I Would Have Kissed You

Los Angeles, California | Series

Comedy, Drama

Marisol Diaz

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We want to portray, through a dramedy web series, what dating is like in your 20s and the unique challenges our generation faces. We’ve been inspired by real-life experiences and want to bring that, along with the colorful and diverse Los Angeles we know and love, to the screen.

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Mission Statement

Our crew is 90% female including diverse members who are Turkish, Taiwanese, Ghanaian, and Mexican/Cuban. We are also casting with diversity in mind. It is these filmmakers' passion to promote diversity on camera and behind the scenes!

The Story

After graduating college, friends Olivia and Mattie find out the real world isn't all that it's cracked up to be. It turns out they aren't the great writers they hoped to be, and their love lives are even more of a disaster. While Mattie tries to break out of being a serial monogamist, Olivia works on her own commitment issues. With every ill-fated date and heartbreak, they continue to learn about themselves, and each other.  


We need more stories about young women exploring their sexuality, identity, and relationships. This story focuses on the female friendships that help young women navigate an extremely scary and uncertain time of their lives. It's a show we wish we had when we'd just graduated college - comfort food that will speak to young women, but can also be enjoyed by all! 




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Cash Pledge

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Costs $200

We need to get our cast, crew, and equipment to each location. It's like herding cats!


Costs $1,200

Protect cast, crew, and our equipment.

Yummy Food

Costs $800

Hadley gets cranky when she doesn't eat. We have a full crew to feed.

Location, Location, Location!

Costs $6,000

We need locations to shoot this series! Coffee shops are expensive, you know!

Music to My Ears!

Costs $2,000

We'd love to license music!

Lights! Camera! Action!

Costs $2,000

We need to rent equipment i.e. camera rentals and lighting to make this thing!

Production Office Supplies

Costs $300

Cost of printing scripts, shipping rewards out, all those little details!

Props and Wardrobe

Costs $500

Hey, art department takes a little work too! (Props, wardrobe, makeup)

Editing is Magic

Costs $1,000

Editing, coloring, and sound design needed to help us achieve our vision.

Studio Teacher

Costs $1,000

We still need to hire a studio teacher for our youngest cast!

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