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Part of uplifting and empowering marginalized people is us being in charge of the stories we tell. Too many of our stories are told by people who don't look like us. Your support for this project will not only allow us to create our first music video but to tell our stories as black creatives.

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Mission Statement

Pedestal is a brand committed to using photography, styling, video and film to empower and uplift marginalized people. We believe the stories we engage with should be a reflection of all people regardless of class, race, gender, sexual orientation or physical ability.

The Story

Our story: A young musician on the brink of actualizing his dreams of becoming a famous rapper gets sucked into a video game right as he is about to sign a life-changing record deal. He must use his strength, courage, and talent to make it through three challenging levels to get back to his own reality and sign the deal of his dreams.


Meet the Team behind Memories: 

As creators and budding directors, it's always been a dream of ours to make a music video. This is our first chance to do something out of the ordinary for people that look like us. Following your dreams can be very daunting and difficult but it's a lot less scary when you have support from your community and newtork. Our work is worth sharing with the world because it's authentic, playful, vibrant, and exciting. We believe artwork should spread wisdom and joy, and that's exactly what we are doing at Pedestal.

Memories is a song about a young man dealing with betrayal and the pains of trying to stay afloat as a young artist. The song shows a young man who is searching for not only support and community but true success. Memories is a song so personal to Michael and Pedestal's mission is to make our collective vision for it come to life. We are the best ones to tell this story because as young black creatives, it is time for us to take agency in telling our own stories.


Here is some of the director’s past work:


The artist’s past work:

Together, we’re going to make something beautiful.  


This story is unique because it is about a young man on the brink success who must fight for what he believes in- himself. As young black people, we are not often encouraged to believe in ourselves. Our story as creatives and our vision for this music video is a message to other young, black creatives to go after what you want and don’t look back.

This message is especially important right now because the stories of marginalized peoples are finally gaining the recognition and funding they deserve on a much larger scale. It is so important that we don’t just see black artist, actors, musicians on screen but that black people are involved behind the scenes, as directors, producers, and writers as well. Through our work, our mission is to move these important conversations forward and now is the perfect time to do that.

Right now, we are in the pre-production stage of this project. Even though this is happening in the midst of the pandemic we are still motivated to find the perfect creative team, develop a great budget, and most importantly launching our fundraiser!  Throughout this process we will work cautiously and covid-consciously to secure locations and hire extras.  We see covid as a creative opportunity, rather than an obstacle to keep everyone involved in our project safe.


Here is a breakdown of how we will use the money: 

Covid aside, our initial goal is the minimum to complete the project but raising more than the goal would open so many opportunities for us -- such as more money for marketing. After the video is completely done it will be up on YouTube and Vimeo for the world to see! After production, our goal is to host a release party for the video. This release party will be an important tool to create hype around the video and to get as many people to see it as possible. It will be a challenge to host a large-scale event however, raising more than our goal would allow us to not only host the event but take our work to the next level.

We believe that audiences should participate in the video and film production process. To everyday people, the entertainment industry seems like a mysterious, powerful machine only a select few can participate in. We are here to change that. We believe that through bringing audiences into the process of making videos we can create stories that are much more engaging and dynamic. We want your feedback, we want you to join us on set, we want to share behind the scenes footage, and most importantly we want you know you are an important part of this journey. We believe in the power of the collective. So, let’s do this together.


Like we said, we can only do this with your help and reaching our fundraising goal will mean reaching beyond our own networks. If you’d like to support young, black creatives you can do this by sharing our campaign over social media, email, word-of-mouth, text or any way you’d like. 

Here are some examples of how to share it, feel free to copy and paste :)

Artists @celeste_oconnor and @meccaanism own a woman of color led production company called @by.pedestal and they’re making their first music video with artist @4kmicheal this fall! Help support the video at

Help support black creatives @by.pedestal and @4kmicheal create their first music video about a young rapper on the brink of fame. Support them @seedandspark:

I’m so excited to see the music video Memories by creatives @4kmicheal and @by.pedestal this fall! Support the making of the video @seedandspark : :)


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Costs $500

We need an editor who has the ability to create eloquent video game illusion, graphics, and effects.


Costs $1,000

We need a realistic set.


Costs $900

We have about a 20 person cast and crew. We have to feed people for two days 3x a day.


Costs $1,000

We need an expert DP to give our video a cinematic look and feel.


Costs $2,000

If no one sees our video, that would be extremely unfortunate so we have to pay for advertisements.


Costs $1,800

We're paying 17 extras 50 each for their time and contributions on set.

Event Venue

Costs $2,000

For marketing, we're having a release party so artists and press can engage with us and the video


Costs $1,000

We want the lighting of this project to be phenomenal.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Pedestal, a production company formed by two people while they were students at Johns Hopkins University: Mecca McDonald and Celeste O’Connor. Pedestal is a brand committed to using photography, styling, video, and film to empower and uplift marginalized people. We believe the stories we engage with should be a reflection of all people regardless of class, race, gender, sexual orientation, or physical ability.

Mecca is a visual artist, stylist, and photographer. At her core, she values imagination, authenticity, and intention. Mecca yield's a lot of inspiration from artists such as Beyoncé, Issa Rae, Ava Duvernay, Janelle Monae, and Uzo Njoku.

Celeste is an actor and stylist and at their core, they're a person who values creative expression, freedom and telling radical stories. Celeste yield's a lot of inspiration from radical storytellers like the filmmaker Boots Riley and novelist Octavia Butler.

Our brand is vibrant, playful, and exciting because we are committed to not only empowering but also celebrating the marginalized. Our photos are all taken on the iPhone because we believe in accessibility. Our videos and film use traditional equipment but there's nothing traditional about the stories we tell because they're from fresh and curious eyes.

We have always been passionate about photography, fashion, and storytelling. We finally decided to bring our collective vision to others through the creation of Pedestal. Inspired by how empowered and confident we felt during and after our own photoshoots and acts of creation, we wanted to share this experience of joy, self-love, and playfulness with the world.

Our art is how we choose to learn about and explore the world. Our art is what helps us tell stories and change the narrative of how oppressed people are seen. But we can't do this on our own. That's why building community is imperative to us. For us, community means creating a space conducive to self-expression. Community means showing up not only for the people in our personal lives but for strangers in whatever way we see possible. Through Pedestal, we strive to build networks of support that may not exist for marginalized people in other areas of their life.

Current Team