Jagged Joy

Los Angeles, California | Film Short

Romance, LGBTQ

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It takes courage to fall apart.

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Mission Statement

This is the first LA-based project for Writer/Producer Eilish Conlon, after many years of Theatre and Acting experience. For this Queer love story we have a team that is 100% female above-the-line. It's a small project that just needs a bit of a push in order for us to tell this story beautifully!

The Story

Courage can take many forms.

"Jagged Joy" is a film about the courage it takes to be honest, even when that means the world you know will fall apart.





Unable to do so herself, SKY enlists her best friend FINLEY to help approach ANIKA, the girl of her dreams. Finley and Sky are polar opposites, but parked outside of Anika's apartment, Sky extolls all the reasons Finley is the right person to woo Anika on her behalf. Finley is courageous, honest, and charismatic. Sky is trying to open her heart, but isn't quite ready to do it on her own.




Eilish spent years throwing herself into extreme sports, including skydiving, bungee jumping, and competing as a motocross champion. After being exposed to the concept of "Jagged Joy" at a Burning Man workshop, she realized that the urge compelling her toward these extremes was an unquenchable desire for risk. At the end of the day, though, physical risks were thrilling, but didn't require her to actually put anything on the line. She was running away from all the moments in life that required true vulnerability.


For Eilish, "Jagged Joy" is the thrill in your bones when you take an actual risk, putting your heart on the line without knowing if things will work out. It is only by opening yourself to the possbility of pain that you also open yourself to the possibility of true joy.





This is a passion project from a team of women living and working in Los Angeles. Eilish Conlon has studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute and Baron Brown Studio. Several of our Principal Team are recent graduates of the American Film Institute Conservatory.




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