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LIKE LOVE is a dysfunctional comedy about love in the modern age. Not Love with a capital "L", cursive, and pink flowers, but the awkward, inconvenient, totally un-sexy intimacy between two people who might bite a bullet for each other (but definitely shouldn't make out).

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Mission Statement

Diversity matters, and LIKE LOVE recognizes that importance both on and off the screen. From a killer ensemble of female producers to an Asian American lead, we are committed to telling the best story possible with a diverse range of voices.

The Story

LIKE LOVE is a vaguely romantic comedy about two best friends who are perfect for each other in every way, were it not for one very small problem: she’s not into him. Determined to preserve their friendship, Harper attempts to reciprocate Jackson’s affection in an epic quest to fall in love. Her home, sanity, and best friend are on the line, and all she has to do is love him back. After all, how hard could it be? Right?


Check out our mood reel/mock trailer below! 

**Disclaimer: Contains language and adult content. May not be suitable for tiny humans.**



Note: This is a mood reel for reference on our film's look and tone. None of the films and songs referenced here will be in our movie, and the copyright for each work belongs to its respective owner(s) - not us.


Growing up, I loved romantic comedies. I have fond memories watching the works of Nora Ephron, Rob Reiner, Kevin Smith, and Judd Apatow. I enjoyed how simple movies like WHEN HARRY MET SALLY were, because they taught a hopeless romantic like me about love. I yearned to be a boy who would finally meet his girl, make a big romantic gesture, and experience true love. And one day I did. She was everything I thought I ever wanted in a relationship. The only problem? She only wanted to be my friend. 

I quickly realized that I was “friendzoned”, but believed that I could change her mind. I figured  if we could just stay friends long enough, she would eventually become attracted to me, we could sleep together, start dating, and live happily ever after. What I didn’t realize is how this would affect her, how it would ruin a friendship with someone she trusted. I didn't realize the other side to this story. Hers. And looking back, why would I? Her story has rarely been told. Rarely considered. 

So with the help of my dear collaborator, Lily Yasuda, we're telling her story. 


I can't guarantee that you'll like it or that it will be any good, but what I will say is this: our movie was inspired by my education in how to listen to others, and that's the way I like to lead. We've assembled an awesome crew of women (and men) to make a film we’d never seen before. Each one of us is still at the beginning of our careers and is working for practically nothing. We're making this movie because we value the story and the ability to work with each other. At the end of the day, I hope you'll be able to walk out of a theater, or close your laptop, and see that: something sincere, something like love. 


- Michael Wolfe, Director/Producer, Like Love

From Jim and Pam to Mulder and Scully, Hollywood seems to think that the longer two people try to “stay away”, the more profound their love. Even if they don’t get along, have totally different world views, or share nothing in common, they’re destined to be together! After all, boy + girl = romance, right?

Well… no.

For a whole bunch of reasons (starting with "heteronormativity is bs" and ending with "people have like, free will") this "love at first sight" model seemed pretty out of whack with the world as we knew it.


So we’re here to tell a brutally honest love story. One about two people who SHOULD be together-- but can’t seem to get it right.

It seemed only fitting that we (a guy and a girl caught in an uber platonic bromance) team up to tell it. From script to screen, this film has been an ongoing collaboration between Michael Wolfe and Lily Yasuda. We have forged a tiny but mighty team of local filmmakers and L.A. weirdos to tell a story with heart, in a town with spirit. 

LIKE LOVE also features an Asian American lead (Lily Yasuda), as a character not defined by her race. While stories that explore cultural identity can be incredibly powerful, it is also important for non-white actors to not be restricted to roles defined by their “other”-ness. As such, this is not a story about race. It is a story about love (kind of), irrational friendship, platonic romance, and a borderline omniscient rubber duck. And, hey-- it also stars a Japanese woman. Awesome!


