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Jordan Garrett

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For decades Los Angeles has been America's home for musicians. In 2007 it was estimated that over 175,000 acts lived there. What would it be like to share one of those act's stories, to show somebody navigating that world to fulfill a dream? This series looks to do that, to show the light and dark.

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Mission Statement

As a black man, I'm looking to tell a story that nobody else is telling. We always get told the story of the athlete, the drug dealer, or the musician; but what about the regular guy? This is the story of your average Twenty-Somethings Black Man trying to navigate life in his career of choice.

The Story

I M OK is a Series that follows JIG, a 24 year old Audio Engineer on his journey through the Los Angeles music industry as he tries to step out of his comfort zone and make it as a rapper. 

In the Pilot episode of this Webseries, Jig struggles to get artists to pay for studio sessions, he tries to go to a party with the hopes of networking which does NOT work out, a separate studio session gets hostile, and by the end of the day he gets great advice from his friend Dan on following his dream. 

A huge inspiration in terms of tone for this series is Atlanta. However, we also are drawing from shows like Community and The End of the F***ing World in order to create a tongue-in-cheek comedic world where we can simply observe the absurdities of life. 

              Atlanta                                     Community        

         The End of the F***ing World                 

When the idea of this webseries came about, it initially was simply an idea to create a video around music that was a little bit more unique. However, we noticed that we have an incredible opportunity to tell a story that's not been shared enough. Audio Engineers are the unsung heroes of the music world, and somehow we still mainly hear about the Singers and Performers, maybe sometimes you hear of a producer. But never the guys and girls working hard behind the scenes, making everybody sound good. 

With Jordan coming from this background, it made sense to get this story out, but we couldn't stop with just telling the story. We thought, what does the world need right now? SOME DAMN COMIC RELIEF! Our story combines three-dimensional characters that have to navigate some pretty surreal, sometimes downright ridiculous situations (which are mainly based on real events).

As creators, we wanted to develop a story from the young black proffesional perspective. Having writers and people of color in front of and behind the camera, will make a step to close the gap in the entertainment industry.

TV is a powerful way to spread any message, and it's an incredibly effective way to entertain people of all backgrounds, however, it's EXPENSIVE to produce. We need to pay for things like crew, equipment, permits, the list goes on and on. This is where you come in. 

Your contributions will help us get this important project made.

While we have taken every single measure to make this production cost-efficient, we still are in desperate need of funding for the small crew and minimal gear we require.

Every little bit counts, and we want to personally thank each and every one of you all for your contributions.

When you support this campaign you have the opportunity to receive a wide variety of perks, to show our sincere appreciation.

Some of the perks include:

  • personal shout outs
  • exclusive access to the music of the show
  • a private link to view the pilot before its released
  • A Studio Session with Jig LeFrost!!
  • executive producer credit on the project

In order to reach our goal, we will need help from as many of you as possible. In addition to contributing to the campaign, sharing the link to the campaign via social media will help us spread the word about this series.


In regards to COVID-19:

In order to ensure that our community stays safe we will be shooting in very small gatherings in accodance with social distancing guidelines. We will also be taking notes on how bigger productions are functioning during this time with the hope that we may bring their practices to our small shooting days. 


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Cash Pledge

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Production Design

Costs $400

Who wants a blank room? NOBODY. You're donation will help us dress all of your locations and studios


Costs $100

Gabe Styles, our head writer, wrote a script we love, and we would love to repay him!


Costs $500

At $250 a day, this rate is a STEAL for how much work our gaffer Oliver will be doing!


Costs $1,500

A talented cinematographer with a complete Arri Alexa Package for this price? Unheard of. Thx Nicky!

Camera Crew

Costs $500

A 1st AC along with equipment to help our camera stay running and our focus stay SHARP. Essential.


Costs $500

In order for us to shoot this film, we need to rent lenses for our camera package. That, or no image

Post Production

Costs $500

Editing takes time, and the software requires money. A small price to pay for a finished product!


Costs $200

A well fed cast and crew is a happy cast and crew. Help us put food on our tables!

Production Sound

Costs $800

We would love to hear our talent deliver this amazing script, but we need sound for it! Gear+Crew

About This Team

Drake Roby

Position: Co-creator/Director/Producer

Bio: Drake is an Orange County based Director that works to capture unique perspectives that otherwise would go unexplored. From music videos to narrative pieces, commercial work to documentaries, his work seeks to bring light to moments that might otherwise go unnoticed. 

Nicky Rudolph

Position: Director of Photography

Bio: Nicky is a Los Angeles based cinematographer that has worked for years on short films and music videos, featuring artists such as Tinashe, Elohim, The Neighbourhood, and Swae Lee. With a portfolio of work spanning many genres, Nicky has proven himself to be quick on his toes and able to pull off any look for any project. 


Oliver Rudolph 

Position: Gaffer

Bio: As a current film student, Oliver has been quick to prove himself in an industry that isn’t always easy to navigate. With dozens of music video and film experience, along with countless hours spent on set, Oliver is able to carry out extremely complicated setups no matter the size or budget of a film. 

Garet Jatsek 

Position: 1st Assistant Camera

Bio: As a professional AC, Garet has been tested on a countless amount of sets, helping to create stunning images for incredibly impactful work. Music Videos, Corporate Films, Narrative, it doesn’t matter to Garet. The only thing that matters is helping the production in any way in order to produce the best quality images possible. 


Gabe Styles 

Position: Writer

Bio: Being a senior film student at DePaul University, Gabe continues to add to his resume, constantly writing new pieces showcasing the world through his eyes. Whether it’s a dramatic short film putting his characters through the hardships of life in the city, a feature length breathing life into the beautiful moments of growing up, or a webseries capturing the comical moments of mundane work life, Gabe can writes to inspire and educarte, continuing to take ideas to new heights.

Current Team