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A whodunit thriller on the backdrop of a political drama. Lapsed explores morality in the modern world while delving into the unpredictability of human nature and elevating the platform of a digital series. It also focuses on diversity not only in front of but also behind the camera.

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Mission Statement

Diversity is very important to us and we want to show the real colorful world we live in today. We have lead actors/characters as well as behind the camera crew from various ethnicities and backgrounds including South Asians, Black, Latino, and LGBTQ while also focusing on women in all roles.

The Story


A violent dream and a startling scene the following morning leads a candidate running for councilwoman to believe that she murdered her own mother until she discovers that she only witnessed the murder instead. Even with everything implicating her for the crime, she embarks on her own journey to find the killer by using the pieces of her fragmented memories and confronting the dark hidden secrets of her past.

The story follows Victoria, a go-getter councilwoman, as she navigates through her crazy world to piece together the story behind her mother’s murder all while battling occasional blackouts and memory loss. The character of Victoria can be best described as a vulnerable soul, someone who is overcompensating for everything that’s happened to her in the past. This show is about victoria’s journey through a complex world filled with a slew of interesting characters with compromised morals.


Lapsed is a digital series that deals with morality in the modern world and explores the unpredictability of human nature. Everyone has their own struggles and most of the time, those struggles dictate decisions. In today’s society no one lives in extremes, but we find ourselves floating in the grey areas of the spectrum, dealing with ethical dilemmas and justifying every action in relative terms. Lapsed, as a story, paints the microcosm of the America we are living in today. At each moment, Lapsed keeps asking its audience: what would you do if you were in their shoes? We want the audience to viscerally feel the emotions the characters are going through and have a close emotional experience when those characters make decisions.


We are interested in developing this story as a short-form episodic digital series because we believe it is a great way to connect with such a wide and varied audience that is looking for a quality drama/thriller series that they haven’t seen in this online format before. It is a quick, fresh way for people to watch content and we think the world of web or digital series tends to be mostly comedic. We are looking to bring a drama series to the forefront. Paired with inspired visuals, this series will really elevate the platform of digital series while entertaining everyone. We feel as though this arena of digital mini series, or web series, is a sort of untapped territory. We haven’t seen this kind of initiative in the web series space. Also, this format really lends itself to our story because it allows us to focus on a different central character and how they interact with our main character each episode.


We are primarily a team of female filmmakers and we believe strong female voices need representation. This digital series presents a protaganist from a minority background in a strong powerful position while also showing her vulnerable side. We want to bring a new perspective to an arena saturated with traditional gender and race roles in entertainment. 


We plan for the first episode to be on a video streaming platform available for our supporters to watch.



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Costs $4,000

Our amazing crew will be working hard at a low indie rate & this will insure they get compensated adequately for their time.


Costs $250

We need to give our wonderful crew the essential equipment they need to do their jobs.


Costs $700

Food = happy cast & crew


Costs $300

We need to make sure our everyone is covered and protected.

House Locations

Costs $400

We need to rent 2 houses as filming locations.

Hotel Location

Costs $200

We need to rent a hotel room as a filming location.

Office Building Location

Costs $400

We need to rent an office building as a filming location.

Sound Editing

Costs $300

We want to make sure the sound and score pull you into the show!


Costs $400

To hire our amazing editor to put it all together.

Color Correction

Costs $300

To hire our amazing colorist who can make it look goooood!

Hard Drive

Costs $150

We have to buy an external hard drive to store all of this beautiful footage.


Costs $600

We need to rent a great camera to get things rolling!

About This Team


Hayden Shinger - Actress/Producer

Hayden Shinger is an actress and producer, and has been apart of various projects from primetime TV to independent films. She recently just finished filming a role for an independent original thriller for Netflix which premieres this month. She is drawn to being a part of smart, thriller based stories with strong female leads. She loves spending time with her family and friends, and exploring new parts of Los Angeles. 


Caitlin Kelly Singh - Producer 

Caitlin Kelly Singh is a producer, script supervisor and all around passionate filmmaker, learning and diving into all aspects of making movies. Learning on the job, Caitlin has worked all different jobs, from PA to Assistant Director to Editor, finding the most passion in producing and being on set. From a young age, Caitlin loved watching many different types of films from all over the world, and she carries those influences with her in storytelling. She has worked on numerous short films, music videos, commercials, documentaries, and web-content and is known for her organizational and interpersonal skills, making everyone feel comfortable and excited on a film set.