We are shooting this August in Boise, Idaho. We're relying on an Idaho-based cast and crew, as well as advisors, designers, and local businesses to bring this production to life. Boise is an up-and-coming hub of all things creative, and was the perfect springboard for our micro-budget production. In addition to being Lily’s birthplace, it also happens to be home to some of the nicest, most generous people on the planet, who were willing to open their homes and offices to our team.

Experience matters.


As students, we found mentorship to be an invaluable tool in both networking and creative development. As post-grad filmmakers, we wanted a similar support system of professionals to provide guidance. Here we have assembled a small network of working artists with real-world credentials. Writers, producers, and cinematographers who have found their voice in the industry and are willing to lend a hand where they can.


Check out our killer advisory board below.

Pretty cool, right? Interested in learning more? Awesome! Here's the plan--

+We have 30 days to reach our target (~$31,000) in order to raise the funds we need to get into production.

+This money covers our cast and crew wages, housing, food, lighting, production sound, locations and insurance. Click on "WISHLIST" to get a better idea of how your donation will be spent. 

+Your donations go DIRECTLY to our team, and will make a world of difference to the production. PLUS you get some cool rewards, support local artists, and help put Boise on the cinematic map. 

+We are thrilled to announce that we received $3,600 from the Alexa Rose Foundation in Idaho. This is a great kickstart to the campaign, and is reflective of the love and support of the Boise arts community at large.

+Production will take place for the month of August, 2018, in Boise. Our cast and crew will be around town starting in July, so don’t be afraid to say hello if you see us at Java or wandering around Hyde Park.


+Post-Production will begin in early September. Once we have a final product (*gasp*) we will submit the film for festivals on the 2020 circuit. Best case scenario, we get a distribution deal. Worst case, we'll invite you over and we can all watch on Michael's laptop. 

There are lots of ways you can help make our production become a reality. First and foremost we'd love you to donate. If everyone reading this gave $3, we'd be funded today -- that's literally the price of one cup of coffee, and Michael knows because he works at Starbucks! Still, money can be tight, so here are some other ways you can help out:


+Follow us! Hit us up on Instagram (@likelovemovie) or Facebook (Like Love Movie). Better yet, hit "follow" on our Seed&Spark homepage to stay in the loop and help us win some big rewards. 1000 followers earns our team all kinds of discounts and special packages. So spread the love & click!


+Tell Your Friends! Send the link to some other people who might think this movie is cool. Word of mouth is the most effective tool for outreach. 


+Local to Boise? If you’re interested in feeding our team, housing a crew member, or helping out on set (we are looking for Production Assistants!) drop Lily an e-mail at: [email protected] to learn more.




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Cash Pledge

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Cast & Crew Wages

Costs $12,310

Everyone will be working way below their normal rates, but they still need to cover basic expenses.

Business Fees and Taxes

Costs $1,400

We'll get an EIN, open a business account, and pay Uncle Sam his taxes.

Set Dressing

Costs $725

Harper and Jackson need beds, bedsheets, and other bed-things onscreen.

Craft Services & Catering

Costs $2,320

People need to eat! We provide the food, they stay and work harder. It's also an industry standard.


Costs $350

Remember when we said this movie would have waffles? One example.


Costs $350

If the actors are naked the whole time, then we're making porn. We're not making porn, we promise.

Location Fees

Costs $2,525

We need a gas station, a diner, and a home pool. If you're in Boise and can hook us up, please do.

Travel Costs

Costs $1,000

Some of our crew is coming up from Los Angeles and even Kansas City. We'll be flying and driving.

Hard Drives

Costs $800

We need somewhere to put all of the footage we'll shoot. Don't worry, it'll be high resolution.

Platform Fees & Backer Rewards

Costs $1,850

We'll need to be able to produce and ship everyone their rewards. Plus S&S takes a cut, too.


Costs $2,660

There's always something you didn't budget for, so we're asking for a little extra. Just in case.


Costs $500

Chapman's gear donation won't cover everything. We'll need a little extra.


Costs $4,414

Hopefully things don't go so wrong that we'll have to use it, but it's legally required.

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