MOTHMAN: An Anti-Hate Superhero Comedy

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After discovering the tampering of a student election, Ronnie Reed must become MOTHMAN to save the campus from an evil fraternity. "Mothman" has found us in a time of complex political discourse that many of us have never experienced. We feel compelled foster hope in this time of darkness.

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Mission Statement

ADYNATON PRODUCTIONS was founded by young artists who want to make the seemingly impossible, possible. Our stories focus on themes of sexism, racism, mental health, and queer issues. We pride ourselves in bringing people together from all backgrounds to create compelling and impactful stories.

The Story

It’s 2020, and the student government election is in full swing at the PWI, James Buchanan University. After the death of Eric Fullson, a Tri Kappa Fraternity pledge, there is a spike in the polls for Bradley Holden, the president of Tri Kappa. Ronnie Reed discovers that Holden is using the death of Fullson to garner sympathy as he rigs the polls against his opponent, Veronica Moore. With the election quickly approaching Ronnie realizes that he must create the vigilante alter ego Mothman and, much like a moth, find the light in the darkness to defeat the political injustice on his campus.


(images of the UNC Greensboro campus, where some of "Mothman" will be shot)


You may know Mothman to be the folk creature that lurks in the Appalachian mountains, but here he is a hero who is inspired by the likes of Spiderman, Batman, and other animal-themed vigilantes standing up for what is right. Meet the characters of Mothman: 


(concept art by cast member Taylor Silvas)


Ronnie Reed is a journalism major at James Buchanan University who has spent most of his college life fading into the background. However, after the death of his roommate he must step into the light to investigate the mysterious cause that may be linked to the Student Government elections. Always optimistic and able to find the light in any situation, Ronnie becomes the vigilante hero Mothman to save the day.



Veronica Moore is the progressive candidate running for Student Government President. She has a reputation on campus as a “SJW”, a “loud mouth”, and a “nag”, but prides herself in being one of the only people in the SGA who wants to make impactful change in the lives of students at JBU.




Bradley Holden is the conservative candidate running for Student Government President. He is a master of deception and has the true makings of a politician: he can smile in your face seconds after he’s passed a bill that will ruin your life. His charisma is what shines through despite his true, almost sociopathic tendencies. 





Eric Fullson is the roommate and close friend of Ronnie Reed. He is forever optimistic and always tries to see the best in people, even when they don’t necessarily deserve it. He dies during the initiation process of Tri Kappa fraternity.






Adynaton Productions was founded on the notion of making the impossible possible. We believe in telling stories that most would disregard, stories that combine elements of ordinary, everyday life with the fantastic.

Formed in 2019, Adynaton Productions is an Independent Film Production company based in Greensboro, North Carolina. We are self-started, self-funded, and self-driven. We strive to create opportunities for local artists of all kinds to continue to develop their craft of storytelling within a space built for themselves, by themselves. We believe that by empowering our next generation of artists with the ability to create for themselves, we are building the foundation necessary to keep our artform alive for years to come.

Adynaton Productions recognizes the importance of working with a diverse group of artists and telling diverse stories in our projects. As a company, we pledge to push for the following demographic involvement in all of our projects:

75% of individuals working on a project in any and all capacities will be BIPOC 

60%  of individuals working on a project in any and all capacities will be Female, Trans, and Gender Non-Conforming

Additionally we are commit to seek diversity, empower individualism, and foster accountability. You read more on our Diversity and Inclusion Commitment here.

A Note From the Director, Kemari Bryant:

I’m gonna be real here: I’m a comic book nerd. I've been stuck on all things comic book related since I was a wee lad. This shaped my world view in every way-- I constantly believe that there is potential for better. I want to create a badass Black superhero as a beacon of hope that generations can look up to as not only someone who keeps their community safe, but who also promotes the greatest superpower of all: political education. The story of “Mothman” came to me at a time of immense political distrust.  Co-writer Michael Newman and I created larger than life characters in an extremely high stakes world. Oddly enough, this world doesn’t seem so far off anymore.

This story needs to be created right now because I want to give people a light in the darkness. For me, In the creation process I wanted “Mothman” to be a love letter to two of my favorite things: superheroes and Black college films. The story is told by jumping back and forth between a mockumentary style and seeing the story unfold before our very eyes. We follow the seemingly mundane tale of Ronnie Reed as he navigates his college life. When he discovers injustice on his campus he realizes that he has no other option but to dawn the moth wings.

