Idle Hands

Chicago, Illinois | Film Short

Action, Drama

Lucian Orsinger

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A rising amateur fighter, Anton’s haunted past fuels his ferocious victories. After a brutal attack prompts buried memories to surface, Anton must choose between the familiarity of violence and the uncertainty of a more peaceful path.

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Mission Statement

This film examines domestic abuse in families and how it impacts relationships and shapes perspectives.

The Story

This short film explores the formative impact of childhood trauma in the success of a talented, amateur fighter.  After a brutal attack sparks repressed memories and insights, Anton finds himself at a crossroads as both a man and a fighter.



Have you ever felt as though you live with a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other? What if you couldn’t figure out which one was which? This is what Anton; our main character is forced to determine for the sake of his future.



This emotionally driven story begins with a BANG as Anton knocks down opponent after opponent in backroom fights. Anton is deliberate and focused in the ring.

Outside the ring, he is constantly on edge.

His childhood best friend Niko aims to help him find more competitive opponents and supports his goal of rising from the backroom to bigger and better-paying matches.

But in a moment when his guard is down, Anton is ambushed and humiliated in a parking lot outside of a bar. During his recovery, he reconnects with his mother, who urges him to pursue another path. But when Niko tracks down the man who hurt him, Anton must make his decision.

Which path will he choose?



Children who witness or suffer violence are shaped by the intensity of the trauma and may suppress memories as a way to cope with the emotions. Recalling a traumatic memory can be painful and lead to insights into how trauma shaped one’s beliefs and emotional habits. This film explores the potential for change and growth.


Writing this story about a young man at a crossroads ironically mirrors my own shift to the next stage of my life: creating my first independently financed and produced film. I had been searching for a culminating, purpose-driven project after completing my filmmaking degree at Columbia College Chicago. In creating Idle Hands, I have fallen in love with the art of filmmaking all over again.


What will your contribution be used for?

We begin production on Idle Hands late-May in Chicago, IL. This campaign will allow us to produce a polished and emotionally resonant film that we are excited to share with the world.


Since we are well into pre-production and the script is locked, the funds we raise from this campaign will be used to produce the film. That includes:


·      Equipment Rental (for example, lighting equipment to ensure quality production value)

·      Shooting permits (paying to shoot in specific locations)

·      Insurance (required by many locations and all rental houses)

·      Transportation (to and from the film’s locations)

·      Production Design (to make everything appear as it should)

·      Stunt Coordination (we need to make sure our actors are safe)

·      Meals for the volunteer production staff. (Our professional crew will volunteer their time, and we need to be sure they are well-fueled for the long, intense days of filming)

In the event that we exceed our $8,000 goal, additional funds will be used for:

·      Post-production, including

·      Video Editing

·      Color Correction

·      Sound Design (audio editing and music rights)

·      Entrance fees to independent film festivals



Check out our “Wishlist” to see exactly how you can help! If you have film equipment, an extra hand or lots of engaged followers on social media we’d appreciate your help.

Thank you!

However you end up helping, we appreciate it!


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Cash Pledge

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Hot Meals & Snacks.

Costs $2,000

On independent projects, feeding the cast and crew is incredibly important.


Costs $1,000

Camera equipment is expensive, very expensive. This helps to ensure we're covered.


Costs $500

Cinema Lenses for the Alexa Mini.

Costume + Makeup

Costs $500

Realistic cuts and bruises cost money. So do bloodstained clothing.


Costs $2,000

Weirdly enough, when you want to take over someone house for 3 days, you're supposed to pay them.

Production Design

Costs $1,500

This allows our team to let the location do some of the storytelling.


Costs $500

The name of the game is "Safety" and we have hired a fantastic stunt coordinator to help us.

