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LA MAROMA tells the story of Eugenia, a young girl who conducts time travel experiments with her dolls at an abandoned public school. She seeks the universe that'll reunite her with her mom and save her alcoholic father from despair. A long, red silk changes everything.

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Mission Statement

"Maroma", n. A daring act. This hopeful film presents art as an antidote for misery, through the eyes of a bright young Puerto Rican girl with an unwavering spirit. When faced with school closures, a decaying city and crisis upon crisis on a colonized island, how does a girl learn to fly?

The Story


Eugenia is a dreamer.

This spunky 11-year-old has a peculiar amount of knowledge regarding quantum leaps. Determined to help her struggling father fix his car to go to work, she plays phycisist with her trustworthy ragdoll companions, Filomena and Guanina, at what could have been her school, now years abandoned. There must be a way to reach her mom through space and time, before it's too late.

Just when it seemed that all was lost, Eugenia makes an extraordinary discovery. In order to fly, first you have to fall.



I must admit I'm a hopeless romantic and an unwavering optimist; I was yearning to tell a story that warms the heart. Throughout my filmmaking career spanning more than 15 years, I've captured different realities from the tragic to the absurd to the sublime. La Maroma is a trip down fantasy lane; an exploration of wonder despite the most dire environment, dabbling in magical realism and firmly believing in magic. My hope is to put a smile on every viewer's face.

There is a plena song all about a travelling circus that existed in Puerto Rico several decades ago; it celebrates its arrival as if it were happiness incarnate. It was something to look forward to. What do kids in Puerto Rico have to look forward to? How do we keep the spirit of wonder alive? 

Please join us in pledging to make this film a reality!

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Actual instruments for the score, graphic designer for the poster and some sweet original credits.

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The Team




NYU Tisch alum and WIF/GM Latina Acceleration Grant recipient, Michelle Malley Campos is an award-winning writer-director with over a dozen short films and music videos under her belt and over 15 years of experience in the film industry. A Puerto Rico native, she moved back to the island upon graduating and quickly established herself as a prominent young director while keeping busy with everything from founding a community cinema to participating in film workshops for disadvantaged youths to backpacking the world for a year. She is a member of the Director’s Guild of America, having worked as an Assistant Director on a long list of Hollywood films and TV Series, and has written 4 feature-length screenplays, her latest one winning development funding from Ibermedia in 2019.

In additon to directing commercials, musica videos and finishing up her last short film titled "La Maroma", is currently working towards entering the pre-production phase of her first feature film in development, “Extranjera”, as part of a larger three-part project titled "All the Things Left Unsaid".




Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Bonnin has been working togeher with husband Jochi Melero since 1991. They founded Nostrom in 2009, a family of filmmakers dedicated to the art and craft of commercials, short films, music videos, documentaries, and branded content. Although they have brought a lot of new talent into the family since then, their focus remains unchanged: to nurture young filmmakers and approach every project with fierce creativity and fearless innovation.

NOSTROM’s directors have won many awards and honors for their film and commercial work including decorations from Cannes Lions, The New York Festivals, El Ojo de Iberoamérica, Festival Caribe, Festival Cúspide, and multiple appearances in Shots & Latin Spots among others. Additionally, NOSTROM has produced award-winning campaigns for brands such as Honda, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Coors Light, and provided production services to companies like HSI, Plum Pictures, Reset, Iconoclast, and the list goes on.




Jochi Melero, residing in Puerto Rico, set a new standard in Photography in the early 80's, especially in medium and large format Black & White images and iconic portraits of Benicio Del Toro, Silvio Rodríguez, Silvia Cruz. His inquisitive and frontal portraits/landscapes captured with the camera show a profound testimonial of understanding and connection with the world around him. Jochi is widely known for his photographs in international publishings for celebrities, architecture, fashion, food, fine art, landscape and environmental portraiture photography.

As Director of Photography, Jochi Melero's minimalistic approach in cinematography is achieved through classical methods utilizing natural light factoring in the right time of day, organic camera movements and adapting to any environmental situations.

His repertoire of visual styles is largely influenced by neorealism, Spanish baroque and impressionism, medieval and tribal art.








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