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When Phil, Tom, Janelle and Shannon met at a festival we knew we had to work together! We completed a film called "I'm Not Lost," and had a blast! Now we just need to fund Festival submissions. We also have an amazing and epic script, "I'm Not Nice" but we need help to get this one off the ground!

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Mission Statement

50% of our above the line team is female, including Writer/Director/Producer Shannon Morrall & Lead Actor/Producer Janelle Tedesco. We are excited to make a spy comedy featuring a female lead. There aren't enough movies about Lady spies, let alone funny ones!

The Story

I'm Not Nice

     When the plan goes awry and becomes a hit-gone-wrong, stone-cold-super-spy Carol (played by Janelle Tedesco) must go undercover at a cheery dinner party to complete her mission. Carol thrives in trials of stealth and combat, but her social skills are...lacking, to say the least. Among the zany dinner party guests are a maniacally cheery hostess, a senile grandmother, a moody teen, and a nine year old boy who loves buttons and tap dancing. Carol is determined to complete her mission even if she has to do the unthinkable (make small talk.)



     I'm Not Nice will allow our team to create using one of our shared favorite things... Physical comedy! From tranq-darts to chokeholds, we plan on filling this film with fun. We've come up with a ton of ideas for shots, characters, and  props that will enhance the story and make our already funny script even better thanks to visual gags. Every time we meet up to talk about ideas, we overflow with craziness we might want to try during production! The idea of putting that zaniness onto the screen has become so exciting we decided not to compromise and try our very best to bring our vision to life, and that's where you come in!




I'm Not Lost

     Lyndsay (played by Shannon Morall) simply can’t find her way without her smartphone. Maybe some interesting strangers on the streets of NYC will help? These weirdos are her only hope to get to her gig on time...



     I'm Not Lost tackles a relatable issue in a lighthearted yet eye-opening way. We can't tell you how many people have responded to Lyndsay's predicament with, "Hey, that sounds just like me!" Even local New Yorkers can't find their way around the city without their phone these days... Especially in an area they don't frequently visit! This film is nearly complete, and we couldn't be happier with how well it's come out. We need your help to get this film shown! Festival submissions are expensive, it turns out. We promise we'll provide proper directions to any festival that it gets accepted to. You won't suffer the same fate as Lyndsay with us around!

Two films on a single project? What balderdash is this?!

     It's not balderdash, it's awesomesauce! As mentioned previously, I'm not Lost is almost complete. We did the hard part already, all that's left is getting it shown to the world! Some of the contributed funds will go to submitting both films to festivals, and the rest will go towards the production of I'm Not Nice.



     This also means you won't need to wait long to get to see a short film by us! Instead of the lengthly wait that usually comes along with campaigns like these, you'll get to watch I'm Not Lost real soon, potentially even before it premieres at a film festival (if you pick an incentive that gives you a link!) It'll be the perfect thing to curb your appitite for the spy comedy tomfoolery to come in I'm Not Nice.



     Seperately, each of us has had a hand in creating countless films that have screened at multiple festivals. Since we've also (nearly) completed another film together, you can rest assured that your contribution will be in good hands. One contribution, two films!


Where are you filmming?

     We are planning to film a majority of our script in Long Island, NY. We have a suburban setting in mind so this area will work perfectly. We know of a pictureske park we would love to use for one scene, but in order to film there they will require us to show proof of insurance (something on our wishlist!)



     There is also an action scene that will require a cool looking office or warehouse-like space to film in. We will most likely find a place that works in NYC for this. Additionally, we're planning on making a super cool sillohetted opening sequence that will likely require a green screen space. Those are expensive AF, especially in NY! If anyone has easy access to one, definitely let us know... And if you don't know of any, a contribution could help us secure one! We can find a way to make this work without a green screen space, but it'll be way more time consuming for us in post and might not come out quite as well as it could have.


Stretch Goals?

     Yes, we are optimists! Our current goal adds up to the minimum amount we'll need to make this the film that we're picturing... But we could make it even better! We would love to rent some more expensive gear (like a dolly or jib), have the option to rent locations if we find some really cool (but not free) spaces, and it would be a literal dream come true to be able to pay our cast and crew (excluding the four of us, of course!) We'll need additional funding in order to do that, though. Every dollar counts!

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Spy Santa. Best Santa.


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Food for Cast and Crew

Costs $1,400

With 5 days of filming, a cast of 16 and a crew of 10, keeping everyone fed will add up.


Costs $300

We plan on filming in Long Island and will need to provide cast and crew with train tickets.

Production Insurance

Costs $750

With so many people on set, we need to cover our butts in case someone gets hurt. (But no one will)

Film Festival Submissions

Costs $1,000

And this covers both films! I'm Not Lost and I'm Not Nice!

Sound Equipment

Costs $600

We have a lot of gear already but with such a big cast we need more and better sound equipment.

Props and Wardrobe

Costs $500

For the things that we don't already have, we will need to buy. Don't worry, I have blow darts!


Costs $200

It's a big film! I'm sure we forgot some things. OR something will break.

About This Team

     Phil Russell and Tom Capps went to Five Towns College together and have a Production company called Thursday Shoots. Janelle Tedesco and Shannon Morrall met when they were both cast in a short film, then decided to partner up to make the film Stunt Mom.



     The Thursday Shoots team has WON the Best Short Comedy award at multiple film festivals, such as the Queens World Film Festival (2018 and 2019) and the Portland Comedy Film Festival (2018). They are the recipients of over twenty other awards including 6 unique Audience Choice Awards.



     Shannon Morrall's films have screened at the Garden State Film Festival, the Big River Film Festival, Burbank Film Festival, Queens World Film Festival, and more!



     Janelle Tedesco's films have won several Audience Choice Awards and Best Concept, and have appeared in Big Apple Film Festival, Artemis Women in Action Film Festival and many more.



     Phil & Tom (Handle with Care) and Shannon & Janelle (Stunt Mom) all met at the Queens World Film Festvial. We really loved each other's films and also liked hanging out so we thought, "Let's make a film together!"



     Long story short, we did! Janelle wrote our short, I'm Not Lost, which Shannon stars in, Tom directed, and Phil DP'd. We all shared Producing responsibilites and had maybe a little too much fun! That fun is why we decided we should make another film!



     We fell in love with one of the supporting characters and decided to write a spinoff based on her! Don't worry, we've written it in a way where you won't miss out on anything other than a cool easter egg if you only watch one film. We love our team and are itching to make some magic! 




Current Team