Hold To Dash

New York City, New York | Film Short

Comedy, Drama

Jordan Sims

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Hold To Dash is an exploration of modern digital life and the way it both connects and isolates us. We believe right now it's vital to have stories that highlight the importance of forging connections with others. Our film also sheds light on a gaming subculture that has yet to be explored in film.

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Mission Statement

We are young filmmakers who have grown up alongside video games and social media. We know firsthand that these forms of entertainment can help people connect with others and grow, but can also easily turn into an unhealthy obsession.

The Story

Hold To Dash follows Neil Durst, a streamer making a meager living showcasing his gaming skills to an audience of similarly overstimulated, undersexed males. When a female fan messages Neil asking him on a date, he must decide whether to remain in the safety of his bedroom, or take a plunge into the real world. 

Hold To Dash is a dark comedy that seeks to capture the absurdity of modern life lived online. We believe it's important to have films about the here-and-now. These types of films can help us process our complicated world, and remind us that we all have shared experiences. 

We also want to bring more visibility to the subculture of speedrunning. Often-times, gaming culture is misrepresented or brushed aside in film. Video games are portrayed as a lesser form of art, a lesser form of entertainment, and diehard gamers are written off as one-line jokes. We want to portray gaming communities, and particularly the speedrunning community, as a way for isolated people to connect and rally around a common passion, and to hone a craft through all-consuming commitment.

Covid-safety guidelines will be followed for the entire production process: cast and crew will test for Covid before shooting, masks will be worn at all times (except for cast when we roll), and a Covid Compliance Officer will be on set to ensure locations and equipment are sanitized and everyone socially distances. Our production will be copying how large-scale productions handle Covid.

Neil's story is about finding solace in isolation, a struggle well known to all of us in today's world. This film asserts the importance of real-life human-flesh interpersonal connections. These connections can be discomforting and painful, but they always have a substance that virtual connections lack.

Neil’s world is small. His life revolves around his gaming computer and online community. This is where Neil spends almost all of his time. Neil feels empowered and comfortable in this isolated world. It is here that Neil is approached by an infatuated female fan with the username Monie-Chan

Neil separates his stream from the thousands of other speedrunning streams out there with his self-deprecating humor and his engaged interaction with his viewers. He treats his viewers like friends. He’ll vent about a bad day to them, or commiserate over his inability to get a date. Neil has a natural camaraderie with his audience of misfits.

Fables of Wolfshire is the game Neil plays on stream. It tells the story of a peasant who, through valor and perseverance, braves monsters and dungeons to ultimately save the princess of a wealthy, neighboring kingdom. In doing so, he sheds his status as a bottom-rung member of society and becomes immortalized as a hero. Neil views himself as an underdog and outcast, and thus feels a connection to this story of a peasant turned hero.


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This is required to pay for use of space needed for Neil's bedroom and the coffee shop.

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Food is a must-have on ANY film set. A well-fed crew is a HAPPY CREW!

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To ensure Covid safety and that cast, crew, and equipment can come to and from set safely.


Costs $7,750

Payment for our cast and crew's work to bring the short to life!

Equipment / Production Design

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Needed equipment rentals and purchases needed to dress Neil's bedroom accordingly.

About This Team

In the past few years, our director John Connor Hammond has gained notoriety as a skilled director with a unique vision through the wide catalog of comedy shorts, music videos, and commercials he has amassed. John's short film ASMR for White Liberals recieved honors at the 2020 Webby Awards in the category of Short Form Comedy. His work is available to view here: http://www.johnconnorhammond.com/

Lead actors Jack Dunphy and Jessie Pinnick have both featured prominently in widely talked-about independent features. Jack played the lead in Peter Vack's controversial 2017 SXSW hit Assholes. Jessie was the lead in acclaimed filmmaker Stephen Cone's 2017 coming-of-age movie Princess Cyd

Jack has also written and directed short films that have screened at Sundance and festivals around the world. He co-wrote the 2015 film Stinking Heaven with Nathan Silver, and wrote, edited and produced Nathan Silver's 2018 film The Great Pretender. He is currently co-directing a feature with Nathan Silver.

Leo Winters is a screenwriter who has been working on independent film sets since 2014. He graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2018 with a BA in film, where he gained a reputation for his unusual and often discomforting work. He has written numerous screenplays, both short and feature-length. 

Jordan Sims is a producer from Buffalo New York. He has worked on numerous high-profile network TV shows, such as Madam Secretary (NBC), Manifest (NBC) and The Politician (Netflix). He as written and directed numerous short films and music videos, which are available to watch online. 

Ian Loretto is a New York-based, NY Local 817-backed producer who has worked on the locations department for a wide range of large-scale feature films and series, most notably Hulu's Wu Tang: An American Saga, the CW's Katy Keene.



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