I Put the Bi in Bitter

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Comedy, LGBTQ

Marin Lepore

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I Put the Bi in Bitter is a coming-of-age teen digital series. It's a fun and lighthearted comedy that deals with the universal themes of expression, friendship and crushes, and those awkward moments of trying to survive high school.

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Mission Statement

I Put the Bi in Bitter is a female-centric and LGBT positive story that's modern, accessible, and kid-friendly. The project is diverse in both cast and crew, by highlighting women, people of color, and LGBT people on screen as well as behind the scenes.

The Story

The media we consume heavily influences the world we live in, so it’s important that content is diverse and inclusive. I strongly believe that accurate representation starts behind the scenes, and this means giving minority filmmakers the creative power and platform to tell their stories.


That's where I come in. I'm passionate about comedy writing, episodic writing, kid writing, and creating representation within those.



Although LGBT media is getting better, harmful stereotypes are still way too common (lesbians who are objectified, bisexuals who are villainized, gay men only being the comedic relief, and trans stories that are completely catered to cisgender audiences). And often times in TV/films the LGBT characters are killed off. So many LGBT stories are written by non-LGBT people, and made for non-LGBT people.


And a huge thing LGBT media is missing right now is being accessible to younger audiences. Not all gay content has to be dramatic, or tragic, or R-rated, or sexual!



Many LGBT stories nowadays focus around someone coming to terms with their identity, and finding the courage to accept themselves. And that’s inspiring, and powerful, and emotional, and great! But what happens after that? What about the kids who have already gone through that, and now just want to start living their best gay lives?


That's what I Put the Bi in Bitter is about. Sam is bisexual and Alex is a lesbian. They know this. They’re confident! The conflict of the story isn’t about them accepting their own sexuality, but rather navigating a world that hasn’t yet. They're not the problem, other people are. And in that regard, the series normalizes being gay.


Set during our current and present times, and inspired by the millennials and Gen-Z kids we see now, IPTBIB is a fun and lighthearted comedy that explores growing up, friendships, falling in love for the first time, dealing with your embarassing mom, the humor of social media culture, and all the other universal struggles and awkward moments that come from being in high school. The story is about being a teen, first and foremost, and sexuality is just a part of that.



Now more than ever are people pushing education and advocating for change in the industry. Every day there are more and more opportunities for LGBT artists, creators, and stories. We literally have an entire generation of young LGBT filmmakers growing and rising to push out the content we wish we had, including myself and Kelley!


IPTBIB was made both to entertain gay people, and educate allies.



And that's where you come in. By supporting this project, you're supporting diversity and representation on and off screen. You're supporting women telling their own stories, and gay people telling their own stories. You're supporting minority film, independent film, and millenial film. You're supporting comedy writing, episodic storytelling, and webseries as a growing medium.


And you're supporting me. Just some crazy kid trying to tell other kids that they're going to be okay. And if you've read this far, and care as much as I do, THANK YOU.


xo, Marin



Season 1https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9GvoHL2CpNapGh2iG0jQgBFeq8_djdC_

Season 2https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9GvoHL2CpNaOXunqE7DBOOyJQZ75U5tu

Season 3 OUT NOW (thank you, everyone!)https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9GvoHL2CpNbnDtDibWPWyBkHqe_zzYIf


Website & more infohttps://www.sadgirlproductions.com/iputthebiinbitter


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Cash Pledge

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Costs $800

Season 3 will have four full productions days, and we gotta feed our cast/crew while working on set!

Production Design

Costs $200

Props, costumes, makeup, set dressing, and anything art-related to create the characters' world.


Costs $400

This covers film festival submission fees. Help us get this series out there in the world!


Costs $300

We already use our own gear, but help us up our quality by renting lavalier mics, light kits, etc!


Costs $200

Location rentals, permits, and paying location supervisors who are on set our entirety of filming.

Everything Else!

Costs $100

Anything that goes over our $2000 goal will fund additional S1 and S2 promotion through events, etc!

About This Team

As a gay woman of color, female, people of color, and LGBT representation is so personally important to me, not only on screen, but behind the scenes as well. Casting 3 women of color as the leads was very much a conscious decision, and besides cast, EVERYONE on the crew is either a woman, person of color, part of the LGBT community, or an avid ally and activist to all three!



Within this majority female production crew, many women hold leading creative positions including writer, director, producer, production design, cinematography, and sound. And besides myself and Kelley, many people in both cast/crew identify as part of the LGBT community.


This really is a project made BY minorities and allies, FOR minorities and allies.




Writer, Director • Marin Lepore

Producer, Assistant Director • Kelley Zincone

Director of Photography • Gabriela Toth, Alex Killian

Production Design • Dannah Elizabeth

Sound Mixer, Boom Op • Diana Flood

Production Assistant • Joshua Hunt, Nini Lepore



Writer, Director • Marin Lepore

Co-writer, Producer, Assistant Director • Kelley Zincone

Director of Photography • Gabriela Toth

Production Design • Dannah Elizabeth

Gaffer • Alex Killian

Assistant Camera • Ondreia Pedraza

Sound Mixer • Chanel Benish, Diana Flood

Boom Op • Chanel Benish, Madison Verhulst, Noori Dua

2nd Assistant Director • Ryan Douglass

Production Assistant • Joshua Hunt

Current Team