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In this short film, writer/director Heather Fusari takes us back to 1938, the year before WWII was declared. L'EXPIATION will explore the affair of a young couple fighting to be together through the most difficult moments in their lives.

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Mission Statement

By shining light on individual women's stories, we are acknowledging the importance of their roles in history. Through forced decisions & livelihoods many times chosen for them, they still fought for what they believed in, and we are grateful to be honoring these women in our stories.

The Story


L'EXPIATION takes place in 1938, ten years into the Great Depression, and a year prior to the declaration of World War II.

Set against the backdrop of Paris in the late 1930s, two long-time lovers are caught in a whirlwind when one of them decides to delve deeper into the existential issues of their affair.


















DOMINIQUE (early 30s)

A young aristocrat, having grown up in poverty, she married a passion-less, wealthy man to escape the effects of the Great Depression. 

The longtime affair with her soul mate, Thomas, grows tumultuous with the passing season as he again fails to fight for himself & his talents as an artist. 


THOMAS (late 30s)

A young struggling, lower-class painter, trying to catch his break. But he lacks the opportunity to leverage into the middle class.

His love for Dominique weighs heavily on his heart through their physical distance every time she goes back to her husband.







L'expiation was inspired while listening to Edith Piaf and the combination of lost loves. That lost desire for something in the ones loved, all to reveal a great void of reality- a figment created in one's mind about the person loved, only to have to face the truth and let them go. They take a part of you that you'll never experience except with that one person, in those intimate moments, in that one chapter of one's love-tragic life.

This is a story I must tell for those who have suffered letting go of their one great love for circumstances outside themselves- which cannot be summed up through mere words.







In order to maintain a safe work environment in lieu of Covid-19, we are implementing new protocals aligned with the unions 'Safe Way Back'. 

Covid tests ($200-$300/test) will be administered within 24 hours of the first filming date- quarantining themselves for the remainder of the shoot; surgical masks, face shields and goggles will be worn at all times by all crew members and cast- when not being filmed. Maintaining social distancing throughout filming.

The entire set location will be sanitized every 2 hours, and sanitizer available at All times. 





To all our amazing supporters, contributors, and opportunities to create films!!!! Thank you for supporting women filmmakers!!!!!


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Lodging and Travel Expenses

Costs $2,000

We have five of our team members coming to New Orleans from out of town for the 4 days of production

Set Design-Keeping the authenticity of 1938

Costs $250

To truly capture the audience into another world, the setting must be designed w/great detail

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Covid-testing & Sanitizing

Costs $1,150

In order to keep our Cast and Crew safe, we are covid- testing prior to filming, & sanitizing.

Hair & Makeup

Costs $300

In order to help maintain not only authenticity, but continuity :)

Wages for the Cast

Costs $700

We have an incredibly talented cast & want to make sure they are compensated for sharing their gifts

Camera, Lenses & Gear Rentals

Costs $1,000

We have compiled our beautifully shot- list, which will be accomplished by the remarkable Arri Alexa

Wages for our Crew

Costs $4,100

It takes an enormous amount of work to create a film!! It wouldn't be possible w/o BTS talents!!!

Composer / Score

Costs $500

We strongly believe in the impact music has on telling stories.

About This Team




Writer / Director

IMDB - Heather Fusari

Award-Winning Actress and Filmmaker, and she was nominated for Best Actress & Best Picture for her very first film HER CALLING, a Civil War period piece in which she wrote, produced and starred in 2017; the film was also selected in over a dozen festivals nation wide. Currently the Writer and Director at Badb Films production company.




IMDB - Fabiola Andrade

Fabiola is a storyteller influenced by her multicultural heritage & interdisciplinary background. A graduate of the University of New Orleans MFA program in film & theatre. Her work focuses on themes of identity, empowerment, and the surreal manifestions of the so-called 'ordinary life."




Producer / Editor

IMDB - Steven Legate

Steve is former Navy- VBSS & Search and Rescue, a class 1 Elite Gymnast Champion, he's coached level 10 girls gymnastics. Now, he is currently a Stunt Performer and Filmmaker in Atlanta, working on shows such as Doom Patrol, The Resident, Ozark along with several more.




Art Director

IMDB- Leah Hudspeth

Leah is an actress and assistant director, known for The Resident (2018), Teenage Bounty Hunters (2020) and The Vanished (2020).





IMDB- Joel Froome

Joel graduated from the prestigious Australia Film, Television & Radio School where he learnt under instructors including Andrew Lesnie ACS ASC, John Seale ACS ASC, Jan Kenny ACS, Kim Batterham ACS and Anthony Dodd Mantle DFF ASC BSC to name a few. Joel’s work has received numerous distinctions and awards from the Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) and from various international film festivals.

Current Team