Mann & Quinn

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Drama, Romance

Troy Krueger

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This project brought a group of film students together from various countries of the world. We want to continue this unity and promote an ideal world where people can live peacefully together. That everything does happen for a reason and magical moments happen if you just open your eyes.

About The Project

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Mission Statement

We have carefully selected the cast by creating particular characters that are from diverse ethnicities. The story is also based upon a strong Middle Eastern woman making her way to be an entrepreneur in the United States. Our crew will also provide up to 50 positions for students to partake in.

The Story

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Who Are We?

We are a group of students in the Master of Fine Arts in Film Production program at Full Sail University and are excited to bring our film to life. Our passion for film has led us to create an entertaining new experience for all our viewers. We need all the help we can get from friends and families, and anyone that wants to give us the chance to shine and bring are dream to life.

A Sneak Peek of Mann & Quinn

Mann & Quinn is a short romance narrative about Quinn, a lonely Middle-Eastern entrepreneur that owns a successful fashion boutique. Carol, one of the employees in the shop, gives Quinn a small gift that inspires her to prepare a romantic dinner with an inanimate lover.

Meet Our Characters


A conservative successful entrepreneur who recently opened a boutique in Orlando. Living far away from home, which she misses along with her husband. Quinn starts with a conservative, fashionable, darker look with a hijab. She changes into a princess-like gown.


A hardworking gentleman that works in the middle east, trusts and supports his wife to fulfill her dreams out of the country. For the past couple of months he couldn't get a visa. Mann has a model looking wardrobe with darker green shades.


A laid-back, fashionable young employee who is completing her Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. Carol has a hipster wardrobe with bracelets and beads. Very fashionable Millennial style.


Tyler is a rich self-centered businessman. He usually has people doing his things on his behalf. He is loud & obnoxious and full of prejudice. Tyler wears a businessman grey suit with a blue tie and a golden watch.

The Look of the Film

Mann & Quinn is inspired by Disney’s fairy tale stories, like Beauty and the Beast, with a mixture of Hollywood's top romance films with a Middle-Eastern atmosphere. 

Color Palette

Mann and Quinn has rich colors with high saturation and contrast. It starts with high key lighting, moves to lower key lighting, and back to high key lighting.

The dress Quinn will be wearing will be a very pretty purple. Mann’s wardrobe will have dark green tones. The boutique will ideally have bright colors that match the season of the year.


The film contains various shots:

  • Establishing shots
  • Medium and close ups
  • Dolly shots
  • Over the shoulder shots
  • High angle shots
  • Steadicam shots

The Dance

Mann & Quinn has a magical waltz dance scene. This is where Mann and Quinn dance in the middle of the boutique. It will be an important moment in the film and filled with intimacy. It is choreographed by our professional choreographer, Billy Bowser. The cinematography of this scene is inspired by the ballroom dance scene in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. 

Production Design

The film takes place in a colorful fashion boutique. Quinn decorates the shop to a romantic look with lights, candles, and lanterns.


Music Score

We are mixing the film with different instruments from the Middle-East such as the Oud, Flute, and Qanoon. Our score masterpiece will be a breathtaking waltz piece that Mann & Quinn dance to. You will be swept off your feet with the magical musical piece our composer, Jon-Joseph Nepaul, has arranged and mastered.

Visual Effects

The film has a decent amount of visual effects, such as a flare for the mannequin transforming scene and the ending fireworks scene. 

Our Equipment

  • Sony F65 camera
  • Peewee dolly
  • Steadicam rig
  • Arri lighting kit
  • Mole-Richardson lighting kit
  • Grip & electric truck
  • Boom mic, lav mics, and a sound mixer

Where The Money Goes

Making a film can be fun, but it is also challenging. One of, if not, the most challenging parts of filmmaking is raising funds. Gladly, Full Sail University is helping us with a good amount of gear, such as the camera, but there are many additional items we need to raise funds for:

  • Wardrobe and makeup
  • Lighting sets
  • Extra dolly track
  • Steadicam + Operator
  • Furniture
  • Mannequin and props  
  • Catering & craft services
  • Set operation
  • Marketing & publicity
  • Film festival submission fees
  • Honeywagon
  • Permits

Film Festival Circuit

We are planning to participate in OVER 20 film festivals all around the world. Many of these are Academy Award-Qualifying festivals (that's kind of a BIG DEAL in this industry). The film festivals we are considering are:

  1. Red Carpet Film Festival - Manama, Bahrain 
  2. Dubai International Film Festival - Dubai, UAE
  3. Milwaukee Short Film Festival - Milwaukee, WI 
  4. Orlando Film Festival - Orlando, FL 
  5. Austin Film Festival -  Austin, TX 
  6. Nashville Film Festival - Nashville, TN 
  7. Atlanta Film Festival - Atlanta, GA 
  8. Leeds International Film Festival - Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK 
  9. Equality International Film Festival - Sacramento, CA 
  10. Manhattan Short Film - Manhattan, NY 
  11. Key West Film Festival - Key West, FL 
  12. New York City International Film Festival - New York, NY 
  13. Student World Awards - Los Angeles, CA
  14. Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival - Hollywood, CA 
  15. Utah Film Festival - Orem, UT 
  16. Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival - Bay City, MI 
  17. New Orleans Film Festival - New Orleans, LA 
  18. Cartagena Film Festival - Columbia
  19. Flickerfest International Short Film Festival - Bondi Beach, Australia 
  20. Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2018 - Tokyo, Japan
  21. Raindance Film Festival - London, UK 
  22. Student Academy Awards - Hollywood, CA 
  23. Show Me Shorts Film Festival - Auckland, New Zealand 

Publicity & Media

The Mann & Quinn team already has media companies on board to help us promote our film; however, some funds will also be allocated to obtaining more publicity, such as:

  • Televison
  • Newspapers
  • Radio
  • Social Media


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Film Festivals Around The World

Costs $800

A film festival circuit is one of the best strategies to promote a film. Ours is a 1 year plan.


Costs $400

Our talent needs specific wardrobe to wear that is pertinent to the story and branding of the film.

Craft Services

Costs $375

It's important to have food and drinks for the talent and crew to keep up energy and morale.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Fiberglass Posable Male Mannequin - White Gloss

Costs $300

The mannequin is the most important feature of this film, since the story is moved by it.

Honey Wagon

Costs $800

This would provide extra space for our talent / crew to use as a production office and restroom.

Pearl Necklace

Costs $600

Essential wardrobe piece for our lead actress. Needs to have specific look and quality as photo.

Red Velvet Cake

Costs $20

Cake is used as a prop during the romantic dinner scene with Mann and Quinn.

Steadicam Rig

Costs $250

To get amazing footage of the dance scene. Shot will be in a circular motion around actors.

About This Team

We are a diverse group of students in the Master of Fine Arts in Film Production program at Full Sail University and are excited to bring our film to life. All of us are from different parts of the world, including Bahrain, China, Hong Kong, and Jordan. Our passion for film has led us to create an entertaining new experience for all our viewers. We need all the help we can get from friends and families, and anyone that wants to give us the chance to shine and bring are dream to life.

Current Team