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"Left" is about how alienation can both separate as well as bring people together again. Whether it’s trauma or a life changing event, those next to you are the most important.

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Mission Statement

My team and I are wildly passionate about making films. We make films that tell a layered story that speaks to multiple perspectives simultaneously.Our female driven cast/crew are insanely talented and perfectly illustrate the effects of trauma on family and where to find that foundation of support.

The Story


Alienation can both separate as well as bring people together.  

Two sisters, one set on living her life in the same place, and one determined to leave her hometown in desperate need for a change, encounters the unexpected, an event that changes her entire outlook on family, life, and her future,
...and the entity she encounters allows her to attain a new perspective on what she deems important.

Jo and Lindsey, on their way to drop Jo at the airport for Jo's flight out of the complacent town of Naperville, Illinois. Fighting ensues, Jo takes the car and leaves her sister. Jo is speeding, determined to leave her small town, and find new life elsewhere. She is being followed.. 

In an instant she has left the world she knows behind and then, in the same instant, is returned back to it. She comes to in front of her car, now 4 hours later, unaware of where she went, how she got there, and the missing time that she cannot account for. 


Her only direction she wants is towards her family and touch point of her sister despite the friction between them. Through her search for that touch point and comfort, she opens a channel for connection between them once again. Now reconnected they head back home, unaware that now..they are not alone. 

At the very center of the film is the relationship between family, and the true, real, connection that is present despite trauma or dramatic life events. And that connection is what can support, comfort, change, and resurrect seemingly lost bonds. 

To tell the story of what potential trauma entails, and how to convey a super natural, or rather unexplained event, the visuals and camera work, and SFX are heavily inspired by the works of Close Encounters of the Third Kind(Stephen Spielberg), Drive(Nicolas Winding Refn), Fire in the Sky(Robert Liberman), to name a few. 

Using longer takes and practical effects to achieve the type of genre the film calls for as well as the aesthetic. 

**In regards to the pandemic we will be executing an extremely precautionary set, with tests, and all of the necessary PPE needed.

Performance will carry the film as well. Having such a talented cast be able to collaborate within the creation process and the writing as well as the ability to "play" on set will allow for incredible takes, and the naturalistic approach to convey specific relatable moments. Visuals and inspiration shots below!

Your contributions will allow us to create this project with absolutely everything we need to make it the best film possible. And if we can achieve higher than our monetary goals, we will be able to send LEFT to film festivals, and use your contributions to allow for better cameras, better locations, and better overall quality. 

Thank you so much!


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Sound Engineer

Costs $1,250

Sound is one of the most important pieces, without it...the project falls apart, no sound no film!


Costs $750

This will give us the ability to have a base camp, a bathroom, a make up/hair area, all close to set

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Lighting Package

Costs $1,250

You can have the best cast and crew on the planet but if you can't see anything... Thank you!

Location Cost

Costs $1,250

Location location location. It's all about being able to shoot where you can get the best shots!


Costs $500

Food and coffee run sets, to get the best, you have to serve the best

About This Team

Skyler Bible


Skyler Bible is an actor/director/filmmaker known for his work in the Damien Chazelle feature film First Man, and the MGM/Orion feature film, The Wolf Of Snow Hollow. Skyler has also worked in various TV and Film throughout his ten plus years of his career, being seen in shows like Victorious, HBO's Perry Mason, ABC Freeform's The Fosters, amoungst others. He has a deep passion for film and filmmaking and is deeply investedin indie filmmaking. This is so much more than just a passion, it's a way of life, and to be able to make movies with your friends and family is what I consider living the dream.


Ambre Rose Trujillo


Ambre Rose Trujillo is an actress, creative, academic, and educator specializing in Astronomy. A New Mexican native, Ambre now works primarily out of Los Angeles as an informal educator, teaching all ages the wonders of the cosmos through various educational platforms. After starting her career working as a commercial actress, she made her journey into her first film as the lead in Jim Cummings one-shot short “The Stop” part of the “Minutes” series. To her, both science and film do the same thing, explore. She says “It’s through a journey where we find the unexpected, those things can be beautiful, useful, or evil. But we always learn a little bit more about ourselves.”


Hannah McKechnie


Hannah McKechnie is a British born, female-identifying actor. She holds a BFA in Acting from Boston University and was trained classically at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. She has appeared in "Blue Bloods", "Elementary", "Crown Vic" (a 2019 Tribeca Film Festival Selection), the Mean Girls on Broadway music video "I'd Rather Be Me", and the web series "Sugar Baby". She has voiced characters for Red Dead Redemption II and The American Museum of Natural History. She has also played roles on the stage including Corie in "Barefoot in the Park", Yvette in "Clue" (twice), Jane in "Pride and Prejudice", the White Queen in "Alice and Wonderland", and Scout in "To Kill a Mockingbird". She has a passion for dialects, traveling, and sustaining the Earth we live on.


Will Madden


Will Madden is a stage + screen actor trained at Boston University and The London Academy of Music and Dramtic Art. Recent credits include Orion Pictures’ The Wolf of Snow Hollow and the Sundance 2020 feature film, Beast Beast executive produced by Alec Baldwin. He recently returned from NM co-writing and acting in an independent feature called Jethica. Will is a newfound inquisitor of all things involving UAP.


Dustin Hahn


Assistant Director

Dustin Hahn is a writer, actor, director, and editor based out of LA. He is a Vimeo staff picked filmmaker with projects streaming on multiple platforms, as well as major festivals including Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, and Palm Springs.

He is very excited to be working with Skyler Bible, who may or may not be from one of Saturn's many moons.


Tina Carbone


Tina Carbone is an award-winning independent producer and filmmaker. She has over sixty credits under her belt, many of which have showcased at well-respected festivals and won multiple awards. She moved to Los Angeles in 2010 and has been producing films and creative content for close to two decades. Tina is also active in the female filmmaker community as an advocate for women on set. She has used her enthusiasm and creativity to grow a successful career elevating productions with smaller budgets into high quality films. Her impeccable work ethic, drive and diverse experience make her a valuable asset to any team. 


Current Team