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My film follows the adventures of Solange, a petite French-Canadian girl as she navigates the dangers of her after school life. She is joined by her best friend, Akiko, a new immigrant from Japan. Together they forge a tender friendship based on survival in a foreign world.

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Mission Statement

As a filmmaker, my stories are character driven and give a voice to those who might not have the avenue or the means to tell those stories. Latchkey is an opportunity to look at humanity through the eyes of a child giving validation and respect to their experiences.

The Story

The short film I have written and plan to shoot by the end of this summer is called “Latchkey”. And as the title suggests, it is a story about latchkey kids, a term coined to describe children from the ages of 5-12 that stay home alone after school while parents are at work. It became commonplace in the 1970s and 1980s to describe members of Generation X who, according to a 2004 marketing study, "went through its all-important, formative years as one of the least parented, least nurtured generations in U.S. history." 

In the 1970s, I was the only child of a single working mom living in the West End of Vancouver. My school was right across the street from where I lived in an apartment high rise. Yet, some days getting into my apartment safely was a difficult task. I was a small child, anxious and to add to the difficulty of it all. I did not speak English. In comes my best friend. She was a new comer from Japan, also a resident of the building, and like me, did not speak English. We became fast friends.

My film, although semi-autobiographical, it is set in 2021 and follows the adventures of Solange, a petite French Canadian girl as she navigates her after school world without parental supervision. She is joined by her Japanese Canadian friend, Akiko, and although both do not speak English they manage to communicate and forge a tender friendship. At first we relish in their freedom and independence, until one makes a bad decision. It leaves us questioning: how young is too young to be left alone at home?  

I decided to set my film in 2021 because I feel that some of the challenges we felt back then still resonate today. Anyone who is a single parent knows that the cost of rent and daycare are out of reach for most. Sometimes there are no other options but to leave children home alone and fending for themselves. I feel there needs to be better solutions as a society to protect children and support mothers in their caregiving roles.

What’s unique about my story is it is told through the eyes of a six year old. It’s not often we see this point of view and I think it is important. Children need a voice too.


The money that we raise through this campaign will help with:

  • renting the camera equipment
  • lighting
  • sound
  • locations
  • post production: editing, sound design, composer
  • and to pay for the talent and crew which are all vital in the making of independent film.

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Equipment Rental

Costs C$3,400

We want to rent a high end camera and lenses to give our film a great quality look and feel.


Costs C$3,600

We need to pay for our amazing cinematographer, grip, gaffer and sound person!

Production Design

Costs C$1,500

To tell an authentic story you need to create the world. We need to create Solange's apartment.


Costs C$900

We need to find the perfect actors for this project!


Costs C$600

We need to feed everyone to keep them inspired. This is the bare minimum.

About This Team


Nneka Croal (She/They) is a queer actor, creator, and producer from Vancouver BC.  They received their BFA from Simon Fraser University’s Theatre for the Contemporary Arts, her MA in Arts Politics from Tisch, New York University. Nneka has been working professionally in Theatre, Film and Television for 20 years.


LEONARDO HARIM was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Growing up in Rio I experienced different realities between extremes within the city - this experience created my perception of the world and informs my interest in storytelling until today. After studying cinema in Brazil I moved to Vancouver where I have been working in the film industry for the past 10 years. My passion for filmmaking has led my work to be screened at festivals including Chicago International Film Festival, Foyle International Film Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival, and Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, among others. I am a proud member of ICG 669, and am available as a cinematographer and steadicam operator for film, TV, commercial, music videos, and independent projects.


Mercedes is a multi-disciplinary artist, and award-winning filmmaker. Her work as a production designer, actor, and director can be seen in festivals across the globe, and on such platforms as Amazon Prime, Super Channel, and more. Mercedes is devoted to expanding her creativity through visual art, writing, interior design, and living a beautiful life. 


Nathalie Therriault (she/her) is an award winning filmmaker based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Nathalie began her artistic pursuits as an actor and in the last few years enrolled in film studies at Langara College where she discovered her love of writing and storytelling. Her highly acclaimed first short film The Tailor is currently in the festival circuit and has been shown to audiences both locally and internationally and recently won Best Canadian Short Film at the Oakville Festivals of Film and Arts.


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