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Laced is a modern Thriller in the vein of Hitchcockian classics like "Dial M for Murder" and "Rear Window". Set in a single location, the piece explores the claustrophobic nature of young love strung with toxicity and lies, and the cyclical nature of violence.

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Mission Statement

Laced uses staples of classic thrillers to investigate the emotional complexities and isolation of abusive relationships, alongside the traumatic consequences of sexual repression. Our team is dedicated to telling this story with authenticity derived from our own experiences with these topics.

The Story

Laced is fiscally sponsored by The Film Collaborative, a 501(c)3 organization. ALL donations to this campaign are tax deductible!


First, Check out our Teaser Trailer!

We'd love to set the tone with this teaser, before we share all the details... click on the link above!

... are you sufficiently "teased?"

Okay, now let us tell you what the story is about...

Molly and Charlie were the picture of young love. A love that blossomed at the local high school in their small suburban town of Elizabeth, Colorado.  But Laced asks: what happens to couples after that young love has aged?



Ten years later, on the night of the biggest blizzard of the decade, Molly has decided to poison the night’s meal (a Shepherd's pie) and take her husband’s life.

Not-so-spoiler alert: three minutes into the film, we know Molly is going to kill her husband...but much like it’s Hitchcockian ancestors, the drama of our story is seeing what happens when fate and destiny get involved with our plans, and in the slow revelation of our character’s true motivations.



Laced is a modern film for the next generation who are anxious to find out “whodunnit”, and perhaps even more importantly...why?  The single location setting plays on fears of isolation while fostering a sense of claustrophobia as we see our characters walk a tightrope between life and death -- right and wrong. It asks the audience to choose the individual they are rooting for as multiple plans unfold in secrecy from the other. In short, Laced weaves the best pieces of golden era Hollywood thrillers and revitalizes those tropes for a modern audience.



Our dramatic thriller feels like it could take place in the household next-door, because it is steeped in universal modern issues that we believe are all too common. Over time, what seemed like a healthy relationship between Molly and Charlie has become caustic and abusive. Now our protagonist is mired in the chains of the traditional family structure. Where would she be able to go if she left Charlie? What do you do when the dissolution of your marriage, the thing that has consumed most of your life, leaves you with nothing? 



Molly’s conservative upbringing doesn’t just have an impact on her views of divorce, but on her views of sexuality as well. Molly has been unaware of her true sexuality for most of her life and the recent discovery of her true self has relegated her to the “closet”. In the Oaks family, “coming out” while her father was still alive was not an option.  Our film delves into these well tread topics, but also asks another terrifying question: What if the new relationship you’re in, your new future on the horizon, is just a different type of toxic than the one you currently have?



Why we believe our team is the most equipped to tell this story: 

The director’s love of the classic thriller genre will allow us to authentically tell the story’s narrative beats, while his experience working in modern film will allow the movie to still feel fresh and unique. Moreover, as the child of an abusive alcoholic, many of the story's plot points ring painfully true in his own life and to his own experiences. All of our actors are classically trained with a large amount of both stage and screen experience, allowing us to properly adapt a script that feels like a stage play to the screen. Lastly, as many of our actors/production team are LGBTQIA+, we believe we will be able to bring truth and honesty when attempting to tackle the sensitive topics of sexuality. 

(Click on our "The Team" tab above to learn more about each of us and our skills.)

What have we done so far and why do we need your help?

The script for Laced is completed, and has been accepted into festivals such as The Austin Film Festival, Launchpad, and The Big Break by Final Draft.



Guess what?! We have completed nearly every stage of pre-production! Here are just a few of the things we’ve been working on thus far:

  • Nailed Down Our Budget
  • Secured Our Location
  • Created a Lookbook and Creative Deck
  • Created a Marketing and Distribution Plan
  • In Depth Covid-19 Prevention Plan 

We know, $12,000 is not a small ask! So where, wonderful contributors, are the funds for this campaign going? 


Here’s a Pie Chart to break it down…it’s not poisoned, we promise...


But wait… aren’t we in the middle of a global pandemic??

Unfortunately, yes. But that’s why we’ve done a lot of research to ensure that our Covid-19 Prevention plan is up to SAG standards. Here’s a little infographic we made that breaks down how we’re staying safe onset! 



Also...We're Sponsored!

(Fiscally, that is.)


Amazing News! ALL donations to this campaign are tax deductible! In accordance with IRS regulations, The Film Collaborative (TFC) issues tax receipts for all donations of $250 and over. (Crowdfunder admin fees and credit card processing fees are deducted before TFC receives the funds. TFC issues tax receipts on the amount they receive minus the fair market value of the incentive you select).

Spread the Word!

Are you officially "thrilled" about Laced? You can build our audience with a simple shoutout on your social media!

Not a writer? No worries! Our screenwriter wrote a little something for you to copy and paste:

"A group of filmmakers I believe in are embarking on the production of their new film LACED, the story of Molly - a young wife in rural Colorado who has decided to kill her husband on the night of the biggest blizzard of the decade. You can join them here:"


And Lastly...Thank You

...for collaborating with us and becoming a part of the Laced team. Your confidence in us means just as much as your contribution. 

We're hard at work right now making this vision a reality, and we're so grateful that you're joining us on this journey.







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Actor Rates - Molly, Charlie, Victoria, & Austin

Costs $1,728

Help us pay our actors a SAG daily rate!


Costs $556

Some of our Cast & Crew don't live in Colorado, and we need your help getting them there!

Art Direction

Costs $467

We need your help making this Colorado cabin look more like a day-to-day home!


Costs $179

PROPS to've helped us buy props for the film! (sorry...)

Camera Operations

Costs $3,681

Help us pay our amazing camera operators, led by DP Sam Robinson.

Grip & Electric

Costs $2,241

Lights, Camera, Action...emphasis on the lights!

Production Sound

Costs $1,393

Great sound is the key to an immersive film, this budget is to help us get the best of the best!

Set Operations

Costs $183

The budget to run our base camp!!

Makeup and Hair

Costs $52

Help keep our talent looking camera-ready!

Production Insurance

Costs $1,289

Give our cast, crew, and location owners peace of mind by making sure we're insured!

Covid-19 Testing

Costs $231

We're dedicated to keeping this set safe and Covid-Free! Help us pay for testing!

Cash Pledge

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