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This film holds mental health awareness at the forefront. It's the story of a lonely telemarketer who happens to call a woman moments from taking her life. He must, for the first time, speak entirely free in order to make a genuine human connection. Proving in the end that you are never truly alone.

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Mission Statement

Our goal with this film is to create an inclusive and safe environment to discuss mental health. To build space for each person apart of this project to express their perspective and feel empowered to collaborate. This story shines light on struggles that deserve to be talked about with compassion.

The Story

IS THIS NORA? holds mental health awareness at the forefront, and highlights the importance of human connection. It follows two vastly different people, similar only in their desire to be loved and find footing in their lonely worlds. Brought together through fated circumstances, they unexpectedly find connection across the phone. Like liferafts in the middle of an ocean they must cling to one another in order to stay afloat a little while longer. With one desperate to prove to the other that there’s purpose in living and the other suddenly hearing, for the first time, actual hope beneath the surface level reasoning for existence they’ve grown tired of. This story holds a lens to the destructive ways in which we assign ourselves value, and shows that no matter where you are, there will always be people that continue to care. Through any painful feeling you are never truly alone.

The idea for this story was born in a screenwriting course at The University of Washington taught by Professor Warren Etheredge. He teaches an approach to storytelling that centers emotion, and makes us ask ourselves as writers, what is the question that we're desperate to understand which drives the stories we tell? 

I asked myself when beginning this project, am I truly present? As someone with severe social anxiety, I wanted to bring attention to the unique struggles anxiety causes for someone in regards to the way they're perceived, and interact with the world around them. Anxiety often causes a phenomenon in which, while living through a moment in time, you are already experiencing the feelings of that moment through your distorted memory of it. I wrote the character of Luke, as a way of exploring the idea of what might happen if someone with social anxiety were confronted with a circumstance where they didn't have room to think past the moment, and had to be completely present in order to make a genuine human connection with someone in need. 

Similarily, the project also deals directly with suicidal ideation, something that was important for me to explain delicately and truthfully to my own experience. When meeting with and explaining the story to my producer, Abby Alishio, it was a conversation that we both felt needed to be shared. 

Some of the films that offered visual and conceptual inspiration when writing the piece are: SORRY TO BOTHER YOU (Boots Riley), HER (Spike Jonze), and THE CONVERSATION (Francis Ford Coppola)


We spent much of our time making sure we've built a team that resonates with the story and is passionate to tell it. 

Our producer, Abby Alishio, recently wrote and directed an intensely personal short film titled, HAPA. Her experience has allowed the project to evolve and take shape into its full potential. Thanks to her reach we have been able to source experienced and capable members to fill out our crew. Some of those people being Rohan Patel, our Assistant Director, and Kenna Fojas, Production designer. Both of them were also largely part of the making of HAPA. With them on our team the sky's the limit!

Beyond the first core question that drives the piece, I also asked myself when coming up with the idea for this story, how do you visualize the suffocating experience of anxiety in a way that is both unique, and focuses on visual storytelling? Early on I decided that the characters' faces would never be completely visible, at least not until the very end. This decision was made in order to explain Luke's emphasized tensions, and ticks. As well as stylistically and practically tell the story of Luke's presentness.

It isn't until the end when he has spoken sincerely and without hesitation or doubt for the first time, that his face is revealed to us in entirety. In this same moment we also see Nora for the first time, while she is seeing Luke fully. Down to his core. Thus conveying beyond words, his character's vital journey towards finding his voice. 

The decision to shoot in close-ups, and emphasize the physicality of our actors, is a really exciting opportunity to bring something new to a story like ours. We feel that it only further approaches the hard topics of the piece with truthfulness. Sometimes monumental feelings live in small reactions that affect big change. This film puts that idea on center stage.


Our team will continue to discuss safety across all aspects of production. During this entire process, we plan to follow the updated Covid-19 guidelines for on set protocol. Our entire team is fully vaccinated and will continue to have safety conversations.

We appreciate all your suuport! So often mental health is mishandled in the media and looked down upon with judgment and lack of truth. As a team, we believe that this story, which makes sure to validate all parts of these painful experiences, deserves to be told. 

We are in pre-production rapidly approaching our shoot days in early June. This campaign will allow us to access the equipment we need for production (see wishlist)! It will also help us to get post-production started and cover film festival application fees.

If you would like to help us reach our goal you can:


Keep up with our campaign and filmmaking journey! You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see BTS photos of the crew and production, as well as shout outs to you, our supporters!


We are passionate micro-budget short film, determined to make your generous contributions spread as far as possible. Your support will allow us to elevate this story to something that both our team and you can feel proud of being a part of. 


Our team is doing all they can to get IS THIS NORA? out there, but we need your help! Each person that shares our story and mission helps expand our reach and our chances of making this film! 

We ask that you please share our campaign in whatever way you're able, whether that be via email, on social media, or by word of mouth! 

Here are just a couple examples of ways you can share our story; feel free to copy and paste!

