Infinity Girls

Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania | Film Short

LGBTQ, Drama

Eden Ohayon

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INFINITY GIRLS explores the layered, complex relationship between two people who have known and loved each other for most of their lives. Our film—written, directed, and produced by an LGBTQ & women+ team—seeks to uplift underrepresented voices both on and off screen.

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Mission Statement

Our goal is to tell stories that remind us of our natural instinct to be playful, to feel, and to connect with one another. We are committed to showcasing the depth of female and LGBTQ+ experiences as well as providing more opportunities for women+ in all areas of the filmmaking industry.

The Story


Fresh out of a stint in rehab and equipped with a stash of Capri Sun, Jess tracks down Andi and, in an attempt to make amends, crashes her solo camping trip. Andi confronts Jess about the damage she’s done to their relationship, but reluctantly allows her to stay for one brief, beautiful day. Hidden away in the forest, feelings resurface; slipping back into old habits is easy, but arriving at forgiveness—or something resembling it—is hard. 

In the current climate, there is an immediate need to tell stories highlighting the complexity, dignity, and humanity of underrepresented voices - created by these same people. Our production aims to acknowledge struggle while also making room for the immense joy we experience as well. People are beautifully imperfect and we are all deserving of love and respect - it's an important reminder for us all, particularly now.

While the strikes are ongoing, we believe this is the perfect time to support and showcase independent filmmaking. There are so many thought-provoking, creative stories being told by artists on a smaller budget and the timing couldn't be better to contribute to and uplift these voices, ensuring independent work is celebrated.

ANDI is a pragmatic, sometimes silly, empathic introvert. She often looks out for others, even when that means neglecting herself. Andi has always done what's "right" in order to achieve success and she's proud of that fact. She is grounded and has a very clear picture of what she wants in life - except when Jess is around. While they've been friends for ages, Andi is increasingly aware of a need to set boundaries.

JESS is bubbly, extroverted, and well-meaning but messy. She's the troublemaker looking to make life more exciting for the both of them. She has loved Andi since they were teens, constantly hoping to turn their platonic intimacy into something more. Jess knows her struggles with addiction have made things difficult, but she's determined to make it right - Andi is the one stable thing in her life.

I'm constantly fascinated by relationships—friendships, family-ships, intimate-ships. One of the biggest aspects of living is the people we choose to do it with. Why do we choose to hold on? Why do we choose to let go? Throughout the pandemic, where we all wrestled with isolation, I found myself examining the ways we connect to one another, and the ways our relationships may grow, fracture, and evolve over time.

This film explores how we show up and show love—romantically as well as platonically—for those we care about. It embraces falling in love with your friends and all the parts of yourself. This story is a love letter to childhood, queerness, and the self-growth I believe we’re all capable of. It celebrates finding beauty within the chaos of life.

Immense love to everyone who has so enthusiastically become involved with the life of this production - it means the world.

—Alexandra / Al

Why we need your help...

** Seed&Spark requires that we raise at least 80% of our goal before we can receive any funds! We MUST reach this goal within our 30 days fundraising window or we won’t receive a single dollar/euro/pound!!

We're currently funding this passion project all on our own and while we love producing our own work, it would be an immense weight lifted to be doing this with the backing of our communities!

Your contribution is essential to making this project a reality, and we’re grateful for whatever support you can give—if you can’t pledge financially, you can still help our momentum by giving us a FOLLOW and SHARING this page with your people to do the same (friends, family, co-workers, a neighbor you haven't said "hi" to yet)!

Your support helps us:

  • PAY CAST & CREW! Huzzah! (Our team is incredible - SERIOUSLY - and as professionals they deserve fair compensation for their talents, it’s our goal to make that happen!)
  • Cover transportation and meals for everyone (Very important, ‘cause we gotta thrive while we make our beautiful art)
  • Cover any set, costume, and prop expenses (These things add up quickly!)
  • Pay for insurance costs (Safety First!)

- Our $14,000 goal is the minimum we need to get this story into the production phase! 

- At $16,000: Al and Eden also get paid! Honestly, we’d be so stoked and grateful!

- At $20,000: we can afford post-production costs AND all of our festival circuit dreams for this proof-of-concept short!

