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A teenage girl trapped in a pseudo-1990s simulation must navigate a series of glitch-filled, repetitive interactions with her family to uncover the truth about her existence, challenging the boundaries of her world in a quest for freedom and authentic connection.

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Mission Statement

Through a narrative that intertwines the surreal with the intimately familiar, we aim to create a film that not only challenges viewers to question the world around them but also offers a beacon of hope in the quest for authenticity and freedom within our digitally constructed landscapes.

The Story

Against the nostalgic backdrop of the 1990s, Taylor, an introspective 18-year-old girl stumbles upon the bewildering truth that her seemingly ordinary, suburban life is not what it seems. As her family and surroundings glitch and distort around her, Taylor finds herself trapped in a disconcerting time loop.

Unable to process the chaos of this reality, Taylor is thrust into a digital purgatory. Here, she meets Axle, a fellow conscious inhabitant of this virtual world. Taylor's interactions with Axle reveal a deeper truth: their realities are merely fragments in a vast network of simulations controlled by enigmatic forces. Taylor is ultimately confronted with a life-altering choice: join Axle in his desperate attempt to break free into "true reality," or return to her simulated existence, with the hope that her family will wake up as she has.

This film isn’t just about immersing the audience in a suspenseful, mind-bending narrative; "Liminal” delves into the nature of consciousness. It explores relevant themes of isolation, breaking free from predetermined paths, and the pursuit of hope and authentic connection in the face of existential uncertainty. A gripping journey through the corridors of perception, this film invites audiences to question the nature of their own existence and ponder the consequences of breaking free from the illusions that bind them.

Similar to the shows Black Mirror and Westworld, and the films Truman Show and The Matrix, Liminal grapples with the implications of living in an increasingly digital and artificial world and what that does to the human psyche.

Our $15,000 budget will be the catalyst for bringing this mind-bending story to life. Our talented and resourceful team will make exceptional use of this budget to make this film the best it can be.

This funding is pivotal, allowing us to invest in high-quality camera and G&E gear, elaborate production design, cutting-edge VFX, and location fees, among all additional production expenses. We also recognize the importance of nourishing our dedicated crew, so craft services are a priority, ensuring everyone on set is well-fed and energized. Your support empowers us to bring this ambitious story to the screen!


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Equpiment Rentals

Costs $2,500

Top-of-the-line camera and G&E gear to ensure our Director and DP achieve the film's distinctive look.

Production Desgin

Costs $2,000

Liminal takes place in the 90s and will need a properly designed and dressed set.


Costs $2,500

This will cover rentals for a studio space and a 90's style suburban house.

Meals & Craft Services

Costs $2,000

A well-fed crew is key to keeping everyone happy and ensuring efficient work.


Costs $1,500

To get the best actors for this project we have to cover their travel expenses, housing, and most importantly payment.


Costs $500

All of our cast needs period accurate wardrobe to show we are in the 90s.

Post Production

Costs $3,000

To piece the film together after it's shot we need to cover the costs of editing, sound design/mixing, and most importantly Special Effects.


Costs $1,000

Once the film is complete we need to show it to the rest of the world whether that be submission to film festivals or a private screening.

About This Team

NICOLE DIA - Writer/Director/Producer

After exposure to key films at a young age, a life-long passion for storytelling burns within Nicole. For the past six years, Nicole has gained extensive experience on dozens of projects and is looking forward to stepping into the director's seat. With an endless love for the filmmaking process and a deep fascination with every department, Nicole constantly aspires to collaborate with individuals filled with the same passion for bringing original stories from page to screen.

ROB WATT - Producer 

For as long as he could remember, Rob always wanted to be a filmmaker. From no-budget fan films in his basement to his professional career, his passion for film has been a consistent drive throughout his life. This dedication led to Rob co-founding Vanguard Studios with Nicole. Rob’s skills in the industry have been cultivated in the camera and G&E departments, and most recently as the director of Vanguard Studios’ first film, ‘No Witnesses,’ which is nearing the end of a successful run in the festival circuit. Through his work, Rob wants to create captivating stories with universal themes that any audience member can enjoy.


An award-winning screenwriter, film director, and producer Dom's extreme ambitions of originating cinematic stories stem from his pure inspiration of chasing a lifelong dream. As a writer and director, he has numerous independent films ranging from intense psychological dramas to laugh-out-loud comedies. As a producer, Dom takes pride in his strong leadership skills, as he has led production teams of full cast and crew members with the mentality of giving his collaborators the most memorable experience possible on and off the production set.

CHRISTIAN LADAGOSKI - Producer/1st Assistant Director

Christian Ladigoski is a Producer, Multi-Media Entrepreneur, and Film/Soundtrack Composer, owning ventures in digital marketing, production, and filmmaking. Christian has had 15+ years in the industry, having consulted with prestigious networks such as NBC, ABC and HBO. Christian has worked on 100+ films, a combination of shorts and features, and recently produced 8 films within the past 2 years. One of the most notable was working on a short film called Leylak which generated Oscar-worthy press, premiered and won an award at Tribeca Film Festival, and received 20+ awards worldwide.

Christian has also written soundtracks for Lifetime Movies, high-end indie production companies, and several nationwide collaborations with award-winning filmmakers, producers, and directors. Christian for his work through festivals around the country as well as online outlets such as Syfy Wire and being a YouTube partner. Christian is based in New York City at the heart of the entertainment industry and is always ready to meet new people and create new expressions of music.


Lindsay is an independent film producer with extensive experience in dealing with on-set logistics. Commonly known for working on short films, music videos, and other short-form/marketing content, Liminal will be the most recent project she has been attached to. With her experience in handling budgets, union paperwork, and film contracts ranging from film locations to cast/crew deal memos, she’s ready to get to work!

DYLAN J TOLLEFSON - Director of Photography

Dylan’s road to becoming a DP has been a humbling one. Since graduating from film school, Dylan has gone on to shoot a variety of independent short films; including one from our very own producers (Dom Lampasona, for his film “The Morning Breeze,” and Rob Watt for his film, "No Witnesses"). He believes that stretching one’s creative muscles in other areas can only strengthen a person’s core artistic passion. He continues to learn new techniques with each set he works on.

RACHEL KORDELL - Production Designer

Rachel Kordell is a professional Production Designer and Actress from New Jersey. With a strong passion for storytelling and entertainment, Rachel pursued her dreams and obtained a degree in Film Production from Hofstra University. Rachel is known for the Production Design of films such as A House For My Family, Gateway Eyes, and Concrete Jungle. You can also find Rachel as a main cast member on the TTRPG Podcast, RPJesters, as well as engaging with her audience on Twitch as MajorasRose, further indulging her love for entertainment. Rachel is excited to join the crew of Liminal to help bring the simulation to life! 


Emma Swider is an award-winning filmmaker with a background in Editing and Directing. Her focus on narrative film, as well as documentary and experimental, has led her work to screen worldwide and receive multiple awards, including Best Sci-Fi and Best Thriller. Emma’a draw to editing is rooted in her passion to push a film to its most moving narrative limits, and she cannot wait to do so on Liminal!

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