About This Team

Lucian Orsinger - Writer/Director

Lucian Orsinger is a Chicago-based director who has always been enthralled by storytelling. As a teenager, he realized that film was the perfect medium to express that passion. Growing up in Oregon, Lucian was fortunate to receive a globally focused education within the International High School program which helped him to focus his sights outside of the US. His higher education path led him to Santa Fe, NM where he continued to hone his filmmaking skill. Following the closure of that university, he moved to Chicago to finish off his degree at Columbia College Chicago, where he is set to graduate in May. He enjoys spending time in nature, on the couch watching movies and collaborating with other filmmakers.

Katherine Severe - Producer

Katherine Severe is a student at Columbia College Chicago with a passion for coffee, film, and unique ways of telling stories. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema Art and Science, with a focus in Producing. Katherine frequently works in the production and assistant direction departments on student and independent projects; in addition to this, she works as a Content Producer at the Columbia College-affiliated television group Frequency TV, where she produces and helps to develop content for their programming.


Stanislav Tabirta - Associate Producer/Lead Actor


Stanislav Tabirta is a Chicagoland actor, martial artist, and stuntman. Stanislav grew up in Moldova in a family of athletes who inspired him to start martial arts at a young age. His merits include multiple titles in the National and International Championships in Taekwon-do and Kickboxing. The passion for acting was born while watching action movies and plays at the local theaters, he was always impressed with the harmony of movement and dynamics in the scenes on stage and film. He performed in multiple high school productions and college plays. After moving to the states he continued to pursue his dream of acting in Chicago.  Recent theater credit includes The Road Ahead (Gorilla Tango Theatre), Treplev in The Seagull (The Den Theater), Enobarbus in Antony and Cleopatra (Edge theater). Some Independent film credits are: Pardon my French, Sorrows of Stephen, Leena, Serg, The Lunch. He is currently practicing and teaching martial arts, actively involved in stunt work and continues to act in Chicago.

John Jadkowski - Cinematographer


John Jadkowski is a Minnesotan cinematographer currently living in Chicago. He discovered a passion for photography while living in Europe, which transitioned into a love for the moving image when he came back to America. Film is something he always loved since he was little so to finally be shooting narrative projects as the DP is a childhood dream. He is very excited to work on Idle Hands, especially after watching the director go through draft after draft of the script and seeing the team being assembled for this project.

Luana Borges - First Assistant Director

Luana Borges is a Chicago-based Assistant Director finishing her degree in Cinema and Television Arts at Columbia College Chicago. Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Luana moved to the United States with a passion for film and managing. They were brought together when she started learning about assistant directing alongside with directing and producing. Having experience in other departments of filmmaking, she’s able to anticipate and manage nearly any production situation.


Matthew Abalde - Production Designer

Matthew Abalde is a Chicago-based production designer, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema Production Design at Columbia College Chicago. Matthew grew up in Quito, Ecuador, and as a child would accompany his grandma every year to the Fiestas de Quito. This is where Matthew first discovered how color and design could be used to impact a person emotionally. Matthew strives to design intricate and well thought out sets that are visually appealing and add to the narrative and theme of any given project. Having worked on over a dozen projects, ranging from film to theatre to museum pieces, Matthew has learned how to truly collaborate with his fellow filmmakers to create an end product that is cohesive as a whole.

Jessica Siletzki - Casting Director

A lifelong artist, a passionate learner, and a lover of people, Jessica Siletzky is a versatile storyteller.  She is currently finishing her 2nd Bachelors double majoring in Cinema and Interdisciplinary Documentary with minors in Photography and Acting at Columbia College Chicago.  Previously, Jessica studied music performance and music education certifying as a K-12 music teacher and serving 4 years in the US Marine Corps as a flute/piccolo performer in Marine Band San Diego.  Jessica’s recent endeavors have led her back to Chicago where she is steadily employed as a photographer and a filmmaker hired for a wide variety of work such as portraits, headshots, weddings, and legacy films.  She was recently selected to represent the cinema department with her short film, “Sgts Jacob and Olivia Barnes,” for the highly selective Hokin Gallery Exhibit in April 2019.

Current Team