Mragendra Singh - Writer/Director

Mragendra Singh is a self-taught, American indie filmmaker born and raised in India. He loves a great story and believes visual storytelling has the power to break international borders as well as cultural and linguistic boundaries and prejudicial barriers. Mragendra is a prolific writer-director with a very aesthetically rich taste. He has directed numerous award-winning short films that have gone to festivals around the world. When Mragendra is not working he likes to watch movies, read books, sketch, design movie posters and edit video projects.


Mragendra and Caitlin have been a filmmaking team for many years. Along with being happily married they have worked on various award-winning short films together.


Brendon Slee - Writer 

Brendon Slee is a talented writer. He and Mragendra have collaborated on a slew of award-winning projects together. He grew up in Pennsylvania, and graduated from Fitchburg State College before moving out to California to pursue a career in film. He has worked as a Production Assistant on various reality shows, including Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition, and as a Script Supervisor on independent films. He has written several scripts which he hopes to sell/make in the near future.


Chris Peters- Editor/Colorist

Chris Peters is a Los Angeles based editor / colorist experienced at assisting directors get the best possible film from their footage. Efficient, creative, and with a knowledge of story he loves doing the impossible to help the film become a director's showcase. His previous film To Dust Return, starring Sam Jaeger and Jennifer Morrison, had its world premiere at San Diego Comic-Con, played numerous festivals and went on to receive distribution from Shorts International. His horror film Day of the Spectre was an official selection of the 2013 Fantasia International Film Festival in Montréal and the Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival in Atlanta. His first film The Soul Never Sleeps won the 2012 best experimental film award at the RIIHFF in Providence.


Hannah Jackson-First AD 

Hahnah Jackson is a Los Angeles-based Assistant Director who strives to efficiently facilitate the storytelling of other creatives, while maintaining a positive and upbeat set experience. She has served as Assistant Director and Associate Producer on the 2015 runner-up Best Picture for the 168 Film Festival, Wherever I'm with You, and Assistant Director on the Lancaster International Short Film Festival Best Comedy of 2016, The Death of Rasputin. When not freelancing, she works as Tape Librarian and Assistant Costumer at Entertainment Studios and serves as administrative support for a Christian media group. She also dabbles in screenwriting, and was a finalist in the 2016 Write of Passage Screenplay Competition.
Hahnah hails from Wisconsin, and loves getting back to visit family a couple times a year. In her free time, she enjoys designing and sewing costumes, reading folk tales and mystery stories, going to Magic Mountain, and streaming Korean dramas.


Caitlin Dzibua- Script Supervisor 

Catelin Dziuba is a script supervisor and costume designer with over six years of experience in the industry. She has worked in mediums ranging from theater, film, and commercials to music videos, TV, and web series. Her former career as an English Teacher prepped her for the attention to detail (and paperwork!) required in script supervising. She is based out of Los Angeles, California.

Lauren Kleeman- Sound Editor

"Ever since she received her first Weird Al Yankovic CD, Lauren has been a passionate audiophile. With an ear for sound and a love of filmmaking, she was able to combine two of her favorite pastimes into a career. Lauren has had the opportunity to work on both production and post production sound for features, shorts, commercials, and animation. When she’s not obsessing over new microphones and ProTools plug-ins, she spends her time writing, drawing, and playing keyboard in a hip-hop reggae band."


Hayden Shinger- Victoria King
Salvador Benavides- Albert King
Natalie Kabenjin- Josephine
Philip Estin- Ronald
Nikhil Prakash- Deacon
Robert Brewer- Richard Callahan
Jessica Likens- Detective Mallato
Jeremy Andorfer- Detective Ramirez
Ricky Wang- Garrett
Rosemary Jung- Betsy King
Loraelei Temoney- Dr. Anderson
Talia Bacha- Young Victoria 
Rachael Wotherspoon- pretty girl 
Anita Galler- Reporter 
Chris Bonomo- Newscaster 

Current Team