Ming Li

Los Angeles, California | Film Short

Adventure, Comedy

Evan Enderle

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Goal: $5,000 for production

If HOMEWARD BOUND were made by Truffaut, he would have told the story of MING LI, a seven-year-old Chihuahua mix with a bad hip. When she's displaced from her Chinatown home due to horrible tragedy, she braves the streets of L.A. from Silverlake to Malibu to learn the fragile importance of identity.

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Mission Statement

As a wise rescue mutt tells our hero, "Humans forget that our world is a small room in a very big house." Just as it seems the world is thisclose to devolving into chaos, MING LI is a sweet-sad-funny reminder to stop and listen and remember just how small our place in the galaxy is.

The Story

Remember animal movies from the 90s?

There were the ones where the dogs talked liked Homeward Bound or made messes (looking at you, Beethoven) or could play basketball (see: Air Bud 1-12). There's even one with sled dogs and Cuba Gooding Jr.

What if we told you there was a dog movie that was a little more accurate? Where man's best friend was going through the same existential terror that humans did every day?


She's a real-life seven-year-old Chihuahua-Mini-Poodle-American-Staffordshire-Terrier Mix with a bad hip who is extremely food motivated.

She enjoys a happy life with MING TUNG, her elderly Chinese-American owner in a modest apartment in Chinatown. When she is tragically un-homed, she begins a grand adventure that will see her traverse Los Angeles from the yuppiedom of Silverlake, the wilds of the LA River, and the end of the line in Malibu where she rediscovers who she is in a big, scary world.

Equal parts Milo & Otis and The 400 Blows, MING LI perhaps serves as a gentle reminder in these times just how equally small our lives really are.

(And that dogs are proof of God's existence.)

Mission Statement

As headlines grow bleaker everyday, writer/director Evan Enderle wanted to create an unexpected, cynicism-free story to maybe spread a little bit of hope in "these uncertain times." Who better to turn to than the furry, snaggletoothed best friend who saw him through a pandemic?

After weeks of training and acting classes with Evan, Ming Li is ready for her closeup. We're gleefully assembling a crackerjack crew and cast to bring this story to life.

Help bring MING LI home!

Have you always wanted to give a dog a home but don't have the time, space, or a good vacuum?

We're asking dog lovers (and cat lovers too) to make MING LI a reality by helping us meet our production budget of $5000. This will cover the costs of production in - gulp - June: from camera rental, location fees, poop bags and dog treats, your kind support will see us through a daring shoot that traverses Los Angeles from the East Side all the way to the ocean.

But, wait! There's more! Any amount pledged above our $5k goal (a "stretch goal") will go to our post-production process and support MING LI as it goes out on the festival circuit. And there's EVEN MORE -- that "stretch" amount will receive a 10% matching personal donation by an angel donor to Dogs Without Borders, a nonprofit, LA-based dog rescue.

Your generous support will go so far in making this story about life and the animals that get us through it a reality... and making Ming Li the bona fide canine celebrity she so justly deserves to be.


Now that you've made it this far, spread the word by sharing the link to this project with fellow dog, cat, and maybe even some reptile lovers! Together, let's bring MING LI home.


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Cash Pledge

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Camera & Equipment

Costs $4,000

You gotta have something to shoot on, right?

Passenger Van

Costs $500

We'll need it to cart crew, cast, and equipment between locations.

Craft Services

Costs $300

Must keep the talent fed.


Costs $200

Not everyone is covered in fur.

About This Team

MING LI is directed and written by Evan Enderle whose feature Ravenswood landed on the 2022 Blacklist and whose first short The Sweet Spot played the festival circuit before eventually settling down to a quiet but prestigious life on Omeleto - check that out right here.

They had such a good time making The Sweet Spot that MING LI will be lensed once again by whiz-bang wunderkind Director of Photography Alex Paul. He is a recent dog father to Ziggy.

Super-Producer Zoe Rosenberg (CHOXIEE) will be making magic happen behind the scenes and is the mother of Birdie, a 5 month old rescue.

Current Team