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The LOSERS CLUB: A place for all of us that have felt a little "different."VICTOR" is the 10-minute short film pilot of The LOSERS CLUB: A web/TV series that examines who and what is a LOSER. But it's bigger than that. It's also a platform for you to tell your story, too!

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Mission Statement

You're not just supporting a short film. It’s an investment in me, my team, and a creative vision of humanistic stories that focus on “losers” that traditionally haven’t had a voice. You're also gifting me a chance to live out not just a dream, but what I feel is a calling in writing and directing.

The Story

Forget the Seed&Spark fundraising deadline. We have a REAL deadline to get this project funded by February of 2023, when me and my partner are set to pop out another kid.

Creating my first short "Geraldine" was an amazing experience. I learned a lot, including how much I love this whole process and the mystical arts of writing and directing. And here's the thing: I think I may actually be pretty good at it. I'd love to find out. In the meantime, these stories need to be told; This series is the culmination of ideas that have been in my head for many years. The finished film "Victor," the true PILOT of the LOSERS CLUB Series, plus the completed episode "Geraldine" will be used to pitch further episodes so the larger vision of oddballs and offbeat storytelling can be further developed and made. Your contribution can be the small breath of air that gives spark to the fire that we need to get this going. 



Can you spot a loser from their full-on face tattoos? Is it your former classmate that you saw working at the supermarket? Do you hear that word "LOSER" booming from some bigmouth or is it a voice in your head that says it quietly, pervasively, unable to be erased?

The LOSERS CLUB is serious about examining the phenomenon of what is considered being a LOSER. Is it someone on the fringes of society, an oddball, a freak? Is it someone who has failed or who has given up? Or is it someone who doesn't want to participate in the norms of society? Who gets to decide who is a loser, anyway? 

Similar in structure to "High Maintenance," each episode of the series is an investigation of a new personality forming a broad character study of people on the outside. The stories highlight the mis-shaped fruits of society, the dwellers in the dark, those that play along the edges. But they are also the stories of anyone, all of us, that has ever felt misunderstood or on the outside looking in.

Want to hear more? Go to www.elytton.com and follow @losersclubseries on social media.



There's an episode of the LOSERS CLUB Series already in the can! Then why are we here? Let me 'splain.

Back in March 2021 we shot what we thought was the Pilot of the LOSERS CLUB series: "Geraldine." Due to Covid we went with a script and concept that was scrappy, do-able but still packed a punch. We're very proud of it. "Geraldine" is finally circling back around the sun after a succesful festival run and will soon be visible publically online. As of January 2023, it will have played in 8 film festivals. We're thankful to have even won a few awards along the way (Best Director, Best Actress, Seattle Film Festival; Best International Short, New Renaissance Film Festival; Best Original Screenplay, Nice International Film Festival).

Though we think "Geraldine" conveys the overall feel of the LOSERS CLUB Series, it doesn't really tell the origin story of what the actual Losers Club is. ENTER "Victor," the next short and the true Pilot of the series. This short film which you would be funding, together with "Geraldine," will be used to pitch the series, to enter web series contests, and, as a goal, to give the public a true sense of what a further look down the road may look like with the LOSERS CLUB Series.


Much of the team behind "Geraldine" is primed and ready to go for the next one. For you financial nerds, I won't say the exact budget here, but we made a film at a used-car price (under 5 digits) that I think should have been 4 or 5 times as much. We're crafty like that. The making of that film was for me a "karma" job that doesn't happen often. We all believed in what we were doing, were committed to making the best film we could, and the rest almost didn't seem to matter. If all goes well, we will get even better at this craft. We're serious about this and exploring this theme of "outsiders" and we hope to be able to bring something into the world that is fun, edgy, and not-really-seen-before.



Did we also mention that we want you to be part of it? Ultimately, the LOSERS CLUB is envisioned as not just a TV/web series, but a platform. The stories of the LOSERS CLUB are stories of you and me, stories I feel that need to be told, that have not been told before. It's collective storytelling, open to all and to all media, whichever best tells the story, whether that be narrative fiction, documentary, animation, or something we haven't even thought of yet (To participate CLICK BELOW or see "Incentives")



Here are some of the ways your donation would be used:

  • casting and audition fees
  • paying for locations, equipment and crew
  • design and build of props and sets, wardrobe, hair, make-up

This campaign goal will cover basic production costs. Additional funds raised beyond our goal would be used for items such as: editing, color grading, sound design and finishing the film, securing music, VFX/effects, applying to pitching opportunities, film festivals and other grants... We also would love to pay our crew what they deserve. Every little bit helps!



We are currently in development with the script being finalized and planning production and logistics with the producers.

I want to be completely transparent and say that all best efforts will be made to shoot this sometime in the following year. It may seem crazy to do this now with a one-year old and expecting another kid in February, but in my eyes it is time to strike and we may not get this chance again for a while. All proceeds will be used for development of the series and production will happen at the next possible window of time we can carve out while raising these little creatures.



Creating “Geraldine” was beyond thrilling for me and has left me ready to do standing backflips when it comes to developing the rest of the LOSERS CLUB series. From the writing to working on set to the editing, I’m reminded how much I love film and this process. The first episode "Geraldine" was lovingly made with an indie punk-ish approach by an incredible team of collaborators in Miami, Florida, where I grew up. The short film was completed despite and with Covid restrictions in mind as part of a one-year Masters program in Directing. At the beginning of this path to become a writer/director, I convinced myself of all the rings of fire I needed to jump through. After many years and many life experiences both on set and in life, I’m tossing aside all my expectations and fears like an old jacket. It’s the hardest and easiest thing for me to do. I’m ready and excited to listen and grow, to gather the stories of you and me, to play and explore with great seriousness as we share the world and vision of THE LOSERS CLUB. All are welcome.


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Costs $6,500

Cast/crew should be compensated fairly while within our means for their time, effort, and expertise.


Costs $1,500

Pulling in some big favors but we still need props, set design, wardrobe, etc. to build our world.


Costs $2,500

Rental of Sony A7S III. But it's not the camera that usually costs $, it's all the stuff around it.


Costs $2,000

Need to feed your cast and crew! All the little things for keeping everyone safe... Supplies!


Costs $2,500

VFX, Editing, Sound mixing, music...

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A highly-motivated Writer/Director/Producer with over 15 years of experience in TV and film production, production management, interactive media and general fun art video weirdness, Eduardo Lytton has produced several award-winning shorts, music videos, documentaries as well as large-scale immersive video installations. Distinctions include recognition at film festivals worldwide, HBO, Showtime, and exhibition at the Central American Art Biennial (BAVIC).



Pablo Pagan has run the gamut as far as production experience, working over 25 years
in various roles such as film festival programmer, script supervisor, assistant director, still photographer. He has produced art documentaries and performances, music videos, and short and feature films. A creative producer with directing chops, Pablo also works as a Set Designer and Set Dresser for theater, television shows and commericals.TV shows include Sabado Gigante, Nuestra Belleza, El Gordo y La Flaca, Premio Juventud and the Latin Grammies.




Natasha Soto-Albors is a writer, producer, and teaching artist based in New York. She is of Puerto Rican descent and was born and raised in Sacramento, California. Natasha is a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts (BFA Drama). Natasha’s work has screened at festivals worldwide including Slamdance, New Orleans Film Festival, Austin Film Festival, and more.



With over 15 years of experience in TV, movies, music videos and commercials, Ernesto Tescari has been lucky to have been able to travel the world working with prominent entertainment companies such as HBO, National Geographic, Netflix, MTV, The Food Network and the BBC.

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