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HUNGRY is a dramatic thriller about a desperate young man who tries to cure his mysterious condition that causes him to throw up ANYTHING he eats. The short explores the desperation that comes from crisis and the need for support and connection, through an Asian American lens.

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Mission Statement

HUNGRY comes from the minds of talented and diverse group of men and women who want to tell human stories through the lens of Asian Americans. In our short film the our characters come to represent and explore different solutions and stigmas that come from existential dread.

The Story

Who is it about?  

We follow Sam.

Sam was a hardworking young college student who would always look ahead and had a bright future ahead of him. 

However that all changed when Sam’s future was cut short. Now stuck with a mysterious condition that causes him to vomit whenever he tries to eat any form of food, Sam quickly begins a downward spiral fuelling many desperate attempts to cure his hunger as he slowly dies due to starvation. And that’s exactly where we find him in HUNGRY.

Now with seemingly insurmountable odds and a sudden loss of control in his own life, all of Sam’s anxieties and resentments (largely directed at himself), burst out and he discovers just how far he will go to live a little longer. 

Dying alone sucks!

That’s why Sam doesn’t want to.

So as the end nears Sam reaches out to a friend from his past - one with a perfect mix of distance and kindness: Jeremy. Though the understanding and reliable Jeremy is no longer as close to Sam as he was, he is more than willing to pull up and support Sam during his time of need! But just what kind of support does Sam need? And how will Jeremy react when he learns the truth of Sam’s condition?

That’s the story but what’s the inspiration?

HUNGRY is a genre bending story that has twists and shifts, and as such its inspirations reflect that.

There are lots of stories about downward spirals, HUNGRY draws visual inspiration from many but is set apart by a dynamic and shifting style and the care we have for our characters. We want to humanize people that are put into extreme situations, who not only have to deal with seemingly insurmountable odds, but also deal with internalized stigmas that cloud their judgment. And we’re doing it with rhythm and style!


This story stems from a very real place - sometimes things are outside your control. The feelings of inadequacy and shame are often felt when things get out of hand, however they are not frequently discussed in a way that is productive. Especially in Asian American culture, the concept of saving face leads to an increase of shame and worsened mental health (we did the research). This film seeks to openly explore a dialogue on different coping methods.

HUNGRY is directly based on such feelings that I (Kai), experienced during the global pandemic, that were especially damning given the transitional period I was going through. HUNGRY at its core is about the figurative and literal hunger - that while you cannot get rid of it, you can choose how you deal with it. Although the film might deal with some heavy themes we will still deliver a thrilling and stylish film. 

Now, you can rest assured knowing this is not our first rodeo into filmmaking. We have experience in both running successful crowdfunding campaigns and creating films that make it into festivals. Plus as a creative core we have produced several films together. 

Here are some examples of our previous work!

However this story can’t be told without YOU!

By pledging you will directly be enabling this production! The costs to create HUNGRY add up - creating and feeding a crew, renting gear and locations, making awesome special effects, and so much more! Supporting will allow us to bring the film we envision to you, safely and smoothly - from production to distribution! Every single pledge will directly go into the creation of HUNGRY and will be forever thankful to you!

Our target of 7,000 is the minimum required to bring our vision to life, however if we suprass this goal we will be able to acquire better gear and locations, go crazier with speciel effects and provide more ammenities for the cast and crew!

Of course there are also other ways to help…

Help us spread the word!

We can only tell this story and reach our crowdfunding goals by having the word spread outside our networks. If you like what we’re cooking, YOU can help us succeed!

We cannot do this without your support! Please share our campaign through your social media, email, word-of-mouth, smoke signal or whatever you fancy!

Here are some examples. Feel free to copy and paste!

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Be sure to our campaign and socials to stay up-to-date on the latest HUNGRY news! It is free, and helps us garner more attention and legitimacy! With more Seed&Spark followers, we get access to products, services, and fee waivers through Seed&Spark.

Can't make a monetary pledge but have services or items you can donate or loan?  Check out our list below! We can offer credit and/or advertising. Feel free to email us at [email protected].

Here are a few things we are looking for:

    Grocery store shooting location in/around Long Beach/ Los Angeles

    Apartment/Home shooting location in/around Long Beach/ Los Angeles

    Craft services (snacks, coffee, bottled water)

    Grip/Electric Gear


    Prop Food

    Special Effects


Thank you so much for whatever you can do! You are what makes this possible!



Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Equipment Rentals

Costs $1,000

It is a necessity that we have all the gear and equipment we need to create great visuals


Costs $1,500

To ensure we do everything a safely and legaly we need insurance to cover our production

Art department

Costs $1,500

Production design, hair, make up, and lots of special effects! Our art dept has a lot to achieve


Costs $1,000

To get the perfect locations (we have a few) and the permits for them, we'll need funds

Catering/Craft Services

Costs $1,000

Just like our characters, our crew will be hungry and we have to feed them!


Costs $1,000

We aren't done after filming! We need funds to do the final post-prod touches, and send it to fests

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Kai Rebollo - Writer/Director/Producer

Kai Rebollo is an up and coming filmmaker and producer. As a native Californian, and avid surfer, his works range widely from supernatural thrillers, sports dramas, to horror comedies, but always come back to his personal philosophy based around the interconnection of human existences. HUNGRY, despite being his directorial debut, is the culmination of years of honing his producing and artistic skills. A product of the 21st century, Kai began his creative endeavors by learning through the internet and posting memes on social media. He soon graduated to live action productions, starting with some help from friends and various inspirations, he began to make content, posting short videos on Youtube. He would seek out and take every opportunity to improve his skills and grow as a person and creative. Kai feels most comfortable when he can dedicate his all to a project. He is ready to share his experiences with the world through HUNGRY.

Marc Spencer-Tejada - Writer

Hailing from the Bay Area, this Filipino American writer and photographer Marc has always had a love for witnessing and creating beautiful and vitalizing images and stories. He is a graduating senior at California State University Long Beach where he specializes and perfects his screenwriting craft. When he met Kai, they instantly hit it off and immediately knew a collaboration was needed. For him writing the script of HUNGRY was a great creative outlet to workshop his experiences and style. 

Mason Webb - Cinematographer 

A Southern Califronian native, Mason is a multi-talented filmmaker who is always looking to improve his craft in every way. He writes, directs, shoots, edits, and scores his own films, including Yum, Soup - a collaboration with Kai Rebollo, and Trinity Key. Mason prides himself in his intentional cinematography utilizing framing, lighting, color, and movement to engage the audience’s minds and emotions.

Trinity Key - Producer

Trinity Key is a Orange Country resident, producer, and director who prides herself in her personable demeanor and fierce work ethic. A lover of music and film, Trinity has been blending both into her projects over the past several years - creating content for her colleges: Fullerton College, and California State Long Beach. In 2022 she collaborated with Kai Rebollo and Mason Webb to create her directorial debut Words Behind the Clouds.

Current Team