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The world needs more fun now! Our dark comedy is delightfully unique: Ferris Bueller meets David Lynch at PeeWee's Playhouse. It's a surreal cartoon come to life about the eternal quest for love, with unexpected plot twists and fantastical characters.

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Mission Statement

The Wonderful World of Hunter Wood is a kaleidoscope of eras and genres. In keeping with that world, our cast and crew encompass the diverse races, ages, genders, and preferences of our home in Los Angeles. We are based on an equal male/female partnership. We defy stereotypes always.

The Story

Do you believe in love at first sight? Hunter Wood does. He also believes in Sasquatch, aliens, and fantastical things his best friend Tim scoffs at. But anything is possible in Hunter's world, and that includes winning the love of the new girl in the neighborhood. Even if she has zero interest in him.

We have shot the Pilot episode and it's ALMOST ready for viewing.

Production for the Pilot of The Wonderful World of Hunter Wood was two days of fun and hard work in May 2017, capping off several months of planning and scraping together costumes, sets, props, and a fantastic and dedicated cast and crew. We created magic from a tiny budget using personal funds. We’re thrilled with how it has come together so far.

We are editing, working with sound and music, designing the opening sequence and an overall look for the series. The Pilot episode will soon be finished and we'll share it with friends and contributors first. As a supporter of this campaign, you will have access to a special preview of the Pilot before anyone else.

Ferris Bueller meets David Lynch at PeeWee's Playhouse.

This show is a surreal cartoon come to life. Though the comedy is dark, we have purposely kept the look and the feel of the show bright and fun. We are weary of dystopias. The world’s a mess, we know it. We want to inject a more positive flavor into your life and into this show.

You could say Hunter lives in the past. But it's a non-specific past, mixed with artifacts of the past 60 years. His idyllic anywhere American neighborhood is filled with characters, creatures, and beings who are extraordinary.

What's next?

The next step is to shoot the remaining five episodes. Each episode is approximately 5-7 minutes long. That makes for a running length for the season, including the pilot, of around 40 minutes of potential binge-watching. With efficient scheduling, we expect to be able to shoot all the episodes in six days.

We will cast more actors, make and purchase more props, costumes, and special effects, pay our cast and crew for six days, feed everyone, and rent equipment. Much of the groundwork has already been laid - we have cast & crew on board, locations identified, some costumes and props waiting, computer and editing systems purchased and ready to go.

We need YOU.

The most important element we still need is YOU - The Audience. By joining us in the creation of The Wonderful World of Hunter Wood, you are getting in on the ground floor of a fun and unique adventure. We promise it will lift your spirits and show you a world you've never seen before.

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Camera with Crew

Costs $2,312

Nothing is possible without a skilled camera crew and camera & equipment rentals.


Costs $1,204

This isn't a silent film. Everything is better with a professional location sound mixer.


Costs $365

Suburban yards and sidewalks are in Hunter's world. We need good-looking porta-potty rentals too.


Costs $527

Napoleon said, "An army marches on its stomach," and the same is true of a film crew.

Makeup, Hair, and Wardrobe

Costs $1,108

Retro, bright, and fun - the way our actors look is a huge part of the show.

Props, Sets, and Special Effects

Costs $354

Most of our effects are handmade and analog. The look and feel of everything is important.


Costs $1,652

Our talented cast is a joy to work with. They deserve to be paid accordingly.

About This Team

Stephen Kurowski and Marina Tait have been a filmmaking team since 2000. Together we've made award-winning short films, documentaries, music videos, family histories, and promotional spots. We created the video interview series Project Everyone. We throw kick-ass dance parties. We love art, the offbeat & quirky, and a good laugh.

We've gathered together a dynamic and talented team of actors and filmmakers to create our first web series, The Wonderful World of Hunter Wood. We feel incredibly grateful to make something new with all these exceptional people.

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