Little Lucha & The Big Deal

Minneapolis, Minnesota | Film Short

Comedy, Drama

Josh Stifter

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Two down and out pro wrestlers commiserate after a catastrophic evening at a local, Midwest diner in the early 80s

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Mission Statement

Little Lucha & The Big Deal is a story about following your dreams - getting beat up and getting back in the ring again. It's about believing in your vision and refusing to submit to the outside forces around you. It's a fantastical story with a very human heart underneath the gloss and gore.

The Story

A story of two underdogs that mirrors the mighty force of the small crew behind it, Little Lucha & The Big Deal celebrates the less than glamorous side of going for that impossible dream. Creatively leaving it all in the ring and all the hope, blood, and tears that the dream demands as tribute.

A film featuring glory, gore, and soooo much more, Little Lucha & The Big Deal celebrates all the things that don’t go right along the way to making that big dream happen. 

Josh Stifter and Scarlet Moreno star in this dramatic comedy featuring two down-and-out wrestlers trading woes and hopes in a Midwestern diner. Created by a collective of passionate writers, actors, and filmmakers spanning the United States, this short film is the voice of creatives that know all too well what it is to sit in a dinner and dream of becoming “the big deal”

Josh and Scarlet first met on the set of the Robert Rodriguez docu-series Rebel Without A Crew: The Series and quickly began working on future projects that would combine their sense of style and comedic irreverence.

Written by Josh Stifter and Scarlet Moreno, the short film encompasses the unhinged creative vibe of both artists.

The brainchild of a collective of fiery independent writers, directors, actors, and filmmakers from across the US from the coasts to the Midwest, Little Lucha & the Big Deal combines camp comedy with cerebral unease in one colorful short. 

Josh and Scarlet wasted no time getting the project put together once everyone was available to play together. So the film is now 80% complete and it now needs YOU to help us get to the finish line. This campaign will help pay our amazing cast & crew as well as bring out film into post production and help fund a future festival run. Your contribution will help us get the film out into the world AND into your hands by the end of this year!

The goal of $15000 will help us make this unfinished dream a reality but we have stretch goals that can help us push this wrasslin' film even FURTHER

We appreciate everyone who has given us their time and energy to help make this film happen. We couldn't do any of this without your dedication and support. Without you there is no Little Lucha & The Big Deal

Be sure to follow us on this journey here and on social media and share with others!!


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The Squared Circle

Costs $2,000

This will cover our two location costs - The Diner & The Wrestling Ring

The Champions

Costs $2,500

This will cover paying our wonderful little crew.

The Baby Faces

Costs $3,000

This will help us pay our amazing and talented cast.

The Big Show

Costs $2,000

This will help with getting our film seen across the world at various film festivals.

The Chow

Costs $500

This will keep the amazing cast & crew fed

The Glitz & Glamor

Costs $1,500

This will help keep our period film look and feel authentic.

The After Show

Costs $2,000

This will help get the film finished in post production.

The Big Guns

Costs $1,500

This will cover our camera & gear rentals

About This Team


Scarlet Moreno is a director and actor based in Los Angeles. Her narrative shorts have premiered in festivals across the country and the world. She made her first feature film, Phaedra under the guidance of director Robert Rodriguez on his docuseries, Rebel Without a Crew. Scarlet grew up in Laredo, TX on the border of Mexico, then attended TISCH School of the Arts to attain her BFA in Acting & Journalism. She then moved to Los Angeles to pursue her wildest dreams, and has been making movies ever since.


Josh Stifter began his filmmaking adventure crafting short movies with his friends after school everyday.

He pursued animation and quickly found a job creating cartoons for film director Kevin Smith.

He has worked with companies such as Troma, CNN, SModco, 1517 Media, and El Rey Network.

After years of creating shorts and animated films, Josh decided to tackle features, jumping at the opportunity to make his first full length film with Robert Rodriguez with his Rebel Without A Crew series. It was there he completed his first film The Good Exorcist. He followed it up with his sophomore film Greywood's Plot, and he's now finishing his third feature Scumbag.


Dennis Cahlo is an award winning filmmaker, photographer, and cinematographer originally from New York City now living in the Upstate New York area. His first love is the Horror genre but he also enjoys jumping from project to project to help elevate the vision of fellow filmmakers. 


Bethany Watson is an award-winning actor, writer, producer, and former radio personality. She co-hosted the nationally syndicated Elvis Duran and the Morning Show for iHeart Radio and now resides in Upstate New York because it’s spookier up there.


Daniel Degnan is a Minneapolis based writer and producer. Working alongside Josh Stifter since grade school they've released 3 feature films and a handful of genre short films under their Flush Studios banner.

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