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Planet Froth

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MIRANDA VEIL is a horror fantasy feature. After Miranda is abducted and murdered, she instantly returns to life and discovers that she is unable to die. This leads her into a journey of self discovery, alongside Soren, the man who killed her.

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Mission Statement

Our story revolves around a very complex and strong female character, which is something we’d all like to see more of in the horror genre. We have a diverse cast and crew from all around the world featuring many women in key roles behind the scenes.

The Story

Everyone is going to die.

But for Miranda, she discovers that this is not true. In this film, we explore the psyche of someone that just discovered she is immortal. Suddenly, the world is much larger for Miranda. She has stepped into a maze of uncertainty. What is she? Where did she come from? What is she supposed to do?


Everyone has a purpose.

This is what Soren believed. After being barraged daily by a voice in his head that insists his only purpose is to kill, Soren’s worldview is shattered when his first victim is unable to die. And the two of them are stuck together, in the vast expanse of the California desert.


There are several strangers to meet along the way. A man in a rabbit suit that grieves for his family. A wanderer with a stuffed fox with a strange prophecy to tell. A woman haunted by a copious amount of dead cats. What do all these strangers want with Miranda, and are we sure they are even human?


This is a story about the mysteries of death and the unpredictability of life. It’s an exploration of human connection and how we can overcome our greatest fears. It is a strange story that will leave you with many things to think about and discuss.


Writer’s statement:

Miranda Veil is a very personal story for me. My writing usually comes from my personal fears. I want to share this story in order to give others a chance to overcome these same fears and hopefully realize that there is still mystery in this world. I’m terrified of dying. I’m scared of losing control in my life. I’m afraid of feeling isolated with no sense of identity. I’m sure many of you share these fears.

In a less serious matter, I was sick of seeing immortal characters that just act like boring jerks. I wanted to give this miraculous ability to a character I actually felt deserved to live forever. Miranda is an example of the power of human empathy. She is someone that can give us hope for the future.



Project Status:

We finished filming Miranda Veil last year, and ran out of money doing so! This was a passion project for everyone who worked on the film. Now we need to raise some extra funds to pay for post, festival fees, and everything to help this film become something incredible!

Please follow our journey and support us with a contribution of any size. See some behind the scenes pictures and videos on our instagram!


Meet the stars:

Annabel Barrett

As Miranda Veil



Zach Steffey

As Soren




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Cash Pledge

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Editing and Sound Design

Costs $2,000

Our amazing editor needs to get paid! We also need to clean up and improve all the audio.

Composer Fees

Costs $1,000

We need to pay our incredible composer!


Costs $1,000

With this, we can rent a professional studio to record ADR.

Festival Fees

Costs $2,000

We all know how expensive festivals can be. This also includes making a DCP file.

Legal Fees

Costs $1,000

These days, independent films need protection if any large company comes after us.

Coloring and Visual Effects

Costs $1,500

We need the film to look as good as possible!

Graphic Design and Promotional Material

Costs $1,000

We need to design some amazing posters to get people interested in the film!

Additional Costs

Costs $500

Stock Footage, event planning, and any other expenses that may arise.

About This Team

Levin Garbisch

Director and Writer

Growing up in a tiny town in upstate New York that can barely be seen on maps, Levin Garbisch developed a strong passion for storytelling. After several short films, he completed his first feature, I Shall Never Return, in 2017 (Winner of best horror film at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival). He has a unique directing style that will both disturb and enchant the viewers. And he makes sure to never take himself too seriously.


Annabel Barrett

Lead Actress
Annabel is a NYC raised and trained actress, who moved to Los Angeles just over 3 years ago.  Since she’s lived here, she’s filmed shorts, a web series, and been in 3 features, two of which she was the lead in. She loves independent films, and has goals of climbing up the indie ladder and appearing on Showtime and HBO. When she first moved here, she lived in a community of modern buddhists, where she learned the practices of mindfulness and meditation, which changed her life. She loves dog parks, epic views, and strolling through big stores like target or home depot, even if she doesn’t need anything. Annabel grew up acting in musical theater, and turned to film and tv at 14 years old. she’s a high energy hustler, a gym rat, and an unfiltered goofball. And she is very happy to be, and be a part of Miranda Veil.


Maggie Brown


Maggie Brown is a producer from rural Alabama. She moved to Los Angeles to work in indie film. She has a specific love for the horror genre, and an even stronger love for all things weird! Maggie has produced for artists like Jared Leto and has worked as an assistant producer on many shows, including America's Got Talent. This is Maggie's first horror feature film, and she hopes you all love watching the film, as much as she loved making it.


Jordan Henderson



Jordan studied Cinema and Television Arts at California State University, Northridge, with an emphasis in Multimedia. After graduating, he entered the post world, working as a commercial editor. He soon grew tired of his cave and started making his way on to set any way he could instead. These commercial connections led him to found Planet Froth Productions, a production company based in Los Angeles, CA, which specializes in Shorts, Music Videos, Advertisements and now, Film. With Planet Froth, Jordan has made a handful of short films, two of which won “Best of” for the 48 Hour Film Project LA (“Timeless”, 2016 & “The Brink”, 2017).  When not making films, look for Jordan riding his motorcycle or sailing the Pacific.

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