Las Maravillas - The Wonders

New York City, New York | Film Short

Drama, LGBTQ

Angélica Lainez

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The old miner Tiberio is dying and his son Leo, whom he does not accept for being homosexual, returns to Las Maravillas, his mining town to say goodbye. Through the etheric of death, love and desire, Clarita, a trans shaman, will teach them that we are more than what we can see.

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Mission Statement

LAS MARAVILLAS navigates the pulse of homoerotic desire, the indomitable nature of death, spirituality and shamanism. It delves into the family conflicts of LGBTQ+ people around the construction of masculinity and homophobia in a mining town, reflecting the social context of Ecuador and the world.

The Story

Teaser Las Maravillas


"Las Maravillas is an x-ray of my personal, territorial and social world. Growing up in a mining and rural area of southern Ecuador, deeply marked my point of view about the masculine, the queer, the shamanic/esoteric aspects of this story.

I am interested in exploring how the idea of masculinity is constructed and how it influences the creation of the stereotype of the macho, of what it means to be a man. Within all this systematization of the masculine in macho societies like mine, homoeroticism and homosexuality flow underground, like gold in the mines. These secret, inevitable and etheric pulses are denied and hidden, and they converge as a metaphor in this story, because they inhabit what is not seen, but beat and exist as the spirit itself, the soul, the erotic and the supernatural.

In Latin America, in Ecuador, there is a strong ancestral shamanic universe, where reality and fiction are lost in an invisible frontier, where magic is the most real thing in the world. Las Maravillas is born from this magical realism where everything coexists and has spirit: desire, life and death.

The story uses this magical, fertile and fertile ground to observe with a sensitive but no less critical and questioning look, the family problems about sexual identity and masculinity in rural and mining areas, which derive from a deep machismo.

Las Maravillas represents and gives voice to the little or no Queer Cinema being made in Ecuador, being a pioneer project in its nature, theme and stylistic proposal.

¿Where is the root of my sexual identity? ¿Where does death take us? ¿How were we taught to say goodbye?

We love life and fear death. That is also where this script is born, in death, in that search for answers about loss, both physical and spiritual. In the path of transformation. We are a spirit that inhabits a physical body, from that point of view, death can only be the beginning of life."



I have chosen these films because they reflect both the rural, magical and masculine world that inhabits Las Maravillas. The magical and docu/fiction narrative of Apitchapong in Tropical Malady and the machismo and masculine world that Claire Dennis shows us in Beau Travail, together with the homoeroticism of Derek Jarman in Sebastiane; make the short film takes a strong inspiration and opens its own narrative look through an honest cinematographic experience with its own point of view. 

Tropical Malady - 2004, a film by Apitchapong Weerasethakul


Beau Travail -1998, a film by Claire Dennis


Sebastiane - 1979, a film by Derek Jarman



Making queer auteur films in Ecuador requires a lot of faith, love, trust and help. We believe in the soul of our short film, help us to give it a physical body by filming it.



POST PRODUCTION & VFX                                    $1,200

SOUNDTRACK                                                      $2,000

DISTRIBUTION                                                     $1,111

Included in the $11,111 we raised are also all of the film production costs for the shoot itself, including all of COVID's safety plans and the protocols we put in place to keep our cast and crew safe. We are a safe and COVID-free crew :)

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