We cannot thank you enough for your generous support! Every contribution and share counts, and we are *thrilled* to welcome you all on board this journey! Please check out all of our fun incentives! They are FUN—we promise!



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Camera Department

Costs $5,750

Our crew is small but mighty—all artists in their own right. We need to pay Emily, Cole, Jack, and Gabriel for their stellar work.

Sound Department

Costs $1,500

Great sound is absolutely crucial when you're filming in the woods! We need to pay our incredible sound engineer, Nick.

Equipment Rental

Costs $2,100

We can't make a movie without a way to shoot it!

Production Team Salaries

Costs $1,500

This covers our producer Molly's salary—fantastic work deserves compensation.

Actor Compensation

Costs $200

We're lucky enough to have the highly talented Kat, who deserve to be paid for her craft.


Costs $400

We're keeping it simple, but we will need a modest budget for props.

Production Insurance

Costs $1,300

We have to have our ducks in a row and keep everyone safe and insured during the shoot!

Travel & Food

Costs $1,250

We'll need to get everyone to the shoot and keep them fed for 5+ days!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Alexandra Nedved, Writer/Co-Director/Actor

plays Jess

Alexandra / Al (she/they) is a multidisciplinary theater and filmmaker. She received her MFA in Acting from The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in England and is currently based in New York City. Credits include When the Rain Stops Falling and Susanna, a reconstruction (Columbia University) and MIRA (co-creator, Helicopter Hat). She is a founding member of Helicopter Hat Co., a theatre company that creates inventive, devised plays around contemporary topics. Alexandra is the recipient of The Bonnie Hurren Prize for Excellence and Arthur Ballet Playwright Award. She is crazy about making art that expands our ways of thinking + happily surprises us along the way. When not creating or performing, Al can be found gawking at other people's pets, climbing rocks, and marathon training. 

Eden Ohayon, Producer

Eden (she/her) is a Brooklyn-based writer and performer and a recent graduate of the Actors Studio Drama School. She received her undergraduate training at Yale, where she majored in Theater Studies and English with a concentration in Playwriting under the advisory of Donald Margulies. Eden has appeared in a number of theater productions throughout New York City and the regions, as well as independent films. She loves to write plays and screenplays and collaborate with New York-based theater companies to devise new work. This is her first foray into film production. When she’s not writing or rehearsing, you can find her in the darkroom or in bed with her basset hound. 

Molly Ehrenberg-Peters, Producer/Co-Director 

Molly (she/her) is originally from the UK and moved to New York to study on the 3 year programme at the Stella Adler Studio which she graduated from in 2022. During her final year at Adler she embarked on the journey of producing her debut show, The Night Alive by Conor McPherson at The Chain Theatre. As well as producing, Molly starred in the lead role of Aimee. The production received critical acclaim and ignited a passion for creating her own work. Molly has since been made Managing Director of Wild Geese Productions and just wrapped on the initial filming for a new television series. Molly is committed to creating work from a place of joy, and it was clear from the first reading of INFINITY GIRLS that the script is filled with love and honesty. She cannot wait to get on location! 

Kat Reeve, Actor

plays Andi

Kat (she/her) is a Brooklyn based actor, singer, dog enthusiast, and tea addict. After receiving her Bachelors of Music in Vocal Performance from Boston University she went on to receive her MFA in Acting from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in Bristol, England. Previous roles include Iphigenia in Iphigenia & Agamemnon, Alison in Look Back in Anger, and Isabella in Measure for Measure. She’s thrilled to be a part of this wonderful project years in the making.

Emily Marquet, Director of Photography

Emily Marquet (she/her) is an emerging cinematographer based in Washington, DC. She is a graduate of London Film School and her work has screened at festivals all over the world such as CineQuest, BronzeLens, and the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival. Previous DOP credits include the narrative films Snowfall, Wildman, and Shanidar, a documentary series with Bill T. Jones, and many music videos. Upcoming work includes the indie feature film Withdrawal as well as several short films. She is a proud member of BECTU, Women in Film and TV and CineGirl. Her work as a cinematographer in narrative and nonfiction has taken her all over the world for work. 

Jack Salmon, First AC

Colegrove Heller, Gaffer

Gabriel Smith, Grip

Nick Trotta, Sound Engineer

Ty Kunzelman, Production Assistant

Current Team