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In a bizarre and twisted reality, Mischief is told through the eyes of Pinky; a manic, high strung and sheltered young man, living within the walls of a rickety old farmhouse with his strange little family. For the very first time, he must break into the home to gather supplies. Oh, and not die.

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Mission Statement

At it's core Mischief is a coming of age story. Setting off on your own for the first time can be both exciting and terrifying. With Mischief we want to explore that experience through a new lens. We hope our story resonates with you as much as it does us. Life can get weird, so why not embrace it?

The Story

The concept for Mischief grew very slowly and very strangely over the course of several years. While on it's surface it is a silly little tale of a rat with a man in his wall- Mischief is the amalgimation of thoughts, feelings and fears surrounding growing up, failing and trying new things. Risk, change, and self destruction are all playing a part in this alternate reality.

When I try to trace all the ideas back to the beginning, I'm taken back to being fresh out of highschool; a completely naive and directionless creature who was terrified of pursuing what I really wanted to do. Working in a rodent infested coffee shop, cleaning up after the little guys everyday gives you a lot of time to reflect. As they say, clean up enough poop and eventually you'll re-evaluate. After juggling with the idea endlessly, I quit and finally went back to school for film; shortly thereafter my house became so lovingly infested with rodents as well. Hilariously ironic is about the only way to sum it up.

It was important to me that if I took this leap and went back to school, that I would put everything into making exactly what felt right in this moment, in this time. To not reach out aimlessly and try to grasp onto something that I didn't connect with in order to make a specific kind of project. That is partly why I have always been drawn to watch and create experimental films, where the sometimes unjustified bizzareness of our thoughts can be realized into something we can see and feel. Setting up camp in a universe outside of our own, putting on shoes that wouldn't ordinarily fit and walking around allows for so much more creative freedom and possibility.

This is a film being made by a group of wonderful people, all more or less on the same adventure. We are learning, we are making mistakes all the time, but more than anything we are open; open to trying things that we've never done before, open to thinking about things we've never thought about and all diving head first into this film, knowing we will come out the other end both better filmmakers and better individuals for indulging ourselves in the ridiculousness of Mischief. 

COVID quite obviously threw everyone for a loop, and suddenly things that were already difficult became a million times harder. Though it's been a major challenge navigating how to produce a short film with a limited crew and limited actors safely and effectively, it has not deterred our team one bit from finding a way to make it work. This is precisely why we decided to launch this campaign! Aside from the mounting costs of pulling together any film, there are several additional costs that come with making our set a fully functioning, sanitary and safe one for everyone involved. With your support, we feel very confident that we can make this happen!

This project is a major challenge for everyone involved, we are pushing ourselves and eachother to make this world a reality, and this is one of the first films I've ever been a part of where there is nothing but excitement and anticipation. There's always worry; logistics, technology, scheduling blah blah blah blah. With Mischief, all of that feels secondary to the butterflies and giddiness around us all figuring out how to do this together. Without that hunger and unsteadiness, you cannot create meaningfully, and when all is said and done that is what this team wants to do. We cannot wait to see who wants to grab their doggy bag and come aboard this project in one way or another! Maybe after this, next time you see a rat scurry by your feet, rather than screaming bloody murder and running for your life, you'll giggle to yourself and think of Mischief.

If you'd like to take a closer look and keep tabs on this project, we encourage you to check out our Twitter & Instagram, both @MischiefTheFilm, for more information, photos and future BTS content!


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Hair & Makeup Supplies

Costs C$100

A lot goes into creating the looks of our characters, with this we can cover the material costs.

Cast and Crew Transportation

Costs C$300

Our primary location is relatively far from our cast and crew, this would cover their mileage costs.

Additional Camera Equipment

Costs C$800

While we will use a majority of our own equipment, we wanted a few extra items to round out our kit.

Wardrobe & Costumes

Costs C$100

Costumes play a big role in our film, and this will allow us to create the best looks possible.

Production Design

Costs C$100

We still need a few more items to create the perfect aesthetic for our location.

Craft Services (Food & Drinks)

Costs C$350

Our crew needs to eat! This will cover the cost of meals, snacks and drinks on set.

COVID-19 Safety Supplies

Costs C$50

As we are shooting during a pandemic, we want to provide a safe work environment for our crew.

Cash Pledge

Costs C$0

About This Team

Booke Wade - Writer & Director

Starting off making Blair Witch Project ripoffs in her backyard as a child, Brooke has been writing and directing short films her entire life. Going from a theatre/film major in an arts centric highschool, where she earned several awards at ZOOM Film Festival and BC Student Film Festival in Vancouver, Brooke continued her education at InFocus Film School, where she's currenty working to bring Mischief to life.

Kiefer Campney - Producer & Assistand Director

Starting as program manager and producer for local talk-radio, Kiefer transitioned into film and began producing independant short films and narrative video games in Vancouver BC through his production company Bad Smile Media. While studying at InFocus Film School, he spends his free time working on independant short films. 

PJ Jiva - Director of Photography & Camera Operator

PJ is a young filmmaker in Vancouver BC, originally from Bangkok, Thailand. In highschool he was the director of photographer for Yard Wars, winner of "Best Van Isle Film" at the SSYFF. He currently studies at InFocus Film School, while shooting music videos and independant shorts in his spare time.

Caitlin McFarlane - Production Designer & Script Supervisor

With an extensive background in acting and devised theatre, Caitlin is currently studying film and passionate about storytelling in all different mediums. An experienced crafter, Caitlin is excited to bring her work to this experimental horror comedy.

Miranda Walsh - Location Sound Mixer/ Editor

Miranda is a musician from the Yukon who has transfered her passion and skills over to recording sound. She enjoys telling an engaging story through compelling editing and rich soundscapes. 

Anthony Malerba - Assistant Camera Op & Grip/ Gaffer

Anthony gravitated towards Mischief due to the passion of the crew, and the unique challenges of the production. Coming from a performance background, his well rounded understaning of production slots him in wherever he's needed. 

Current Team