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Aaron Pacentine

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While going on a hike, a young man's life takes an extraordinary turn when he is marked by an ominous entity, setting him on a race against time. This cinematic journey delves into the realms of redemption, morality, and the unyielding resilience of the human spirit.

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Mission Statement

We aim to create a film that will deliver a compelling narrative on the timeless struggle between good and evil. the universal themes of morality and the human experience, our film aims to leave a lasting impact, inviting audiences to reflect.

The Story

Just Because You May Be Lost In The Darkness...There Is Always Light

In The Darkness & Into The Light" is based on an original script by filmmaker and award-winning producer Aaron Pacentine.

In a story that begins with Once Upon A Time, you find yourself taking a walk on a hike and thinking it would be just like a regular day but it's not. Meet Danny he goes on a hike and has gotten lost and stumbles upon a rock. It is ordinary rock but an evil entity that has designed himself as a rock. Danny is zapped to find “666” on him. He thinks that he may be lost forever and then there is a bright light in the distance. The Angel tells him it can be removed by doing only three simple acts of kindness but he only has 24 hours and midnight the following day to do it. Danny goes on a race against time and with the help of his friends his quest unravels and he goes on an extraordinary discovery that tests the power of friendship, resistance and the power of the human spirit. In Danny's journey he even finds himself in a hospital with a meeting with Doctor Turnakit, looking for answers to remove the evil that has succumbed him. We all need stories in this day and age that speak to the heart, and that touch us to the depths of our soul. I hope that this film will inspire you even when you may be lost "in the darkness" in your own life, remember there is always light.

The Film Budget

We have a detailed budget to bring our talented actors to life on the screen.

On The left you will see everything that we have in set for our film budget for our actors, filming locations and various rental locations including spots we will be getting from and Craft services will help for food etc, for our actors and team. Then finally, after the film is completed we will be investing in an editor for our film. Additonally we will be reaching out to freelancer animators with Fiver that we will be working with.

Additonal Support & Film Plans

Any other support that we get for our film outside of the about will go toward paying towards our editor an additional amount as well as promotion for the film when it is released. We will also use other funds to help raise awarness to the film, via social media and our other projects with Family Films Productions.

Storytelling & Commitment To Creating Content

As the creator of "Into The Darkness & Into The Light," I bring a deep passion for storytelling that I believe will resonate with families and individuals across the board that are age 13 and above.

My commitment to crafting narratives that explore emotions, redemption, and the resilience of the human spirit fuels the creation of a film that speaks directly to those who may be going through a hard time in their life. With a keen understanding of the emotional development of kids and how they are about things.

Additionally in the educational field I am dedicated to delivering an immersive and thought-provoking experience that fosters empathy, sparks meaningful conversations, and leaves a lasting impact.

"Into The Darkness & Into The Light" really is recognizing the themes of good versus evil the film l'm seeking to make will engage audiences starting from the teens to adults in a compelling narrative that delves into complex themes like redemption, morality, and resilience. By crafting a story that resonates with their evolving emotional landscape, we aim to offer a thought-provoking yet entertaining experience, fostering empathy and understanding. We are really excited to bring this film to you, and I believe that with the great skill of all our actors below we are going to bring everyone a great film.

The Cast of "Lost In The Darkness & Into The Night"

Sam Zukin (left) plays the role of Danny in our film. Sam has cast in the upcoming mini series

"Adult Children of the American Revolution".

Zachary Covell (right) is John and has been known for his role in the film "Pastorius".

Rose Hough (left) is Linda and has been in DC's Legends of Tomorrow and Wesley

Johnson (right) model and actor who play the demonologist Doctor Turnakit.

We are honored to have a special appearance by Mark Chinnery who most recently has appeared in "the award winning film "Oppenheimer" and has over 200 credits to his name. The film received eight nominations at the 81st Golden Globe Awards, winning a leading five: Best Motion Picture – DramaBest Director (Nolan), Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama (Murphy), Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture (Downey) and Best Original Score (Ludwig Göransson).

Producing Content That Entertains

Family Films Productions is commited to producing content that not only entertains but also contributes positively to the growth and development of families in all shapes and sizes, alongside the various films we produce as we strive to entertain you in the work that we do. "Into The Darkness & Into The Light" aligns with this mission by providing a captivating narrative that encourages emotional exploration with themes that are relevant to people of all ages, the film becomes a valuable tool for families to engage in meaningful conversations, reinforcing the values that matter most to them as every family is different. The images seen here on the right and left are from our film, "I Am Erich Kastner".