 Help Writer/Director @ethanhomen by contributing to his emotionaly driven film IS THIS NORA? It prioritizes mental health awareness, and explores human connection in the places you least expect it. Join them on @seedandspark

IS THIS NORA? Written and Directed by @ethanhomen, is supported by a crew of talented and up and coming filmmakers based in Seattle. Each with immense passion for this project. Help them tell this emotional story about mental health and human connection, by Joining them on @seedandspark

We hope you consider being a part of our community by pledging any resource you have. Let's tell this story together!

- Ethan 



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Craft Services

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A full belly is key to a happy and productive crew!


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We want to make sure we are prepared for anything!


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We need some headway into post-production so we can start editing!

Lighting Equipment

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We need to transform the spaces we shoot in!

Makeup & Wardrobe

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Our cast needs to look their best!


Costs $200

We need to pay for location oversight/who is offering their space to shoot at!


Costs $1,000

We need to pay our sound recordist and provide equipment!


Costs $3,200

We need to rent equipment and pay for the camera crew's labor!


Costs $450

We need to pay our gaffer!

Set Dressing

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We need to create the environment of the story!

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About This Team


Ethan (He/Him) is a writer and filmmaker with a passion for telling emotionally driven stories. He is graduating in June 2022 with his bachelor's degree in Cinema and Media studies from the University of Washington. This story is particularly important to him, as it draws from lived emotions. He hopes others can see themselves represented in this project as well!


Abby (she/they) is a Seattle based writer and director who studied Art, Art History and Cinema & Media Studies at the University of Washington. A first time (only) producer, Abby is happily enjoying the journey she is on with Ethan as they produce a deeply felt story and bring it to the world to see. She is thankful for all the support! 

Assistant Director

Rohan (he/him) is a graduating senior studying Marketing and Cinema & Media Studies at the University of Washington. As a filmmaker, Rohan is extremely excited to be a part of the filmmaking process. This is his first time being Assistant Director!

Line Producer

Stephanie (She/Her) is graduating from the University of Washington in June with a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Cinema and Media Studies. This will be her first short film production, and she’s excited to bring what she knows to set!

Associate Producer

Makena (Mak) Griffin (any pronouns) is graduating from the University of Washington after somehow scheming their way into two majors: Cinema Media Studies and the Comparative History of Ideas. Moved by the important, personal themes of Ethan’s beautiful writing, as associate producer, Mak is ready to put their skill for scheming to its most righteous purpose yet.

Script Supervisor

Madeline graduated with a B.S. in Theatre and English from Skidmore College in 2022. While attending Skidmore, she was stage manager and light operator for Twilight Bowl and sound designer for No Names. She is currently working as a ticketing sales representative for TicketsWest in Spokane, WA. Is This Nora? is the first film she has worked on and first time being script supervisor. 

Storyboard Artist

Katherine (She/Her) is a Junior at the University of Washington. She is double majoring in Art and Cinema Media Studies. As this is her first official credit as a storyboard artist, she’s ready to draw everything this film needs!

Graphic Design

Catherine (she/her) is a UI/UX designer with a passion for film. When she’s not creating new user experiences, she loves to engage with creative film projects and discuss the impact of powerful storytelling. She is absolutely thrilled to collaborate with this dynamite team to bring this stellar screenplay to life.

Production Designer

As of now, Makenna (Kenna) Fojas (she/her), is studying Psychology and Cinema Media Studies at the University of Washington. Her goal is to continue existing in the middle of the art and brain science Venn Diagram. Production design is fun for Kenna so she is happy to be doing it for a second time. She is grateful. 

Set Dresser

Sydney (She/Her) is graduating in June (eek!) from the University of Washington with a degree in two majors that totally go together-- Microbiology (B.S.) and Cinema & Media Studies (B.A.). This is her second time working in production design for a short film, and she is thrilled to be back dressing another film set. 

Head of Wardrobe

Kennedy (he/him) is a Fashion Design student graduating from the School of Apparel Design & Development this Spring. This is Kennedy’s first film production working as a Wardrobe/Costuming designer. Kennedy is excited to develop the character’s self expression through clothing they wear.

Wardrobe Assistant

Katie (she/her) is a graduating from the UW as History major with focuses in Indigenous studies and sexuality. She has a passion for wardrobe design and film and plans to pursue these in secondary education and career. This is her first time working on a film and is excited to begin her journey in wardrobe design. 

Location Coordinator

Sammy graduates in June as a Cinema and Media Studies major splitting his time between music, film, and school with any remaining time spent working on photography. This is his first time acting as a location coordinator and he is beyond excited to work on the production. 

Production Assistant

Neve (she/they) is a creative writing major at UW. This is the second short film she will be working on, this time as an on-set P.A. She’d love to develop her own film scripts and experiment with different types of story writing. Other than school and this film she works part time as a barista. 

Production Assistant

Maddie (she/her) is a senior graduating from the University of Washington with a double major in Creative Writing and Cinema and Media Studies after what has felt like 10 years, but simultaneously two months. In reality, it has been four years. This is her second short film and first time working as a PA and she is thrilled to be working with so many amazing artists to bring this story to life.

Current Team