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Our insecurities can make us question our better judgment, stop us in our tracks, and prevent us from pursuing what we want. This is why this short is so important as it inspires us to overcome them and chase what we want in life.

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Mission Statement

As often-insecure college students, we understand how insecurities have the power to control your life, and how you also have the power to move past them. We want to connect with others who feel the same way and show that overcoming that voice in your head is always worth it.

The Story

Two 20 something-year-olds must overcome their now personified insecurities or else miss out on a chance at a real connection.

About Insecurities
This project is a part of my senior thesis in the Honors Program at Cal State Long Beach and is my final step towards graduation. I am a film major with an emphasis on screenwriting and production management. I felt this project was important to do for my thesis because not only does it give me hands-on experience in the world of producing, but it deals with the theme of overcoming insecurities, something that I and many of my fellow students are constantly doing. We must overcome any insecurities we have about ourselves being in the film industry in order to make those first steps and establish ourselves in the industry.  

The Story
Insecurities centers around 20 something-year-old Sky and Grant, both in a club by themselves. When they spot each other, they want to make the first step in talking with each other and forming a connection. Before they can do so, they must overcome the now personified voice that lives in their heads, pointing out all of their flaws and why no one would want to be with them. By overcoming their insecurities, they are able to talk to each other, form a connection, and gain more confidence in themselves.  


Risks and Challenges

Making a short film comes with a variety of risks and challenges especially in the age of covid. Some of these include if someone tests positive during the production, not raising enough funds, conflicting schedules, or finding enough crew members. 
We have a plan for each of these challenges so no matter what we will complete the film. 

  • COVID: We have a covid plan in place that requires everyone on set to be vaccinated, have a negative covid test within the last 72 hours, and everyone is required to wear masks. We also will have a COVID COMPLIANCE OFFICER to ensure everyone is following covid protocols 
  • FUNDS: We have alternative plans if we do not raise enough funds on Seed&Spark. This includes having bake sales or car washes. We also have areas in our budget that we can cut back on in case we do not meet our goal. 
  • SCHEDULES: We will be contacting our actors well in advance and establishing alternates in the event that something happens before the dates of production. 
  • CREW MEMBERS: We already have our crew members picked for the production and people to fill in for positions in case of emergency. 


Why should you contribute to this project? 
By contributing to this project, you will not only help me in making my first short film and graduating from the honors program, but you will help create a film highlighting how difficult it is to overcome your insecurities and the effects that they can have on individuals. Funds will be used to help pay for insurance, rent equipment, compensate actors, pay for crew meals, and help us with everyday film expenses when onset.  


How to Help

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  • CONTRIBUTE AND PLEDGE: You can make a contribution to our film by making a pledge.  We have to collect 80% of our crowdfunding goal to keep our funds.  You can choose an incentive or make a pledge to a specific wishlist item.  You can choose any pledge and incentive amount that fits your budget.  No pledge is too small.  Every dollar makes a difference in making our film possible!
  • SPREAD THE WORD: The only way we will reach our crowdfunding goal is if we reach beyond our networks. Please share our campaign via your social media, email, word-of-mouth, however, you want! We can't do this without you! Here are some examples.  Feel free to copy and paste!

Help CSULB student filmmaker @supermadi4140 by supporting her college thesis film INSECURITIES about overcoming insecurities in the wake of growing social pressure.  Join them on @seedandspark:

I'm so excited to see the short film INSECURITIES, by Cal State Long Beach students @supermadi4140 and @andyjrice, be made in Long Beach, CA this spring!  Support them on @seedandspark:


Thank you!!

We can't say thank you enough for all of your love and support! Together we can provide an empowering message about overcoming insecurities.


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Crew Meal

Costs $300

In order to feed our crew for the days of the shoot.


Costs $50

This will help us buy materials such as batteries, markers, gaff tape, black-out wrap, etc.

Location Rental

Costs $800

The cost for renting the location space


Costs $1,000

To ensure the safety of our crew on the set


Costs $150

Kit fees plus other lighting supplies


Costs $150

Kit fees and other supplies

Production Design

Costs $50

To enhance the space and transform it

Makeup & Wardrobe

Costs $50

To provide actors with the necessary make up and clothing options

Covid Protocols

Costs $75

To obtain the necessary supplies and tests to keep our crew safe


Costs $70

To acquire permits for the locations


Costs $50

To purchase props for the shoot

Sound Kit Rental

Costs $100

To rent a sound kit including recording device, lav mics, and boom

Drives and Cards

Costs $200

To have a drive dedicated to the project and cards for sound and camera

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Madi Morgan is a 4th-year film and honors student at Cal State Long Beach. This project is a part of her Senior Honors Thesis in an effort to gain more insight into the world of producing. Madi is the writer, producer, and director of Insecurities. Previously, she has worked as a Production Assistant, 2nd Assistant Director, and Assistant Director on a variety of different projects. While this is her first time producing a short film of her own, she has background knowledge and experience in the producing world. Not only is she in the production management and screenwriting tracks at CSULB, but she is the founding president of the Producers Club. There, she has been helping to produce other students' short films to provide more opportunities and experience to the film students at Long Beach State. 

Andrew J Rice is a 4th-year film student at Cal State Long Beach specializing in Screenwriting. He was added to the project after showcasing his work co-producing multiple student film projects -- which are in varied points in production. As well, Andrew has worked as a Production Assistant, Set Dresser, Post-Production Coordinator, and Actor, on a variety of projects which gave him the experience to co-produce and Act for this short film.

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