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Kasting Spellz is a short-form game show that targets people of color from ages 21-30, while making a conscious effort to be inclusive of gender, bodies, and sexuality.

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Mission Statement

My ultimate goal with any of my productions is to offer the perspectives of marginalized groups of people. I grew up feeling alone, unseen, and unworthy. No matter how much of a minority you are, everyone deserves to be seen, heard, and have their story told.

The Story

Project Overview

If you frequent social media, you've probably noticed that proper spelling is not everyone's strong suit. But that's okay! Kasting Spellz is a short-form game show hunting down some of the craziest personalities of Gen Z to put them to the ultimate test, a spelling bee. You're eliminated if you misspell a word in traditional spelling bees, but we're not going to eliminate you because we love you! We're giving you shots to make your game a little more challenging. You have 4 words and 30 seconds to spell each word correctly. Are you up for the challenge?  


Company Values

"Telling honest, authentic, and unique stories is a given, everyone claims to do that. But let's be real here, production is hard work and long hours. Each production I lead fosters a functional, safe, and enjoyable working environment regardless of your role on set. I've been at the very top and bottom of the line enough to know the industry doesn't promote compassion because being compassionate isn't always convenient or easy, but compassion will always be a part of me and anything I produce." – Tré Hazelwood

Kasting Spellz does not support irresponsible drinking habits and encourages anyone suffering from substance abuse to contact SAMHSA’s National Helpline, 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

COVID-19 Safety is ensured by requiring all crew and talent to wear PPE while on set.


Style & Format 

Each episode of the series will feature a host and two new contestants in a Family Feud-style format. The contestants will play the game and have opportunities for additional conversation. This series is short-form and each episode will be 12-16 minutes in length. 



There is a noticeable lack of professionally produced game shows that specifically target people of color. We hope Kasting Spellz inspires other black filmmakers to step into the world of game shows and unscripted television that's not reality TV. Game shows are generally easier to produce than narratives on an independent level and we believe this project is the perfect beginning to many more. 



Even though it is very possible to shoot Kasting Spellz on no budget, this campaign will allow us to hire a professional crew, pay talent, and create a more polished and presentable finished product. This increases our chances of finding distribution to maximize our audience and viewership.

  • $75+ contributors can expect the full completed series by November 1, 2022
  • All contributors can expect the full completed series by January 31, 2023
  • All funds raised past 100% will go directly towards seeking distribution and marketing. 

We are working tirelessly to seek proper distribution and find a home for Kasting Spellz.


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  2. Sponsorship! We're accepting sponsorship from black-owned wine and spirits!
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Campaign URL: www.seedandspark.com/fund/kasting-spellz

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BMPCC 6k, BMPCC 4k – Camera Rental

Costs $300

These will serve as additional angles (A cam, C cam) to ensure all talent has proper coverage.

Talent Budget

Costs $1,800

Our host and contestants will be paid out of this budget.

Crew Budget

Costs $2,400

The staff behind the scenes.

Food & Crafty

Costs $300

Making sure everyone is fed and hydrated!

Aputure 600D, Aputure Nova (2)

Costs $250

Lighting Budget


Costs $300

Pre-paid Location


Costs $300

Editing, Sound, Color, Finishing

Distribution & Marketing

Costs $150

Supplies that will allow us to maintain branding of the show and seek promotional advertisement.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team



Tré Hazelwood

Tré Hazelwood is an independent producer, director, and photographer based in Atlanta, GA. 

"As a filmmaker and photographer, my favorite subject has always been people. I have a major appreciation and infatuation with the inner and outer beauty of people, especially people of color. One of my main artistic goals has always been to showcase people of color in great light, figuratively and literally. There's this inner genius that seems to exist in us and it deserves to be seen as truthfully and authentically as possible. 

I’ve been blessed with great opportunities and a great education. Every now and then I have to pause and thank god for how incredibly blessed I am to make it this far. I’m a rare result of what I came from. My main goal is creating positive change and influence through my work and as long as I’m doing that and being able to provide, I’ll forever be happy."


Monica Robinson

Monica Robinson is an independent producer and director based in Atlanta, Georgia with a portfolio of various photo, branding, and film projects.


Shelby Alvarez

Shelby Alvarez is a New York native television and film producer.


Current Team