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The two senior thesis movies revolve around the struggles a couple faces when building up their future together. It's easy to fall in love, but it's harder to remain in love. The two films will help the audience gather a better insight into what it takes to make a relationship work for long years.

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Mission Statement

Coming from a culture of hopeless romantics, I aspire to help viewers perceive love in a better light that could enrich their experiences in life. The goal is to make viewers give love another chance and fight more to keep it, in a rough period of "unprecedented" times, when it is needed the most.

The Story


Although forced to separate due to life’s unexpected challenges, two young lovers seek their way back to each other years later.

These two senior thesis projects revolve around our two main protagonists: Emmanuel and Gabriella, as they face challenges when building their future together. It's easy to fall in love, but it's harder to stay in love and make a relationship work for long years.

In the first film, Emmanuel has to secretly leave Gabriella on their seventh-year anniversary in order to solve his legal problems and keep her away from his troubles.

In the second movie, when Emmanuel finally gathers his courage to return to Gabriella 5 years after they separated, things don't turn out as he was hoping for. Will their love stand the passing of time?

Want more of what the films will look like? Here's a tone reel that demonstrates what the tone, feel, and vision looks like: Tone Reel

The actor will look more hairy and less energentic in the second film (right) "Love in the Morning," implying a loss of sense of invincibility typical to the youth and to the young versions of the two characters in the first short film.

Emmanuel is a fierce young man at the beginning who feels invincible and wants to provide as much support for his long-term partner in order to make her life easier, even if this means crossing the legal borders. He is charming, handsome, intelligent, and a soft lover. He is selective with people, and loneliness does not scare him, but living without his lover in an unfamiliar world does.

The actress will look more mature, with shorter hair and darker make-up in the second film (right) compared to the first film, "Love in the Evening."

Gabriella is a passionate young lady, madly in love with her long-term boyfriend. She is playful, funny, stubborn, intelligent and has a taste for the wild. However, when it comes to her relationship, she pours her heart into it and has a sensitivity, vulnerability and softness that is rare to find, all until she feels betrayed and finds it hard to lend her trust again.

The two senior thesis movies revolve around the struggles a couple faces when building up their future together. It's easy to fall in love, but it's harder to remain in love. The two films will help the audience gather a better insight into what it takes to make a relationship work for long years.


We would love any dollar support if you are able to provide it. Come be a part of discovering the effort to hold onto love through emmanuel and Gabriella. We can't do this without you :)

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Props for

Costs $250

Props including costume accessories, food for the set, design for the hotel room and others.


Costs $100

Gaff tape, C47s, batteries, SD cards and more.

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Festival Distribution

Costs $500

Help these movies tour the world through film festivals and other distribution means!

Equipment rental

Costs $1,000

In order to ensure best quality, we are seeking the most professional gear available in Dallas.

2 meals daily for 3 days for the crew

Costs $350

To keep the cat and crew energetic and healthy, we will provide catering and craft services daily.

Hotel, house and park location fees

Costs $450

We will be shooting in a hotel for 2 nights and in a house and a park for which we need permits.

Makeup and Wardrobe

Costs $350

Since the 2 stories are 5 years apart, makeup & wardrobe will be needed to show the age difference.

About This Team

The team is made of incredibly talented filmmakers and artists, all reunited with the same single purpose in mind: to make the two senior thesis films come to life in the best possible way.

We all have a common belief: love exists and is worth fighting for it! We will fight to make these movies happen and reach viewers with the same, strong message we have in mind during the entire filmmaking process.

Writer, Director, Producer and Post Production Artist BTS



Alexandra Savu is a senior student pursuing a BFA degree in Film and Media Arts at Southern Methodist University, originally from Bucharest, Romania. She has been taking on roles such as cinematographer, editor, DIT, sound mixer, and director for various short films and has worked in the post production departments for the feature films made at SMU and beyond.

Alexandra has also experience in the industry, having worked as a contractor or freelance assistant editor/sound mixer or graphics designer at different post houses in Dallas and has been interning for the past year at NBCUniversal within the cable entertainment and creative marketing department.

Getting to direct, write and produce her thesis films for her undergraduate capstone project is one of the highlights of Alexandra’s career because she has dedicated all her knowledge and efforts to making these movies come alive in the best way they could.


Brianna C. Flores is a senior at Southern Methodist University. She's majoring in a B.F.A. in Film & Media Arts and a B.A. in Journalism, with a minor in Arts Management. As a content creator, she works as the undergraduate videographer for the Hunt Institute at SMU, is the official videographer for SMU’s Graduate Entrepreneurship Club, and is the Junior Executive Producer for SMU-TV.

Brianna is also the lead editor for the SMU Summer Feature Film titled, "I Want a Body of my Own," a project about switching bodies and learning how to be grateful with your life. On top of that, she edited 3 other short films in her SMU career. She also has been on multiple sets being a sound mixer, production designer, and producer.

In her free time, Brianna trains her passion of taekwondo and helps as an instructor. Trying new foods and restaurants in Dallas are also an enjoyment.

Executive Producer

Zachary Ruwitch is a senior at Southern Methodist University. He is studying Film and Media Arts (B.A.) with a minor in Business and Photography. He has been doing commercial video editing for the Tampa Bay Times and enjoys getting on set as much as possible, whether that be in key roles on student films, or Production Assistant work when available. He wishes to continue gaining on set experience, although he believes his heart lies in the post production world.

Director of Cinematography

Cullen Blanchfield graduated from Southern Methodist University in 2020 with a BFA in Film & Media Arts major and double minored in Advertising and Arts Entrepreneurship. He has over six years of film and advertising experience from freestyle academy of Communcation, Arts and Technology, SMU Meadow's School of the Arts, and SMU Termerlin School of Advertising.

Cullen created multiple short film productions, including a couple of his own for a thesis film, worked on a feature film set, and also multiple professional corporate commercial sets. He currently works in his freelance production company called CJB Productions.

He strives to create films that connect with the viewer emotionally through his keen awareness of people.

Script Supervisor

Lexie Shamir is a senior at Southern Methodist University pursuing a B.F.A. in Film Production and minoring in Advertising. A two-time Stars of Tomorrow Film Festival Award of Excellence winner, a finalist for the Worldfest Houston Festival, and a finalist for SMU's Feature Film screenwriting contest, Lexie has written, directed, and produced several short films and commercials. She interns for SMU's social media marketing department, and freelances as a screenwriter, videographer, editor, and photographer. She hopes to continue writing and directing films throughout her career.


End Note:

Our movies deserve the attention and dedication of our cast and crew, who offers their time and work. Our B-list is still in development, while the A-list is securely locked. We could not be more grateful for the people who stick to this project from the very beginning and work harder than anyone we've ever been on a set with.

Upcoming releases of the cast & crew members are coming soon. Stay tuned!

Current Team