The movies below, old and new, are all essential to the threads of what make "Mothman" what it is. I plan to explore a world where Black people are allowed to be many things: nerdy, loud, progressive, smart, and most of all, a hero.  It is a brash, unapolgetically in your face story that will hopefully leave you believing that there's hope for better in our world.


(Spike Lee's School Daze, John Singleton's Higher Learning, and Justin Simien's Dear White People

Our Team

Director - Kemari Bryant

Assistant Director - J. Andrew Speas

Writers - Kemari Bryant and Micheal J. Newman

Production Coordinator - Cameron Linly

Producer - Randall C. Simmons

For more information check out our "Team" page.


We believe that stories like Mothman can empower the next generation to stand up for what they believe in and fight the oppressors of our world. As we approach our own election in the United States, we face a more tumultuous and complex political landscape than most of us have experienced in our lifetime. Mothman aims to tell the story of overcoming. We hope to tell a story that encourages our viewers to seek within themselves a similar strength to find the light in their own darkness.

We plan on shooting Mothman during the month of October, and we are all aware of the circumstances that can make this a difficult period in which to film. As a response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our entire production team has become COVID-19 SAFE SET CERTIFIED. This means that various procedures will be in place to ensure the safety of everyone who steps foot onto our set. We will keep ourselves, our crew, and our cast updated on the best possible ways to stop the spread of the virus.

(images from production of our most recent short "Brina", the first film we produced on a COVID-19 Safe Set)

When you give to stories like Mothman, you directly invest in the push for diversity and inclusivity on and off the camera. To invest in Mothman is an investment in giving a voice to the voiceless, to empower the powerless, and to create a space for positive change. With your contribution we will be able to fully bring to life not only the campus of James Buchanan University but give flight to Mothman.


Want to help us out? Share all of the exciting adventures of MOTHMAN with your friends, family, and fans by using our personalized hashtag #WhoIsMothman! You can follow us on all of our social media pages to help out. Subscribe to us on our YouTube channel, Adynaton Productions, to check out our past creations and to see what we have planned for the future! Stay tuned to our page for updates on our fundraising process here with Seed and Spark!





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Camera Equipment

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Location Rentals

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Mothman is a college student... he needs a dorm room

About This Team

Kemari Bryant (he/him/his); Director and Co-Writer for "Mothman", Co-head of Development for Adynaton Productions, is currently a BFA Acting Junior at UNC-Greensboro. Kemari has been making film projects for the past 5 years, and his most recent projects include co-writer and director of “Sad Clown”, “Libations”, and "Brina".

Michael Newman (he/him/his); Co-Writer for "Mothman", Co-Head of Development for Adynaton Productions, is a BFA Acting Senior at UNC-Greensboro. He starred as the lead in Adynaton Production’s “Sad Clown”, and he most recently co-wrote “Libations”. Michael has previously worked on a university-funded research grant, “MAMA” in conjunction with Triad Stage.

Cameron Linly Robinson (she/her/hers); Producer for "Mothman", Head of Production for Adynaton Productions, is a BFA Acting Senior at UNC-Greensboro, with a minor in Musical Theatre. Through Adynaton Productions, she produced and co-wrote “Sad Clown”, co-wrote and co-directed "Brina" and also produced “Libations”. 

Randall Simmons (he/him/his); Producer for "Mothman", Head of Distribution for Adynaton Productions, is a recent graduate of UNC-Greensboro where he studied Directing. Randall has worked on four university-funded research grants and has studied various artforms in over ten countries. He has directed over 15 different projects, and has assisted the Artistic Director of Triad Stage, Preston Lane.

J. Andrew Speas (he/him/his); Assistant Director, is currently a rising Senior at UNC-Greensboro pursuing his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting and a Minor in Musical Theatre. He is a native of Winston-Salem, NC where he studied under the tutelage of Mabel Robinson at the NC Black Repertory Company in the Teen Theater Ensemble. J. Andrew joined the Adynaton team as the voice over artist for the Happy Clown Puppet in "Sad Clown" and later joined as a consultant for "Libations" and "Brina" where he acted as  Producer. 

Current Team