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Luke the Lightning Bolt is a film about a young boy who overhears that his best friend hates him, which provokes him to run away and live on a farm with his grandparents. The story delves into themes such as betrayal, friendship, and the importance of communication.

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Mission Statement

There isn't a whole lot of media that teaches kids about healthy communication. Luke the Lightning Bolt is an example of what happens when children allow anxieties about conflict get in the way of their daily lives. This mission is close to my heart and I think this film will help a lot of kids.

The Story

Luke the Lightning Bolt is a film about a young boy who overhears that his best friend hates him, which provokes him to run away and live on a farm with his grandparents.  The story delves into themes such as betrayal, friendship, and the importance of communication. 

This film will be completed in 2D computer animation with block coloring comparable  to The Simpsons but keeping within a cool tone.  The backgrounds will incorporate fabrics in order to bring a bit of comfort and texture to the film.  I watched a variety of stop motion animation films that included this fabric technique and I thought that it could enhance the work I am making.  I believe that by using this specific style I will be able to leave a stronger impression with viewers.

The project will be completed by a team of young animators and actors who are just starting out in the industry! This is an exciting experience for everyone involved because we have such pride in our work.

The film delves into conflict anxiety and errors in communication that reflect how children feel in real life.  Luke gets a chance to run away, but he doesn't see the possible downsides to being apart from his best friend until he is living on a farm. 


I often get distracted by daydreams of running away from my problems so I thought I should make a project that shows the negative aspects of doing just that.  I wanted to make this film so children can see an outrageous example of running away from conflict and apply it to their everyday life.


This story is going to help children understand that sometimes their mind will make things bigger than they are in real life.  Children today are bombarded with anixeties about every aspect of their lives so I want to help them overcome these situations.  By watching this film, kids will have a better understanding of how relationships can be hurt by miscommunication.  More importantly, viewers will come to learn how friendships can thrive with proper communication.


This film needs to be made TODAY. Since the coronavirus has changed the way we get to interact with our loved ones, miscommunication has become an even more prominent issue.  Children need to talk to people their age but when they aren't able to see eachother in real life, learning how to nurture a friendship is even more important.


By getting involved in this project, you will be helping children around the world learn to better communicate with one another.  This will lead them into healthier relationships with parents, friends, and loved ones throughout their lives.  


The film will be distributed via the film festival circuit starting in 2021.  If you join this campaign, you will also receive a private viewing of Luke the Lighting Bolt once the project is completed.


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About This Team


Michelle Hubbard is a scriptwriter and director who is well known in the festival circut.  Her works have been screened and honored in the US, Toyko, Italy, and all over the UK.

She has studied film production at Syracuse University as well as the University of Southern California and she has studied folklore and storytelling at University College Dublin in Ireland.  

In Luke the Lightning Bolt she plans to dive into the topics of betrayal, friendship, and the importance of communication through the eyes of a little boy learning that being vulnerable can be difficult, but necessary.




Zachary is the oldest of his 2 younger brothers and has an active  imagination. He has an old soul and at one minute can sit down and ask the purpose for life and the next minute start wrestling his brothers. He has a wide range of emotions and can easily adjust to changes in script when requested. His very outgoing personality makes him loveable by all.





Sami Bray is a twelve year old actress originally from Memphis, TN She has performed on Broadway in Joey Parnes Production’s 1984 (Little Girl), on tour in Troika’s School of Rock (Summer Hathaway; First National Tour) and Big League Production’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Cindy Lou Who), and off-Broadway in Zurich (Fryda). She was scheduled to play Sarah in The Bedwetter (Atlantic Theatre Company) prior to the pandemic. TV/Film Credits include Law and Order: SVU (Rachel Labott), Gotham, Belladonna Productions Son (young Laura), Lightframer Entertainment’s Love Is On The Air (Maddie) and Planview Pictures’ The Last (Marin).

Visit her at and @samibray on Instagram.




Danilo Titterton, sometimes known as Danilo Crovetti, is a new young actor who is very excited to be a part of this important project about friendship and communication. Danilo is always up for adventure and the challenge of learning new things. He plays on several competitive sports teams, sings and plays piano, loves a good math puzzle, and recently took up guitar. He lives in Oakland, California with his parents, big brother and sister, and many pets.

You can find him at @Danilorovettiitterton on Instagram




Jennipher Foster has always been a fan of whimsical storytelling. She has authored a book of children’s poetry (“Universe in a Bag”), just wrapped voicing the lead of an international video game (“Best Month Ever”) and you can currently hear her host the podcast, “Nightcaps of the Living Dead”. She is a mental health advocate and thrilled to explore these themes in “Luke the Lightning Bolt”. 





"StageMan Dan" Gregory has been learning and acting in some of Hollywood's special places. He has been on commercials, TV shows and short films alike and is honored to be the voice of Grandpa Bolt, helping out Luke to find his way.








Nikki Menig ( is an artist currently residing in Chicago, IL, and is studying at the California College of the Arts. When not creating art, you can find Nikki Menig trying to master more skills ranging from language studies to dance practice. Although she has spent most of her life in Illinois, Ms.Menig hopes to explore different countries while meeting and growing with different people along the way.





Bryan Wu is an animator from the Philippines, who graduated from California College of the Arts. He is interested in drawing comics and animating stories for children because it helps the children to enjoy reading, and allows children to  look up to their favorite character in their adventures.





This is Oliver! He provides joy and support for the project. 



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