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CLOSED CAPTIONED VIDEO at! When a young woman with an intellectual disability is placed in a private institution for being a “danger to herself and others,” she is forced to face the reality that too often comes with having a Label: separation from mainstream society.

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The Story

Love Land is about the importance of diverse (and often risky) experiences to the fulfillment of the human condition.  It's about refusing to accept the segregation of the world's largest minority, and about jump-starting a cultural discourse in America to help change perceptions of “pity and fear” to those of “equal citizenship."

Love Land is a movie with nuanced, layered characters that reach beyond stereotypes, presenting characters with intellectual disabilities as complete and conflicted human beings—capable of good, evil, and grey—with far-reaching desires and vibrant, profound identities; it is a movie that dares to say that social views – not individual bodies – are the real barriers for people with disabilities; and it says that “charitable interaction” is unacceptable, proclaiming full community inclusion as a civil right.


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Boompoles & Wind Protection - K-Tek 202 16.10’ Internally Cabled

Costs $750

Help us get that microphone out of frame for a day!

Kino: 2' x 2 bank

Costs $750

Mmmm...the light's so soft and beautiful...

Granning High School

Costs $1,000

Fake name. Real high school location!


Costs $560

2800 miles to go - $5 scores 25 miles!

Macy's Ink Club

Costs $200

Macy's ink club is so better than your ink club.

Love Land Hoedown Barn

Costs $400

Where there's a barn, there's a hoedown a-brewin'.

Ivy's Aunt's House

Costs $300

Before Love Land Ranch, Ivy lived with her Aunt.

Roger's New Home

Costs $300

Help Roger move into his own place in the community!


Costs $1,000

$5 will get us 10 high-quality cards!


Costs $3,600

$20 buys us 100 miles!

Hotel Room

Costs $1,500

Beds are better than car seats. $15 gives us one hour of bedtime!


Costs $1,500

Cover one hungry filmmaker's meal on the scouting trail!

Legal Services

Costs $5,000

We need to retain a lawyer for our entire production! Sponsor half a day!

Fresnel: Mole Richardson - 1K Baby Baby

Costs $220

Dark set? 1000 Watts ought do the trick.

Fresnel: Mole Richardson - 650w Tweenie

Costs $275

We'll put these to work more than any other fixture.

Fresnel: Mole Richardson - 200w Midget

Costs $275

If you can't see their eyes, you probably need one of these.

Fresnel: Mole Richardson - 200w Inkie

Costs $275

For the finer lighting touches, like eye-light.

Fresnel: Arri - 2K Fresnel

Costs $275

The muscle-man of the cargo van lighting package.

Fresnel: Arri - 650w Fresnel

Costs $275

Image too flat? Just rim 'em with an Arri 650 and call it a day.

Fresnel: Arri - 300w Fresnel

Costs $275

For when 250w just isn't enough. Seriously though: we totally need those 50 extra Watts.

E-Z Up Tent (10’X10’)

Costs $250

Rain and sun for eight hours can really mess up your shoot.


Costs $125

When you need some diffusion, go big or go home.

Tables - 6’

Costs $200

So many surface-requring things, so little surface area.

Printer Ink

Costs $700

$25 gets us half a cartridge!


Costs $400

Sponsor a C-Stand! Maybe we'll name one after you...

Printer Paper

Costs $100

We print for a purpose!

GRIP CART (TACO CART) KIT (Large): Mirror Boards

Costs $250

Help us harness the power of the sun for our daytime exterior shoots!

Research Books

Costs $300

We've got a lot of reading to do...

GRIP CART (TACO CART) KIT (Large): 8x Frame w/ corners

Costs $125

Don't leave your rag empty-framed.

First Aid Kit

Costs $100

Like, a REALLY GOOD First Aid Kit...

GRIP CART (TACO CART) KIT (Large): Apple Boxes (complete set)

Costs $100

A Full, a Half, a Quarter, and a Pancake for a month-long shoot. Which will it be?

Citronella Candles

Costs $100

Texas mosquitos are scary.

Broom - Street (Push)

Costs $25

Leave that location with a super-slick floor.

E-Z Up Tent Side Walls 10’X20’ (Set 6)

Costs $250

Walls come in handy when the sand starts a-blowin'...

Folding Chairs

Costs $250

When the ground outside just can't cut it.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Porto Johns

Costs $400

For when there isn't a tree in sight.

GRIP CART (TACO CART) KIT (Large): Combo Stands/non-rolling stands

Costs $150

A combo stand for a week!

GRIP CART (TACO CART) KIT (Large): Combo Stands/non-rolling stands

Costs $250

ANOTHER combo stand for a week!

GRIP CART (TACO CART) KIT (Large): Dolly + Accessories

Costs $750

To make those push-ins nice and smoooooth.

GRIP CART (TACO CART) KIT (Large): Dolly Track

Costs $375

For when you've really got to glide.


Costs $25

Would somebody PLEASE block that light spill?

GRIP CART (TACO CART) KIT (Large): Floppys

Costs $50

A great light-shaping tool with an even greater name.

Production Insurance

Costs $4,000

Keep our Gear covered for a day!


Costs $50

Dear Light: we don't want to shut you out. We just need to lower your intensity.

GRIP CART (TACO CART) KIT (Large): Sandbags

Costs $500

Adopt us a sandbag for the whole shoot!


Costs $50

Every net wishes it were a silk. So delicate...

Publicity Venue

Costs $5,000

Ten cities. Five hours to inspire each one.


Costs $25

For keeping dolly track even on uneven terrain. The unsung heroes of the dolly shot.

Cube Truck

Costs $750

Don't you wish all that gear could just show up at the location?

LLC/Corporation Set-up

Costs $300

Help piece us together!

15 Passenger Van

Costs $750

Love Land Cast & Crew Shuttle, at your service!

Goose Pantry Apron

Costs $75

At the Goose Pantry Superstore, you don't leave home without your apron. Honk!

Roger's Pager

Costs $30

Roger is the shining star of the Love Land Ranch. His pager is his pride and joy.

Ivy's Wardrobe

Costs $700

Ivy-badger don't care. Twenty different looks at $35 a pop!

Roger's Wardrobe

Costs $700

Keep Roger looking Rogerly for a day!

Recorders - Sound Devices 788T SSD 8 Channel Hard Disk Recorder with CL8 Control Surface

Costs $5,000

Help us record top-notch sound for an hour!


Costs $100

Stunning! Spectacular! Scary!

"Goodfella" the Bassett Hound

Costs $200

Who's a good fella?

Goose Throw Pillow

Costs $25

I certainly wouldn't snuggle with a DUCK pillow...

About This Team

Disability advocates throughout the nation know and trust Josh Tate and his team to tell this story with integrity, originality, and industry-standard technique.  Josh holds a BS in Film Production from UT Austin and Josh, Paul Gleason, Andrew Richey, and Maritte Go each hold an MFA in Cinematic Arts from USC. 

During his time at USC, Josh directed two advanced projects, one under the mentorship of Sheldon Larry (Leave it On the Floor) and produced seven others.  Josh’s combined knowledge of production and the disability rights movement is truly unprecedented, and with the support of a crew of cutting-edge and highly trained filmmakers, it’s difficult to imagine any other team coming close to executing the production of this story with the same depth of passion, understanding, artistic nuance, and—most importantly—humility

Current Team