MOMTRESS (The Series)

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Comedy, Drama

Liz Samuel

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If you’ve ever tried to juggle everything while pursuing your life’s goal, I think you’ll relate to this! I hope you’ll laugh and cry-and cringe-as I figure out what I’m doing with cheeky kids and a crazy acting career. I’d love your support as I try to make more episodes-and tell my stories!

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Mission Statement

This is a story written, produced and starring a woman and her personal journey.

The Story

This is the story of Libby Sandler, a busy, frazzled, suburban Mom who is trying to be a great mom AND get the part.  She wants to be there for her kids at every question asked, lunch packed and bedtime routine.  But she also wants to be a good actress and get the roles she scrambles for. A recent loss leaves her searching for a cheerleader in life to guide her moves as she juggles her passions and navigates moving forward. 


Inspired by true life events, Momtress shows the messiness of life even under seemingly 'perfect' conditions.  


Libby Sandler is a character loosely based on my life.  Just like Libby I get up every morning full of hope and expectation that today will be the day that the kids are happy and taken care of, the auditions are a success and that everything will be 'ok.' The truth is that I lost my Mom, my biggest cheerleader, a year before shooting the pilot to this series.  I needed to find a way to tell the story of trying to get through the day without her.  This series will follow Libby as we laugh and cry with her.  


Be sure to check out our Trailer on the "Media" Page!


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Director, DP, Line Producer, etc.

Costs $4,600

We need a great director, DP, line producer and other important crew members to make this look great!

Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe

Costs $500

We need to make sure everyone looks ready to film and stays consistent each take!

Editing and Post Production

Costs $2,000

Post production and editing is SUPER important! It's where everything comes alive and the storytelling is put together and polished!

Mini Arri Alexa

Costs $2,500

We need great equipment to make the project looks it's best! We shot on a mini Aria Alexa for the pilot and want to do the same for series!

Craft Services

Costs $400

We need to feed our cast and crew!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Liz Samuel is an actress and former TV producer who has combined her skills to write, produce and star in the pilot to this series, MOMTRESS.  Liz spent her first 7 years out of college producing for networks such as MTV, VH1, NBC, BRAVO, LIFETIME and worked for some wonderful production companies.  She made the switch to acting full-time after studying at studios in the evenings after working all day in production.  Liz has been seen in national and regional commercials, on NY and NJ stages, on TV, in independent films and web series.  Her first foray into filmmaking started with Momtress and it brought her to top film festivals such as Montclair Film Festival and Soho Film Festival among others.  She is excited to continue to write, produce and act with this upcoming series.


Ari Blinder is a passionate and experienced Story teller. He honed his funny bone with comedy power house Green Hat Films - the team behind The Hangover. Ari rounded out his understanding of the film medium delving into dramatic acting on such shows as Homeland and The Mentalist as well as producing a number of award winning independent films and learning from master dramatic producers Scott Rudin (No Country For Old Men) and Scott Silver (The Matrix) while doing script coverage for their respective production companies.


We are working towards creating a series that will be equal to if not better than the pilot/short film that has been making the rounds at film festivals.  We will be hiring a director, a DP, a line producer, an editor, a casting director and of course, the cast! We will also bringing on other team members to help us bring this series to life! And we believe in working with a diverse creative team! 



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