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A romantic evening turns rotten when a young newlywed couple gets a visit from an unexpected and unforgiving guest. "Here I Come" is a short horror film that plays with a fear of children in a new way and asks the question - what would you do?

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Mission Statement

"Here I Come" is my way of giving the world a new kind of a killer - another reason to be scared. With this upcoming film, my team and I are excited to get back out and give you something scarier than COVID. As creators, we are determined to bring back entertainment into the horror genre.

The Story




"Here I Come" is something different from the horrors you are used to seeing on the big screen. Amidst their romantic getaway in the California wine country, two young newlyweds find themselves playing games with a strange - and violent - guest, that ultimately turns deadly.

The audience follows Alexis and Shawn through what was supposed to be a very special evening together. They receive a late night knock on their vacation home's door and eventually are met by a seemingly stranded young girl. Turns out she has her own games to play with them, as she leads them through an evening of trickery and terror.



I am Mykal-Lee Troche, the director and writer of this new and thrilling horror film.

I have always had a passion for filmmaking and being behind the lens. From before I can even remember I knew I wanted to make movies. There were even instances in my childhood where I would try to take over my mom's videographer role at family events and when making other home videos. My fascination and devotion to creating films lead me through the military with the end goal of returning to attend film school. Today, I am blessed to be living that reality. 


Though I love film of all kinds, horror has always had a special place in my heart. 

I always knew I would make a horror film one day, and now I am going all out - pushing myself as far as possible to develop an exciting (and terrifying) thriller for the masses.  I have tapped into my creativity using my dreams and nightmares to develop dialogue and settings in "Here I Come" that will truly terrify an audience. 

This is my thesis film for film school and something I have given my all to over the last year. Through many drafts, much feedback from trusted colleages, and a lot of late nights, I am now at a point where I am ready, willing, and able to green light this project and take it from paper to screen. 


When is the last time you heard of a good horror film coming out? For us, it has been a while! We know the genre is in need of some fresh ideas and concepts, and we are bringing just that. 

We are also so excited to be able to shoot again! California is opening back up and we have been so eager to get back together and film this exciting new thriller. COVID has made it difficult for small filmmakers to feel productive and creative, as well as have the proper resources to create bigger and better projects. With California's reopening, we are ready to give you that bigger and better. 



"The Strangers," "Child's Play," and "Orphan" gave way to a lot of inspiration for the film's story and aesthetic. I wanted to create a film that was scary purely because of its unpredictability. If you've seen the movie "The Strangers" then you likely know the iconic line from when the victims ask why they were chosen... "Because you were home." That sort of random, pure evil horror is exactly how I have created "Here I Come." I believe crime like this adds an extra level of fear because of its pure random and unpredictable nature.



We are placing a heavy focus on the visuals and cinematic style in "Here I Come." The film will have warmer tones with a high contrast and an edgy feel. We believe this style fits the narrative of a romantic vacation gone wrong. There will be a lot of handheld shots that will make the audience feel connected and engaged. There will be an emphasis on close ups to see the true reactions and emotions of the characters, as this will have a more resounding effect on the audience. 

The vacation home is beautiful and located remotely on a vineyard in the wine country. There are large windows that will be used to give a POV feel of someone on the outside looking in. Although it is a nice home, we intend to still give it an eerie feel. 

As far as costumes, wardrobe and props go, everything will be rather simple. The film is set in present day, so there will be nothing over the top. We want it to feel as realistic as possible. But don't worry, we promise there will be blood!





We are very excited to have Srishti and Dominic cast as our leads! They both come to us as Bay Area locals with backgrounds in film and theater, looking to continue developing their careers in the industry. They are great additions to our team and we are excited for you to see them on screen!

The film's antagonist, Lily, is a child who has been cast but will remain name/faceless on this funding page for privacy reasons. Despite this, she is also a fantastic addition to our team!



"Here I Come" is in its beginning stages of post-production - we have wrapped on set and shooting is complete! Post-production has begun and will continue through the next couple months. 


We still need all the help we can get to get "Here I Come" through it's final stages of production. Any and all support we can get here on Seed & Spark will ensure we are able to make this film the best and scariest horror it can possibly be!

Contribute Financially

Completion of this Seed & Spark campaign will allow our team to open up our abilities much wider for production.

Our minimum budget to greenlight is $3200 - this will cover our location and all basic level production costs (location, camera, lights, food).

Ultimately, we would love to pay our actors and crew, as well as further develop costume/wardrobe, props, and set design. Our full goal of $5000 will allow us to do just that!

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We had a great time on set and are excited to share some of the process with you!




Although COVID cases are dropping and mandates in California are approaching an end, we want everyone to feel as safe as possible on our set. We understand that COVID has been tough on us all - personally, socially, emotionally, and productively. It has especially been tough as small filmmakers to get projects up and rolling when everyone still has hesitations. In order for people to feel safe and for the film to progress, masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting spray/wipes will be available to all cast and crew at all times. Our production will follow Cal/OSHA rules and regulations for COVID procedures. We have worked very hard to give the production team the information they need to keep "Here I Come" safely on track.


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Props and Set Design

Costs $500

Achieve desired look and realism

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

House Rental

Costs $1,400

Location of production


Costs $500

To achieve desired cinematic look

Production Sound

Costs $500

Highest quality sound recording

Lighting Equipment

Costs $500

Highest quality lighting


Costs $700

Pay for actors

Makeup and Wardrobe

Costs $150

Artists and products to achieve desired look

Additional Expenses

Costs $750

Craft services, per diems, travel/transportation costs

About This Team

My team is the absolute greatest. Methodical, rational, logical, and supportive. The reason I have chosen this team is because they are willing to help, in any way possible. One being a fellow film student and the other, a former. We have worked together many times throughout school and have proved to each other our dedication and work ethic. The best thing about my team is that they have expertise in areas where I don't and vice versa. Together we are a complete team and unstoppable force! They have helped me transition from a Veteran with no friends in a film school to a member of a productive team of creators who want to do one thing: Create Movie Magic. 


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