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Thriller, Sci-Fi

Heather Webb

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Locked in a strange room, Ava Clarke awakens to find a mysterious doctor experimenting on her. With no memory of how she got there, she undergoes psychological, and emotional testing triggered by red and blue lights. As the testing intensifies she is pushed to the brink of insanity.

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Mission Statement

gritHouse Films is dedicated to telling stories from underrepresented voices. Infrared Dreams is an example of this; a female-driven story written and directed by a minority director and produced by a female producer. High importance is placed on diversity both in-front-of and behind the camera.

The Story

Strapped and chained to an antique metal chair, Ava awakens in a dingy room flooded in red light. The room is filled with gas that prevents her from falling asleep. Suddenly a holographic video appears in front of her with images of dead human bodies. When the horrific hologram finishes, a man, who appears to be a doctor enters the room. The man quietly begins injecting Ava with a strange yellow substance. Similar sequences of events continue and as Ava moves further down the rabbit hole, reality begins to elude her as she realizes that the "doctor" may not be her biggest concern.


"I've always wanted to create something that pushes the limits of what I'm used to doing visually without losing the heart and soul of the story and the characters. I think that I've accomplished that in this film." -Terrell Lamont


Infrared Dreams is a genre-bending film that heavily relies on elements of sci-fi, thriller, and horror but doesn't skimp on the emotional components that compel our audience to fully engage with the story. 

If you like the following films, you'll love Infrared Dreams! 



Formed in 2015, gritHouse Films is a diverse director-driven film studio based in Denver, CO.  Built upon the idea that “life takes grit; so does film,” the studio is dedicated to producing profound and sincere stories from underrepresented voices in the industry.  From feature-length films to television series, gritHouse focuses on developing interesting characters, creative plotlines and motivated imagery.



The film is "in the can" meaning that we have completed production and have all the necessary footage to finish the film.  We are currently in the post-production stage where all the magic happens.  The remaining items in this process include color grading, visual effects, and sound design. Your contributions will go towards these services. 



Our $8,500 goal is the bare minimum needed to complete post-production and have a finished film.


If we raise $10,000 we will be able to cover festival submission fees. 
If we raise $12,000 we will be able to send members of our team to select festivals to properly represent the film. This is important because films with representation at the festivals have greater opportunities to further the success of the film.
If we raise $15,000 we will be able to send members of our team to the American Film Market in a continued effort to find the best distribution deals for this movie.


We would love to give this film an opportunity to continue to grow our audience and find viable distribution, but that takes additional resources. With the help of our supporters, we will give Infrared Dreams the best chance possible to find success in the marketplace.



Holly Westwood is an experienced actress from London, U.K. Some highlights of her career include a lead role in Star Raiders: The Adventure of Sabre Raine for the SyFy Network and Terrell Lamont's Hush Money.


Hal Whiteside was born in Tuscumbia, AL, known for his role in Edgar Wright's Baby Driver, and CW's Black Lightning.


Matthew J. Plumb was born and raised in the East of England in the United Kingdom.  An experienced voice-over actor, known for his work in various video games, commercials, documentaries, and narrative films. After his voice work on Terrell Lamont's Hush Money, Matthew took advantage of the opportunity to deliver an on-camera performance in Infrared Dreams.


Devin Brooke was raised in Denver, CO. where she was immersed in theater and dance. She attended the University of Southern California, earning her BA degree in Theatre with an emphasis in acting. Known for her roles in several films including David and Goliath and Stay.



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Sound Design

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Sound design creates an audible experience that engages the audience.

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Visual effects will enhance imagery needed to tell the story.

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About This Team

Terrell Lamont-Writer/Director
Terrell Lamont was born on August 7th, 1980 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His visual style was triggered by his early work in underground music videos. Over time he evolved into a triple threat filmmaker as he developed his skills as a screenwriter, cinematographer, and director.  In 2015, he formed gritHouse Films with fellow filmmakers Alicia Heinrich and Justin Lewis. Known for Hush Money (2017) and Infrared Dreams (2019).


Heather G. Webb - Producer

Heather Webb studied Theatre Arts at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  She got her first taste of film when her best friend, a film student, asked her to "help" with her first feature film.  She quickly fell in love with the art of filmmaking. After college she moved to Denver, CO where she connected with the like minded filmmakers of gritHouse Films.  Heather officially joined the company in 2016. She is currently the lead Producer on their latest feature Infrared Dreams.


MJ Alhabeeb Jr - Producer

MJ Alhabeeb Jr began his career at age 16, when he was the recipient of the Junior Filmmaker Award at the Spaghetti Junction Film Festival in Atlanta, GA for his first feature Borderline, which also received Best Student Film. He continued to write, produce and direct features while steadily working in the music industry with the likes of Pitbull, The Game, Daddy Yankee and Lil Jon. Currently, he is the VP of Production at Quixotic Road, which most recently produced the 2017 release, Growing Up Smith with Jason Lee, last year’s Bayou Caviar with Richard Dreyfuss and Famke Janssen and the upcoming, Crown Vic, with Thomas Jane, which has been selected to this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. In 2018, MJ co-founded Impavid Entertainment, a production company committed to producing thought provoking and visually striking films. Infrared Dreams, is the first film under this banner.  Additional films in development, include Stray Dogs and Plight.


Alicia Heinrich - Assistant Director

Alicia is a Denver-based filmmaker. After studying film in Minneapolis, and working on creative and non-profit media in the midwest, Alicia moved to Colorado, where she joined forces with her current business partners to form gritHouse films. She strives along with her business partners to tell thought-provoking stories by under-represented voices in the industry. In the past five years, Alicia has produced multiple feature films with gritHouse including HUSH MONEY and COLLIDER both of which are in distribution. Life takes grit, so does film.


Justin Lewis - Editor

Justin Lewis is an award-winning director and editor and has been working in the film industry for over a decade. Justin graduated from the Colorado Film School and holds a BFA in Film Production from Regis University. Today Justin is one of the owners at gritHouse Films.  Under gritHouse Films, Justin produced the feature film Hush Money and was the director and editor for the feature film Collider. Both are now streaming on Amazon Prime. He was also the lead editor for the 2016 Emmy award-winning PBS Documentary, Standing in The Gap. Recently, Justin wrapped editing on Terrell Lamont's newest film Infrared Dreams. Justin currently lives in Aurora, CO and continues to work on various film and television projects.


Sterling Cook - Campaign Director  

Sterling Cook is a Denver-based filmmaker. After studying cinema in San Francisco, and working on creative and corporate media in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, Sterling returned to Colorado, where his passion for filmmaking was ignited by his grandfather, playwright Robert L. Cook, who screened classic films for him during visits. He strives to strengthen the narrative film community in Denver.

A producer and a director, notable work includes MOLLY SAYS YES, based on Joyce's "Ulysses" and selected as an installment in Lars Von Trier's GESAMPT, Sheryl Glubook's LILY 'N' ROSE, the WINESBURG SERIES for James Franco TV, and Lee Amir-Cohen's THE OTHER PLACE






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