Mark of the Rougarou

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Horror, Thriller

Erica Duke

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We've all grown up hearing about urban legends. This is an ancient legend that started in France and now lives in the swamps of Louisiana. The story of The Rougarou is an old monster tale that needs to be brought to life. Mix in classic campy horror with a deeper meaning for finding the truth.

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Mission Statement

We are so proud to have this be a horror film that is written, directed, and produced by a woman. It is important to have more female representation in this genre of film making to switch the stereotypical prototypes. Also to represent more diversity in this genre that is often under represented.

The Story


This is a horror story that has not yet been told


Finding an old urban legend that dates back to the witch trials in medieval France that was then uprooted to now being a story that lives in New Orleans, Louisanna. How this creature has not been brought to the screen is a complete shock. That's why when I found out about this legend and all the different versions I just knew it was a story I wanted to bring to life and put on the big screen.  



The Search for Identity 


With the lead character being adopted and trying to find the missing puzzle piece of where she comes from.  We get to follow the lead female through this self discovery of identity.  With modern technology and the popularity of DNA testing, 23 and Me, My Heritage, Ancestory DNA and the list goes on. It makes the ability to find relatives that much easier.  There has also been a lot of controversy about whether putting your DNA out there in a research data bank is the smartest thing to do. Who has access to it? What will they do to it? What if you find out your family isn't who you thought or was told your entire life?   Take this and mix in some mystical elements.  A close group of her friends who also get tangled in. You can see where this could become a horror movie. Makes you question if you really want to know your real family. Perhaps you were never meant to.


Girl Power and Diversity Baby!


It really means the world to us to be able to put more female voices out there in the film industry. Also in the Horror genre. For this project you have a female writer, director, producer (2 of the 3 producers are female).  As well as lead females on screen and behind the scenes.  Also to add  a diverese cast to the genre of horror.  There is so much talent  on screen as well as  behind the scenes it is truly a blessing to be bringing this project to life! 


Classic Horror Movie 


If you are like me you love a good twist on a horror movie. Take the monster stories from the 1930's- 1940's such as Dracula, Wolf Man and Frankenstien all classic tales of monsters. Fast forward to the 1970's and 1980's when horror movies made a huge comback with more of the killer thrillers the human monsters that can't die: Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th.  Go to the 90's and 2000's when you have a mix of IT,  Scream, I know what you did Last Summer and Jeepers Creepers.  To more current Cabin in the Woods,  Quiet Place, Happy Death Day, Get Out and the list goes on. There's so many more I did not mention.  Mark of the Rougarou finds its own place in this mixed group of horror movies. You will get a diverse group of close friends that add some humor into the odd situation they find themselves in  when they end up in the swamp lands right outside of the colorful vibrant city of New Orleans. A city famous for thier music, food, culture and ghost stories!  





Our Inspirations Include


Photo still from "Friday the 13th"

photo still from "Cabin in the Woods"


photo still from "The Skeleton Key"


Photo still from "Evil Dead"

Photo still from "Jeepers Creepers"

Photo still from "Cabin in the Woods"

Photo still from "Happy Death Day"





We Need Your Support

In order to make this short film a reality we need your support.   That's where all you lovely patrons come in! It would mean the world to all of us involved for any contributions ranging from $5- $10,000+. We have some great incentives for you all too, check them out on the right hand side! If you're unable to donate we get it,  even sharing this link and spreading the word helps more than you will know. It's all about getting the word out there  to get this film made! 




Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.


Costs $2,500

This is like a character in the script. I need this cabin in a wooded open area for the story.


Costs $2,500

Because we need to pay our talent.

Production Design

Costs $1,000

Art Department, Set Design & Props.


Costs $1,000

Because we must feed our crew and talent. No one likes working hungry!


Costs $7,000

Camera Dept, Sound, grips, gaffers, lighting, swing, Makeup, Wardrobe.

Post Production

Costs $2,500

This is the editor, composer, sound, colorist, special effects.


Costs $1,400

Drone, Dolly, Steadicam Rig, Lights, Lavaliers & Boom Mic, all the equipment.


Costs $1,600

Safety. We must have it when shooting just incase!


Costs $1,100

Transportation to sets, truck rental, some talent flying in.


Costs $1,400

For all the extras that come up. They always do. Plus festival entries!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team


Erica Duke 

Writer, Director, Producer and Actress 


It's me and I am  beyond excited to entertain you all with this unique yet classic style of  horror. It is such a privlige to be able to add my own take to this genre of film making. With years of experience infront of the camera and on stage I have been wanting to be more involved in the story telling process. To share my voice on a larger level in one of my favorite genres of film and what better time to do it than now!  


Mariangela Pagan

Producer and Actress


Having Mariangela another strong female voice on board as a fellow Producer is a dream. Not only has she been around since the start of developing the story. She also has years of experience in the buisness being an actress in many indie and television shows, a writer and producer in her own webseries. 



Iain Mclean


Website Link

I am beyond excited to have Iain on board. A succesful commercial director with years of experience. His expertise and knowledge in this buisness will really help the driving force behind the making of this film. 





Jeff West

Special FX

When you have a talent like Jeff West come on to make your monster how could you not get excited? Jeff runs his own FX studio  West FX in Los Angeles, California. Where he doesn't only create monsters he also teaches classes on how to do it. Jeff's unique vision and attention to detail is what makes him such an assit to this team!





Kalpana Pot


We are very excited to have Kalpana on board with her extensive film and tv credits, she adds that unique star quality to the screen . 


Duane Whitaker


Having such a name as Duane Whitaker to be an actor on  set we don't have words to express how excited we are! Duane has been in the buisness for a long time his acting credits, experience producing and writing speak for themselves!  Plus he was in one of my favorite movies of all time Pulp Fiction! 



Marcus T Thomas


Meet Marcus T Thomas another actor who is sure to light up the screen. Marcus not only is an actor you've probably seen on one of your favorite TV shows he also just succesfully shot his own Short The Divisible which he wrote, directed and starred in. 


Liston Spence


When casting the role Liston will be playing, no one quite hit the mark like him. He is sure to bring a unique spin to this character with his years of experience in the buisness. 


Cortney Scott Wright


We are pleased to have Cortney joining our cast not only because she is a talented actress but also because of her experience on stage as well as being a published writer. 


Mitch Westphal


Welcome  Mitch Westphal who is no stranger to the horror movie scene.  All of his hard work and dedication to the craft of acting makes him the perfect canidate to play this heroic character. 




Aaron Bowden


Meet Aaron Bowden. He is a Stand up Comic, writer and actor. He has traveled all over the U.S doing stand up comedy and has been in some great independent projects. 


Current Team