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Kate Hopkins & Emily Kron

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In the throes of an emotional trauma, Millie and Anima journey to an old beach house where they try to heal. They discover their amorphous duality, projecting their mental and emotional psyches onto one another and raising questions about the uncertain boundaries that divide them. (Fun, right?!)

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Mission Statement

We are seeking to reach women in their early adulthood who are undergoing emotional and mental stress that is often stigmatized or "othered."

The Story

Millie is a story about two halves, a tale of doubling, the “twining”of identities as seen in the complex relationship between two young women. In this film, we explore the nuances of psyche and emotional health within the context of the female intimacy. We feel the discussion of self (and namely the woman’s experience with self), has been dominated by the male voice, so our approach is inherently original as it sets the stage for self-discovery as told by women! In our narrative, we discuss the degree to which a woman can identify herself in another individual and thus explore the mystery of boundaries between people and within ourselves. These two characters journey to an old beach house, seemingly frozen in time. There, they get lost in each other.  








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Cast & Crew

Costs $2,500

We have lined up fabulously talented actors, designers, DPs and more! And we want to pay 'em!


Costs $2,500

We want to create specific shots that call for certain equipment. It's pricey!


Costs $2,000

We need to feed our fabulous cast & crew throughout this shoot!

The Back & Forth!

Costs $1,000

We need to get everyone back & forth from this location to their homes!

Design etc!

Costs $1,500

Makeup, costumes and scenic direction are paramount to this piece! We need it looking gorgeous!

Post-Production Needs

Costs $1,500

This will include editing and distribution!

About This Team

Kate and Emily are the co-creators of this film! We will be writing, directing and producing. 


Our current team includes:
CAST: Starring Sarah Steele and Margaret Ivey

DP: Katherine Castro 

Costume Design: Lizzie Donelan 

Lighting: Alejanadro Fadjaro 

Makeup Design: Rachel Estabrook

Editorial: Juliana Rodzinski






Current Team