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Julia Hebner

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On a quiet night, a phone sex operator receives a call from a plaintive man, anxious about his anonymity, in dire need of a confidante. At first, his confessions seem banal to Marcia, but she soon finds herself in a nightmarish thrall and in possession of disturbing secrets.

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Mission Statement

This film deals with issues of trauma, abuse, and sex work, all of which, even in 2023, are largely depicted under the male gaze. We're telling this story from a female perspective and from a sex worker perspective in order to start a conversation about how our perceptions need to be reassessed.

The Story

This film is a based on a true story of a call I received during my time as a phone sex operator. It was a profoundly disturbing experience that made me rethink what I was doing and the emotional toll of sex work, of being a vessel for other people's vulnerabilities in a job with no regulations.

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Film Stock and Processing

Costs $5,500

This includes film stock, processing, 2k transfer, shipping, and other costs.


Costs $1,000

We've gotta feed our cast and crew!

Craft Services

Costs $300

Coffee and snacks to keep our team going :)

Production Design

Costs $2,000

We're going to be thrifty, but this film requires some intricate sets to bring its dreamscapes to life!


Costs $1,000

Costumes are an essential aspect of this film! Some are very particular and will require a bit of work.


Costs $200

Our locations require insurance (and also, it's just good practice)

Locations Fees and Permits

Costs $1,000

We have a lot of locations, and while some will be lent, many have a mandatory fee.

Sound Mix

Costs $1,000

A film school professor once told me a film only works if it has these 3 things: good story, good actors, and good sound. He was right.


Costs $1,000

We've had most of our equipment donated, but certain things will have to be rented, like a generator, and miscellaneous grip gear.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

We have assembled an awesome team of working professionals with impressive credits in film, television, and commercials, who are dedicated to bringing this project to life.

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