Widespread Across Digital Platforms

To ensure widespread access, "Into The Darkness & Into The Light" will be made available through various digital platforms. Digital streaming services, video-on-demand, and perhaps down the road theaters will be part of the distribution strategy, offering flexibility for families to choose a viewing experience that suits them best.

Director's Statement

On a personal level this film means a lot to me on several levels, as I’m very

passionate about the work that I do and the films I produce. In regarding this storyline was something that I had been thinking about over the past few years after seeing the real “Devil’s Rock" in Pasadena. 

Growing up I was always put down, and when I got a bit older, I realized that not only I was stronger them those people but I could be better then that. Getting into film has not been an easy road but if you keep with it and do your best you will go far.

I have been able to win number of awards in various film festivals "Remembering Return to Oz", and am excited to bring you this new film "Into The Darkness & Into The Light" and we look forward to your contributions to help us bring this film to light. In our documentray Fairuza Balk said, "We all need a magic and magic is all around us". It truely is.

I am really excited about our cast and I think we are bringing a wonderful group of actors together. The images below are from our film, "Remembering Return to Oz", Fairuza Balk (Dorothy from Disney's Return to Oz) below and the director of "Return to Oz", from our interview Walter Murch. Taken during their respective interviews.

We also produced "The Legacy of The Parent Trap", with Hayley Mills about the

classic Walt Disney 1961, film and it's various 1980s sequals. Hayley Mills is pictured


Our Time Is Now

Embark with us on this magical journey with "Into The Darkness & Into The Light" - a supernatural fantasy musical film.

To make this enchanting adventure a reality, we need YOUR support:

Join us on our crowdfunding page and be a crucial part of bringing this captivating story to life. Every pledge counts!

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Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Craft Services

Costs $500

This will provide food, and drinks as well as meals to our actors during the shooting of our film.

A/V Eqiutment

Costs $3,000

This will help with A/V equitment rentals for our production and some traveling costs.

Filming Locations - Rentals/Permits

Costs $3,000

This will help with the cost of getting to/from film locations as well as rentals and filming permits alongside insurance for shooting.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $1,300

This will help with hiring an editor for "Into The Darkness & Into The Night", this will ensure the quality of the film will be the best.


Costs $300

We have worked with several artists in the past that have an amazing sound and vocals will be recorded with talented artists from

Our Actors

Costs $1,945

This will help pay for our actors compensation, to be able have them in our production.

About This Team


Aaron Pacentine, owns and is dedicated to bringing quality family entertainment. Oringally born Southern Californian who now lives in Indiana is committed to bringing a new generation of family entertainment both online and elsewhere.

He has released several films including the award winning film, "Remembering Return to Oz". The film is a documentary look back on memories featuring the cast/crew of Disney's 1985 film, "Return to Oz". This film is the first time that the main cast/crew have been together in a feature talking about the 1985 film in over 30 years.

He wrote and produced a re-imagined film about the early / later life of Erich Kastner, of who wrote "DOS DOPPLETTE LOTTCHEN" (The Double Lottie / Lisa and Lottie ) which was the basic for the classic 1960s Walt Disney film, "THE PARENT TRAP". In this film, a young Erich Kastner finds a time machine to go forward in time in various decades. He is on a search across time to find his family - and get back home. With various actors portraying Erich from young, future, across this journey he encounters some various interesting individuals. In this original and fun filled musical adventure we pay tribute to this German author. He knows that The Legacy of The Parent Trap, continues to be a legacy that will never be forgotten.


Landon is a film and theatre producer and director. A lifelong fan of both the cinema and live theatre, his passion for filmmaking began at age 11, when began playing around h an old fashioned DV camcorder. While still learning as much about film as possible, Mr. Parks expanded his experience into the world of live theatre, where he worked his way up to Artistic Director of the Bloomington Repertory Theatre Company. He is also a writer and wrote and published "The City of Emeralds". In 2013, he went back to his original passion: cinema, when he became involved in several motion picture projects in various capacities, including producing and post-production with all of the films that Family Films Productions has released since 2013. He is developing several projects for release and runs Incendio Films, a motion picture production company.

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