"Looming Dread" - A Student Film

Dix Hills, New York | Film Short

Comedy, Drama

Lucas Schloth

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Looming Dread is a short student film that will tell the tale of Malcolm Cross, and how he overcomes his depression that has manifested into a monster only he can see. I want to show people that depression is more than feeling sad, and is rather a messy mix of emotions.

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Mission Statement

I think there aren't enough young people given a chance in the film world. Behind the camera will be a group of hardworking young and unique students. I want to have a diverse cast and crew, where our goal is to make the best possible film we can. I want the world to know of the youth's talent.

The Story

Looming Dread follows Malcolm Cross. Malcolm is a man struggling with his personal depression, and wants to move forward with his life. But there's a problem, his depression has manifested into a monster only he can see, His "Looming Dread". While refusing to give in, Malcolm slowly comes to terms and learns how to beat his monster thanks to the support of the people around him. 

I want the film to feel "human, in the sense that there isn't an exact end all answer. It's not just Malcolm being sad, but actually a messy mix of emotions like life in general.







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Food For Cast and Crew

Costs $1,500

Everyone has to eat, especially on long shoot days!

Travel Expenses

Costs $1,500

People are gonna need cash to travel, and gas is expense!

Wardrobe for main characters

Costs $500

Our characters have to have some style, and we gotta make sure we have replacements.

Backer rewards

Costs $1,000

Wanna make sure you get the best possible gifts for taking a chance and helping me.

Emergency Funds

Costs $1,200

Things happen, a lot out of our control. I want to make sure my cast and crew are in good hands

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

My team will be fellow students from my school who I have worked with over my 4 years of attending college. They are experienced in handling the camera, audio recording, and editing. We have a wicked chemistry together on set, where shoots end up going smoothly a majority of the time. When a problem occurs, we pool our heads together and efficiently solve the situation. I know i can rely on them and that's important to me, and in a way important to the film's message. 

Current Team