the film.

Haze Cans

Costs $35

In order to achieve certain looks the Director of Photography is looking for.


Costs $250

For the composer of the film, Kevin Day.

Festival Circuit

Costs $200

For any festival costs during circuit.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Production Art

Costs $30

In order to promote the films with the poster and other mediums.

About This Team

We are a team of young and driven filmmakers from the University of North Texas. Many of us met through UNT Short Film Club and have been working with eachother to create a variety of films since our time at the shool. Together we strive to learn as much as we can about the industry both in and out of the classroom. We know that in this industry we're all passionate about, the key is learning by DOING. This team is compiled of individuals who have been learning through working on many different sets in many different positions. Because of this, we have an incredibly well rounded filmmaking crew to help make the film the best it can be. 

Current Team