Late Bloomer Burst

Atlanta, Georgia | Film Short

Thriller, Other

Caleb C. Lorentz

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"Late Bloomer Burst" is a short film that explores the modern influence of promiscuous culture, that creates the physical manifestation of violation of expectations. When witnessing impossible events, no one knows what to make of it until the credits finish rolling.

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Mission Statement

We have a diverse, young and innovative team who is at the forefront of a new wave of filmmaking. We intend to make a film that goes against the grain, shedding light on the darker side of promiscuity and isolation that ultimately leads to unhealthy obsessions and emptiness.

The Story

A man sees a woman he is intrigued by, so he decides to follow her home.

Late Bloomer Burst is a short that explores the manifestation of violation of expectations within the perspective of a lonely man that sees a pretty girl in multiple social settings, but he never gets a good look at her face. The audience will be locked into the same perspective as the protagonist, never getting a glimpse of who she is until it is revealed in a unique and unseen climax.

Some may see this film as a clever critique of the male gaze, while others may see it as the embodiment of a late bloomer's isolated view of the modern world. Or maybe it's more interpretive than that. Regardless of how you might see it, you are helping to create a highly original short film that is driven by many intelligent and passionate individuals who are obsessed with new narrative techniques in the greatest medium of all time: movies.

We are currently in the final rung of our pre-production phase and are planning to shoot just two days on July 31st and August 1st. The majority of our crew are Atlanta natives, the ultimate underdogs of the film industry and our locations are all located within the Atlanta metropolitan area.

In the two day shoot, we will be at each location for a limited time and this campaign will serve as a huge help towards providing us with the right resources that will make sure we meet all of our goals within those days.

This script was written in March of 2020, but due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Caleb had chosen to wait until everyone felt safe enough to shoot this film. With the end of the pandemic in the U.S., with over 49.3% of Americans over the age of 12 being vaccinated, it being the warmer months of the year in Georgia, and after over a year of research of who is at the most and least amount of risk, Caleb and his team have made the decision that this is the best time to start making this short. Extra masks and hand sanitizer will be plentiful on set, along with CDC recommendations in place.

This campaign will be essential to making this film happen. Every dollar contributed will go towards four major categories:

  1. Paying the cast and crew for their incredible talent and time.
  2. Production costs that focus on certain fees and locations (such as a bar being a crucial part of the film) needed for the short.
  3. Feeding the crew, because no one should film on an empty stomach.
  4. Gear (like the Vazen 40mm T2 Anamorphic lens for RF Mount) and art decoration needed for bringing the story to life.

Any extra contributions will go towards the cast + crew pay, any additional fees and post production costs.

By helping us meet this goal, you will enable us to make this film reach its full potential on a production level, as well as supporting local filmmakers who want to do this as a living. After filming is complete, this project will move into post production and will be submitted to multiple film festivals in order to participate in the 2022 film festival circuit. Every contribution made will make a positive impact on this project and the artists involved. Keep up with us on social media and we can't wait for you to see this film!


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Cash Pledge

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Paying the cast and crew

Costs $2,505

It is extremely important to pay young artists like the amazing cast and crew we'll have on board.

Production Costs

Costs $1,550

Being able to pay for certain fees and locations will make or break the film.

Feed The Crew

Costs $115

It's good to make sure your cast and crew never film on an empty stomach!

Gear and Art Direction

Costs $330

Having the right gear and props is crucial for this movie, including a Vazen 40mm Anamorphic Lens!

About This Team

In 2014, Caleb C. Lorentz founded a portfolio film channel called Clagfilms with a colleague of his, Alex Garcia. Being in their Junior and Senior years of high school, the two sought out to make short films, music videos, sketches, and many other projects every weekend and break they could get. Eventually, they brought on a third man, Quinn Michael Reeder. The trio brought on many other students during Clag's two year existence to build up an impressive no budget creative portfolio. Once it was time to graduate high school, Caleb and Quinn chose to go to Clayton State University for their hands-on film program. At the university, they formed NEVER BLINK in order to produce short films and eventually, feature films. As the fall semester continued in 2016, they joined the Clayton State Film Network and began to meet even more passionate independent filmmakers through the university's extended programs. Two years into college, Caleb started production on his first feature film, Adrift Under Light, with an enormous amount of help from Quinn who helped produce it, along with being the cinematographer, and Brian Goepfert (who also participated in several Clag shorts), who came on as the Sound Mixer and Sound Designer. 

After the release of Adrift Under Light in 2020, Quinn and Caleb knew they had to step up their game from their no budget projects in order to go further in their film careers. In March of 2020, Caleb wrote Late Bloomer Burst, a strange short film that depicts a lonely man who is socially inept, being forced to participate in an aggressive promiscuous world, until he sees a girl who intrigues him, despite him not being able to get a glimpse of her face. After sending the script to his colleagues, Quinn, Brian, and several friends from the Clayton State Film Network jumped on board as well, including John Bruce Silvera who was in Caleb's college thesis film, Dweller Precursor, and will be acting as The Pursuer in Late Bloomer Burst.

With this short, the team hopes to create something incredibly unique for the participating audience that can be both ambiguous and definitive of our current hyper isolated culture at the same time.

Current Team